Chapter 6 - Erotic Adventures of Doctor Edison

Sabrina saying that she would be his fiancé surprised Edison. There was silence in the room. Even his father, who always had something to say, did not say a word at this moment.

“So how about this idea? Marry Sabrina to Edison?” Edison’s mother nudged her husband. Edison frowned, he did not know what his parents thought about the idea. As for him, he did not want Sabrina to be his wife.

“Why are you touching me? Get your hands off me! What do you know anyway?” Albert said rudely to his wife and turned around without saying a word.

Edison’s house consisted of two bedrooms. The one was his parents’ and the other Edison and his sister Sabrina shared. After Edison went to college, the bedroom had become Sabrina’s and Edison had been sleeping in the clinic since he came back. He did not mind honestly; he did not mind spending time away from his crazy family at all.

However, tonight Edison would not be going back to the clinic. His father wanted him to rethink the situation at home. He wanted an answer by tomorrow morning. Of course, it was a warning more than anything so Edison had no choice but to stay home.

That night Sabrina slept with Edison’s mother and Edison shared the other bedroom with his father. In the middle of the night, Albert could not sleep and went out to the farm. This was common for his father; he spent more time with his work than he ever did with his family. Edison knew he would probably spend the night there.

Looking at the moonlight streaming from outside the window, Edison sat up on the bed and sighed. He thought about all the problems swimming in his life right now. Making money for Sabrina’s tuition - the thought had seldom crossed his mind. Sabrina was a good student who always got an A in high school so it was natural that she should go to a good college. But what difference would it make even if she went on to college? Children from villages or small towns often found it hard to blend with the kids from the cities. Edison himself knew this better than anyone else as he thought about how difficult his first year in college was. Everyone had looked down on him at first.

Edison thought back to when he found out he had gotten the job he had been hoping for – a job in a large public hospital in the city. But before he could even reply to the offer letter, his interviewer had reached out and told him that someone else had actually already taken his position. That “someone else” was a cousin of a hospital managerial personnel. People like him, with no connections, never made it far in this country.

It would be great if I could work in the city. In that way, I could take care of Sabrina.

Edison picked up one of his father’s cigarettes and lighted it up. But as soon as the smell of tobacco hit his nose; he threw it away. He needed something to relax him but nothing came to mind.


Edison looked up suddenly to see Sabrina walk into the room. Her skin shined under the pale moonlight. If they had money to send her to dance class, she could be a star. It was a pity that she was adopted by his poor family.

Sabrina had wanted to learn ballet in junior high school. Her waist was slender and her body resilient. Her posture was graceful when she had danced in her school shows. Many boys had asked her out on a date, but she never went out with any of them.

Edison did not realize he was staring at Sabrina as he thought about this. His sister sat down on the bed and nudged Edison, “What are you thinking? Do you like me and want me to be your fiancée?”

Edison could not help but laugh. As backward as it may sound, their parents had been very open with sexuality. They had even made love in front of them and had taught them how to please each other. Sabrina and Edison remembered it vividly. This kind of thing was common in their village for it was an act seen to please God.

“No, you should go to school Sabrina. Knowledge can change one’s life,” Edison shook his head and tried to avert his eyes from his sister’s big boobs that were about to burst from her small nightie. He wanted to taste them. Next, he wanted to taste her legs. They were slim and shapely due to her regular exercise.

It was a hot summer night so Sabrina was wearing short panties that did not even cover her thighs underneath her nightie. Edison and Sabrina never saw each other as a real sister or brother. They were told since childhood that Sabrina was to be Edison’s wife and they would get married to each other when they grew up.

Sabrina looked at Edison pleadingly. “Edison, we have known this since childhood. Your mom and dad are not my mom and dad. I have been thinking of marrying you and do everything for you since I was a kid. I do not want to see Albert working so hard in the farm to make money for your wedding.”

Sabrina grew up with her brother and she often compared clear-cut Edison with other boys in the village. She never said it out loud, but deep in her heart, she wanted her future husband to be like Edison. She got extremely jealous when she saw Edison and Gina on the ground earlier tonight.

Edison grinned at Sabrina wickedly, “So if you’re my fiancée, what are you going to do?”

“You tell me. I’ll let you ride me. Mom and dad showed us when we were young. Now it’s time for practice,” Sabrina stared up at Edison from underneath her thick long lashes.

Edison remembered that his parents always made love at night. The two bedrooms were close and he could hear clearly the sound of two bodies slapping against each other. He remembered his father’s heavy and deep breaths and the sounds of his balls slapping against his mother’s sweaty skin. He and Sabrina had gone to peek at them many times and had learned what happened when a man slept with a woman.

Now it was their turn. And Sabrina was lying in bed, waiting for him.

Her body almost glittered under the moonlight. He could smell her wetness from here; the musky scent of a virgin. Edison shifted underneath the thin sheet; he was starting to feel hot again and he wanted to pump his cock inside a pussy right now. The failed attempts with Connie and Gina had made him frustrated.

Edison put one hand on her ankle, feeling her silky skin, and started rubbing her skin with his thumb. He swallowed and watched as Sabrina clenched her toes tightly at his touch. His breath started to become heavy. He started stroking her soft legs, going closer and closer to her pussy. He wanted to fuck Sabrina one, two, or three times tonight.

“Why are you touching my feet? I want you inside me now Edison!” Sabrina pushed Edison’s hand away from her legs and brought it closer to her burning and throbbing pussy. Edison laid down beside her and stared into her beautiful eyes.

"Sabrina, you’re a beauty!"

Sabrina remembered that Gina had held Edison by his two legs and kissed him all over. So she did the same. After all, it was her first time and she did not know where to begin or how to get Edison’s cock inside her.

“Come on, Edison, take off my clothes.” Sabrina whispered seductively in Edison's ear. Hugging Edison, she was trembling slightly as a response to his touch.

Edison felt as if his whole body was on fire and needed to be put out by turning on a faucet. Sabrina kissed him all around and touched his cock with her small hands while moving up and down under his body. Edison’s cock got even harder.

Sabrina began to take off her clothes. She pulled up her nightie, revealing her slender waist and white boobs. Finally, she took off her panties and threw them aside.

Edison could not move his eyes away from Sabrina’s naked body. He held her passionately, trying to find the hole for his cock.

What if my mom hears? She’s in the next room after all.