Chapter 9 - Erotic Adventures of Doctor Edison

Edison had been obsessed with Fanny since he was little. Back then, she wore only silk stockings unlike the other women in the village. After all, she was from the city near the village. She knew how to dress well.

The image of her long legs in silky black stockings excited Edison, who would never forget that image. Because of Fanny, he had developed a yearning for silk stockings.

Standing in front of her, Edison could see every inch of her charming body. The unique flavor of a young woman, for him, was as addictive as marihuana. Young women like Fanny, they knew what and how to do it when you gave them a signal. You grab her butt and the next second she’s leaning towards you. You touch her lips and she’s kneeling down, ready to suck your cock.

Not like what usually would happen when you were with a virgin. Slapping her butts may cause her to call you a jerk. Touching her face may lead to a stupid question such as, “Why are you touching me?”

Edison felt excited and even shivered as he saw half-naked Fanny. She was a plump beauty, whose big boobs were about to tear her blouse.

Fanny’s face turned red when Edison asked her to show her boobs. “Are you kidding me? Edison. I’m Gina’s mother!”

Of course, he knew that. In fact, he was getting more excited because of this, “Fanny, I’m not kidding with you. You’re stunning and I really like you. Think about it, if I didn’t drive away Chucker, he would have raped you. For this, you should let me see your boobs, don’t you think so? If you don’t show me, I may want to tell your husband about what happened here tonight.”

This is an opportunity not to be missed. After tonight, Fanny would never let me see her boobs no matter how much I plead with her.

“No! Don’t tell him! Edison, do you really want to see them? Fine, I’ll show you if you promise you won’t tell anyone what happened tonight.” Fanny agreed. But this was definitely not what she expected when Chucker ran away. She had jumped out of the frying pan into the fire!

Nevertheless, in Fanny’s opinion, Edison was way better than Chucker. One was a handsome young man who had graduated from college, while the other was a rogue good-for-nothing that had no shame who made her feel disgusted each time she set eyes on him.

Fanny had married the village head, George, who was too old to satisfy her in bed. In fact, she should not say married; she had been kind of sold to George by her parents. She had no feelings for her husband.

So for that reason, Fanny was willing to let Edison take a look at her body; at least Edison was younger than her husband and more of a decent man than Chucker.

“Only take a quick look. Here!” She whispered, slowly unbuttoning her blouse.

Her large boobs came into Edison’s view. Fuck, big, round. I can’t find another word to describe it. Edison instantly felt himself getting hard.

“Fanny, let me touch them, okay? Just one touch!” Edison reached out his hands towards Fanny’s chest.

“No! Stop it!” Although she wanted to stop him from touching her boobs, it was hard to push a strong young man away.

Edison grabbed Fanny’s big soft boobs. “Oh shit!” He felt a rush go through his body at that moment. They are big just as her daughter Gina’s. No wonder they were mother and daughter.

“Let me go, Edison!” Fanny tried to move his warm hands away, which only made Edison want her badly. He was like a hungry animal that laid his eyes on a delicious meal. He pushed her down to the ground and like a dog, he kissed her from head to the toe.

“Fanny, I just can’t help it. I fucking like you!” Edison kissed her on the side of her face.

That kiss made Fanny’s face turn red. She somehow felt relieved being pressed down by Edison’s hot body. She stopped struggling as Edison held her even tighter.

“Edi...Edison. Don’t do this. I’m Gina’s mother. My daughter’s going to be your fiancée!” Fanny had overheard the conversation between Gina and George this morning. They were discussing how to convince Edison to live in their house after he married Gina. Edison should see Fanny as his mother-in-law.

But Fanny was only a few years older than Edison and could be his elder sister. She felt it awkward to call him “son-in-law.”

Edison nimbly bit Fanny's left tit, and a pleasant smell filled his nose. He wanted her, the woman he had been thinking about since he was a little boy.

Fanny’s mind did not want this, but her body was honest. After all, she had not been fucked for weeks and she needed it. She moaned and held Edison tighter. She was enjoying it as Edison’s hands fumbled up and down her body.

Edison was ready to take out his cock and stick it in her. However, Fanny was still hesitating about it. She was well aware that Edison would probably marry her daughter. She should not do this to her daughter. But the next minute she wanted Edison to take her. God, she was craving for a cock badly.

While glancing at Fanny’s face, Edison rubbed her nipples with his hands faster and harder. Fanny’s moaning got louder, “Ahh...that’s right...Edison...yes...please...more”

She kissed Edison on the face with her soft lips. They began to take off each other’s clothes, ready to go deeper.

“No, I can’t,” Fanny suddenly seemed to wake up from a dream. If I do not stop now, I will not stop in the middle of Edison fucking me.

“Edison, Gina likes you. We can’t do this to her.”

She pushed Edison away, sobbing while trying to put on clothes.

Edison had planned to take Fanny tonight but he did not want to force her. Now that Fanny was sobbing, he decided to give up and keep what happened just now as a sweet memory.

“Fanny, I’m sorry. I should have controlled myself,” Edison apologized. I should find another time to take her.

Fanny shook her head and sighed when she heard Edison blaming himself. She kissed him on his cheek, “Don’t be silly. It’s not our fault. I like you too. I do. But my daughter Gina wants you to be her fiancé.”

What a pity! If it weren’t my daughter, she would have been tasting Edison’s cock right now. Edison had a strong body and he was handsome; she wondered what he would look like with his cock inside her.

She could not be satisfied by her husband, who was too old to last longer. She wanted to taste Edison’s cock, which must be thick and long. She stared at Edison with an amatory look. She wanted a sexual partner just as the other women in the village. But her husband did not have to go out for work and he kept an eye on her.

Edison helped Fanny stand up, “Fanny, it’s late, why were you here with Chucker in the first place? I overheard you two. Does he have anything on you?”

“Edison, you know Chucker. The bastard took a photo of me the other day when I was taking a shower. I didn’t even notice that he was squatting outside the bathroom window. He threatened me with the photo and asked me to meet him here tonight. I thought he would give back the photo or else I would give him money for it. But I didn’t know that was a trap.”

Fanny’s expression became frightened, “If it weren’t you, I would be ruined by him.”

“Why didn’t you go to the police when he threatened you? You should have asked for help.”

“I can’t, Edison. If I call the police, he would probably retaliate against me and publicize the photo on the Internet or show the photo to others in the village. I can’t live with this. I was terrified...” Fanny’s voice sank.

People in the village were anxious to keep up appearances. Fame was more important than anything to them.

“Have you thought that he will keep the photo and ask you out for more than one time?” Edison frowned.

Fanny gritted her teeth, “If he dares to do it, I would leave it to him to decide. He can post the photo if he wants to. George will possibly divorce me. No big deal! If I get divorced, do you want me to be with you? Or you don’t want a married and divorced woman?”

Fanny’s husband George was twenty years older than her. It made her sick each time when they made love.

Although Edison knew that Fanny said it in a moment of anger, he answered, “I want to be with you, Fanny. I like you no matter what will happen. Let me walk you home.” In case Chucker would try anything else tonight, Edison decided to walk her home.

Fanny nodded for it was already close to midnight so George was probably asleep.

Edison held Fanny and grabbed her big ass as they walked, which made Fanny respond with a shiver.