Chapter 5 - Erotic Adventures of Doctor Edison

Edison was riding Gina, feeling Gina’s hands fondling his hot cock. Her hands felt like a piece of ice on his flaming hot cock.

He groaned loudly. A shiver went through his body. But he sensed that someone was staring at them.

Edison was not wrong when he heard his sister’s voice from behind the bushes.

“Animals!” Sabrina yelled loudly. Seeing Edison and Gina moaning on the ground made her feel extremely uncomfortable.

Hearing his sister’s voice, Edison stopped. He could not fuck Gina while Sabrina was watching them. “Gina, now you know that I did not lie to you. Let me go.”

Edison put his cock back into his pants and slapped Gina’s ass lightly. Gina’s face turned red, “Edison, I know. Do whatever you want to me. I want it.”

Edison stood up and said seriously, “Gina, I showed you that you are beautiful. But I do not want to hurt you, you understand?”

At that moment, Gina thought that Edison was the best man that she had ever met. “Edison, I know. But I have that mole on my face; how can I be your wife with this monstrosity on my face?”

“Gina, I remember that you did not have the mole when you were little. It’s the twenty-first century, we have medicine and technology now. And this can easily be cured.”

Edison’s hands were still grabbing onto Gina’s butt when he said this; he just could not help himself. Gina moaned and her body shivered as her response.

“Edison, I know you’re trying to make me feel better. My dad took me to the hospital to see the doctor. They can’t get rid of my mole. If there are any methods, dad would have known.” Gina spoke in a disappointed tone.

Edison patted Gina’s butt and smiled, “Medical skills are magical. There are only incompetent doctors, we can always rely on medical skills. Trust me, I’m a doctor.”

“Really?” Gina saw a break in the clouds, “Edison, stop trying to comfort me. I’m happy to hear you say this. But I know that the mole can’t be removed.”

Gina had visited lots of hospitals to get rid of the mole on her cheek, but all the doctors gave a negative answer.

However, Edison was confident, “Then all of them are quacks. Even cancer can be cured with the right method. Gina, don’t worry. I’ll help you. I’m a doctor.”

"But you are a gynecologist!"

"Gynecologists are also doctors, except my patients are females. I said I can remove your mole. I can. Wait for the good news.” Edison moved his hands away from Gina’s butt before he lost himself again and began to put on his clothes.

Gina did not believe him at first. But she can tell that Edison was confident about it. She stood up and kissed him, “Edison, no matter if you can remove the mole or not, I’m happy as long as we’re together. I know I’m not beauty so I will not even mind if you have other women,” Gina blushed bright red as she said this and quickly ran away after glancing at Edison shyly.

Looking at her hot ass wiggling up and down from behind, Edison smiled, “I’ll make it happen.”

“Edison, dad asked me to find you. Time for dinner.” Sabrina walked out from the bushes finally. Edison knew that his father probably said no such thing. His parents would probably love to see him and Gina sleeping together, even if it was out in the open for everyone to see.

“Coming!” Edison spoke to her. He noticed something different in his sister’s eyes which confused him. Sabrina was different; she was no longer a little girl that Edison used to take care of. She was taller now, more attractive, and easy to get jealous. He had noticed that she had gotten jealous around any girl that he had gotten close to such as Connie.

When they arrived back home, Edison found that his parents were waiting for them. His father was smoking. “Did you see Gina back to her house? I promise I will break your legs if you do not marry her boy!”

Edison knew well enough about his father’s temper. Albert was a tyrant at home and everyone had to listen to him.

Edison sat down, “Dad, I’m not a child anymore and I have a job. You don’t have to arrange a marriage for me. Gina is the daughter of the village head. Do you want me to be his son-in-law?”

Albert was furious after hearing this. He thumped the table with his fist angrily, which almost broke the table under such pressure. “Is that a bad idea? Gina loves you. Her dad will help you become a doctor in a big hospital. Your salary is too low right now and not to mention that they will not even pay you for months.”

Edison sighed. Yes, his salary was quite low. He was the only doctor in the village clinic. With such few patients, he had not made any considerable money since the first day he worked here.

Edison’s mother tried to persuade him softly, “Son, your dad did this for you. We spent most of our money sending you to college, hoping that you would stay in the city and get married there. But now...”

“We’ve got no money left and we still need to pay for your sister’s tuition. Gina is a good choice for our family Edison.”

Edison glanced at Sabrina, who shouted out, “Mom, I won’t go to school.”

“No, you must go to school,” Edison said in a low voice, “I’ll figure something out.”

The reality was that Sabrina was not Edison’s blood sister; Edison’s parents had adopted Sabrina. They had the intention to marry her to Edison when they were young so that way, they would not have to borrow money for Edison’s wedding.

The other option was to marry Sabrina to a man in the village and then use her husband’s money for Edison’s wedding. This was the way Edison’s parents had gotten married so this was the way they thought of marriage for their children as well.

Edison’s parents had expected Edison to earn some big money and pay the tuition for Sabrina. What they did not think of was that their son would come back to the village and become a gynecologist, a job that would not bring them a dime. It was all Edison’s fault.

Seeing that Albert and Edison were getting angry with each other, Sabrina felt sorry. Her tears fell off her cheeks. Albert and Edison were two men who were always trying to get her the best of everything.

“I’ve made up my mind Dad! I will not go to school. I’ll marry Edison, we are not real sister and brother anyway. Edison will get a wife and you will not have to pay my tuition.” Sabrina glanced at Edison. She wanted to know what he thought of the idea.

Sabrina knew that Edison was not her own brother. Their parents told her when she was young that she would marry Edison when they grew up. And now Edison could not find a girl to get married to, which in Sabrina’s eyes, was a fate planned by God. “Why can’t the fiancée be me?”