Chapter 10 - Erotic Adventures of Doctor Edison

On their way to Fanny’s house, Edison grabbed her ass, kneaded her tits, and touched her down there from time to time. Fanny’s pants were getting wet. After they walked for about twenty minutes, the house was only a few miles away. It was a three-story well-decorated building with a big yard, one of the best houses in the village.

Fanny urged Edison to leave as they approached the house, “Edison, it’s late. You should go. If George sees that we are together, he may misunderstand you.”

Speaking of her husband, Fanny felt sorry for herself. After all, she was married and had a daughter. While Edison was young. She would love to marry Edison if she was a single woman or even a single mom.

“Okay, Fanny. But be careful and don’t let George hear you. I’m afraid he will be angry when he finds out you’re back late.” George usually laid his hands on Fanny for a tiny thing. Fanny could never fight back and she never told her parents. Edison just could not bear to see this beautiful woman be beaten by her old husband.

I will take Fanny one day and live a happy life with her. Edison swore to himself. She deserved more.

“Mom? Is that you?” Gina heard them and opened the front door before Fanny could take out her key. Gina could recognize her mother’s soft footsteps.

Fanny and Edison were shocked. Fanny was in a panic when she heard her daughter’s voice. She was afraid of being found out that she had been with Edison. Thank god it was late at night and Gina did not notice her flushed face.

“Did your dad sleep already? I came across Edison on my way back. It’s dark outside and he insisted on walking me home,” Fanny explained before Gina asked her.

Gina believed that Edison did this because Fanny was her mom. She beamed brightly. He cares about me and my family.

Edison felt awkward standing between Fanny and Gina. He quickly thought of an excuse to get out of here, “I nearly forgot. I left the pheasants in the field. I have to go back there.”

“Edison, wait! We need to talk.” Gina walked out of the front door and grabbed Edison’s arm. They were so close that Edison could smell her, a smell that one can only taste on a virgin’s body.

Seeing the intimacy between her daughter and Edison, Fanny was a little upset and she had no idea why she reacted like this. “Alright, I’ll leave you two to talk.”

She closed the door as soon as she stepped in. Being with Edison and especially being touched by him made her feel like a young girl who was dating a boy that she had a crush on.

Standing behind Fanny, Edison wanted to turn her around, hold her legs high, and press her ass against the wall. Sadly, Gina was there. “Gina, what do you want to tell me?”

“Idiot! I missed you!” Gina blushed and threw herself into Edison’s arms.

Gina hung on to Edison’s neck like a little child with her boobs against Edison’s chest. Edison put his hands around Gina’s waist, “Gina, I have to go back to the field and check the pheasants. What if someone else took them away?”

He already caught three for Gary. But he must catch a few more before dawn and sell them for money.

“Oh? No one would be there at this time. Your pheasants will be fine. Stay with me.” Gina was acting like a baby, rubbing against Edison’s body with her chest. Edison smiled and it was the first time that he thought Gina was cute.

“Why not go with me? The moonlight is great. We can be there the whole night,” Edison fondled her butt as he asked.

Gina got shy and she refused, “I can’t go with you. My dad will get angry when he finds out that I’m out of my room for an entire night. If you really want to do me, I’d say ‘yes’ anytime you want it.” She lowered her voice as she answered him.

Gina was getting shy but annoyed at the same time. Why didn’t he take me during the day? I won’t go to the woods with him at midnight.

“I’m kidding Gina. Go back to sleep! Don’t forget to lock the door.” Edison pulled her body towards him and kissed her on the cheek.

“Edison, I have to ask you a question and you must give me an honest answer. Are you lying to me when you say the mole on my cheek can be get rid of?” Gina stared at him with anxious eyes.

It reminded Edison that he had made a promise to Gina. He could not use normal methods or medicines if he really wanted to remove her mole. Those medicines that any doctor can come up with won’t do. He had to find a way to get all the special medicine for Gina’s mole.

“Of course I didn’t lie to you. Wait for a few days. I have to find the medicine,” Edison said in a serious tone.

“But my dad told me that you’re a liar. You said you can help me only because you don’t want to marry me. You want to get rid of me, and the mole!” Gina felt hurt, “He said that...”

“Said what?” Edison was unhappy. Under his questioning, Gina told him what her dad’s opinion of him, “He said that you’re a loser. A decent and successful man would not have come back and worked as a gynecologist.”

Edison was really pissed off, “Who said that a gynecologist is an indecent job? How could he look down on me? Your dad’s wrong. He knows nothing about me! I’m way better than what he thought I was.”

Gina was scared to say another word when she realized that Edison was angry. Edison tried to comfort her in a soft voice, “Do you believe in your dad, or me?\"

\"You. I believe in you!\"

\"That\'s my girl. Go home and wait for my good news. Stop assuming things that won’t happen.” Edison stayed there until he saw Gina walking into the front door.

Edison had not lied to Gina. The mole on her cheek may become cancerous if it was treated with laser surgery. That is why those doctors they went to see had not agreed to perform the procedure, Edison thought. But that did not mean that there was nothing else they could do. Few people knew how to treat it except using modern medicines.

Edison had read this in a traditional Chinese medicine book called Essential Prescriptions Worth a Thousand Pieces of Gold. As long as he got the medicines mentioned in the book, Gina’s mole would be removed easily, he thought.

Surely few people knew the prescription. A few years ago, Edison got it from a Chinese monk who had been traveling in New Zealand. Edison thought that he was a lucky man absorbing something from thousands of years’ history of Chinese culture. He believed that it would work and he even thought of keeping the prescription as a family legacy.

I wonder how Gina would thank me when I remove the mole from her cheek. When the day comes, she will be a beauty, and boys who had despised her would regret it.

Beautiful Gina and her pretty face without a mole would definitely make any man willing to stay in her bed for days and nights. Even with the mole on her face, she was a sexy girl if you focused on her curves.

\"Those idiots! They can’t see the beauty in her,\" Edison became determined to collect all the medicine and help Gina remove the mole as soon as possible.