Chapter 1 - Erotic Adventures of Doctor Edison

It was a hot and humid day during this time in the village. After days of working here as a gynecologist, Edison was surprised (in a good way) to finally see a possible patient walking inside his clinic.

He quickly scanned the female visitor from head to toe. The woman standing in front of him seemed to be over twenty years of age. She was not so tall; perhaps around 5’3. Her skin was clear and bright. Wearing black silk stockings, her curvy yet shapely body was in full view of Edison. A blue blouse and a short dress made her look like a fairy that did not belong here. She timidly sat down, giving Edison a nice view of her big boobs that the small bra could not keep in. Edison shuffled in his seat and looked down at his notepad. Fuck. This was going to be difficult.

Looking around the office, Edison gulped as the woman stood up and walked over to his gynecological chair on the opposite side of Edison’s table. He could not help but stare as she got on the chair and laid down. His eyes flitted to between her legs. The shape of her pussy attracted all his attention. What a beautiful scene!

When she lifted her arms, Edison could see that her two boobs were like white balloons, full and round. Her hot body would make every man’s balls ache with need, Edison thought. Edison glanced down at his waist; his bulging cock was about to burst from his pants. He shifted in his seat again; he wanted to pump his hard cock inside her. Anyone would want to fuck her hard if he’s a real man...he would fuck her right here if the door was closed. His childhood sweetheart was fucking beautiful.

“Name?” Edison put on a serious look and frowned at her. The frown was related to his currently aching cock.

“You know my name,” The young woman answered in a soft voice. She looked down at her hands and examined her perfectly manicured nails.

“Connie, I’m a doctor here and you have to fill out the form. Now answer my questions clearly. What’s troubling you?”

Edison put down the pen and stares at Connie’s milky white legs. He wanted to touch her legs that were wrapped in the black stockings, his fantasy. His mouth was watering thinking about how soft they may be.

“You’re a gynecologist!” Connie articulated the word “gynecologist” clearly. Noticing that he was staring at her legs, Connie pulled them together. Losing the view of her panties made Edison disappointed.

“Edison, why did you become a gynecologist after you graduated from college? You deserve a better job. If you did not insist on going to college in the first place, we would be happy married right now with several kids,” Connie complains softly.

It seemed to Edison that she was not happy with the life she was living right now.

Edison grew up in the village and was the only one who went to college. He majored in medicine and went back to the village as a gynecologist after graduation.

His village was economically backward, and people that lived here, especially women, were not that open-minded. They would not go to the hospital in the town even if they were bothered by some gynecological disease. That is why the government sent Edison back here to be the only gynecologist in the area.

Connie had been in a relationship with Edison for a long time. However, Edison had gone to high school and college while Connie got married to someone else. It actually surprised Edison that Connie had become so...curvy after all these years. But it only made her that much sexier. Her big boobs made him just want to stuff his face in between them. Her ass was also bigger and rounder. Her hair was curled and her eyes shined bright; Edison remembered how they used to look up at him when he used to fuck her when they were a couple.

Connie must have been fucked regularly by her husband since she’s been married. That could explain her bigger boobs.

Edison did not feel disappointed or any regret with his life decisions. He knew that God must have wanted everything this way. But after seeing Connie, whom he once loved, right here in front of him, he felt a tinge of regret course through him. For if they were a couple, Edison could have penetrated her and fucked her raw.

“Don’t be mad, Connie. But if your husband is okay with this, we can create a baby now.” Edison joked. He knew that Connie had been married to Gary for years now but they did not have any kids. Edison knows well that in this village, girls get married to give birth to a child. That’s the first and foremost thing so it was strange that they had no kids yet.

“Connie, why do you and Gary have no kids since you two have been married for years? If it is his problem, you should tell him to see a doctor,” Edison again puts on a serious face even though he is kind of curious about their sex life.

“Fuck you Edison! Who told you that? Gary is fucking good in bed. He loves fucking me day and night. But I just don’t get pregnant.” Connie was never the woman to hide her feelings. She always said what she was thinking, especially when it came to sex.

Hearing Connie’s words, Edison pictured the strong Gary driving in and out of her, whose slippery body wiggled underneath Gary’s. Now, Edison wanted to put his hot dick inside her hole and fuck her until she begged for more.

“I didn’t know that Gary is so good. Alright, Connie, why are you here? Are you sick?” Edison quickly brought the topic back; after all, he was a doctor first.

Connie blushed, looking like a shy slut. She answered in a fucking soft voice that almost killed Edison, “I feel know what I’m saying. I want you to have a look at it.”

“Where?” Edison leaned towards her and asked with purpose, staring at Connie who’s sitting on the chair uncomfortably. She’s trying to keep her two thighs together while rubbing one with the other.

I bet she’s wet. The panties under the short dress can’t be seen but her pussy must be hot and wet.

“It’s there. Aren’t you a gynecologist? Give me some meds and I’ll go back home.”

Her face is getting red like a ripe apple as she’s explaining her problem. Edison shook his head and said in a serious tone, “Naughty girl. Even if I’m a doctor, I have to check your body before writing out a prescription.”


“Take off your dress and I’ll check your body carefully.” Edison pointed at her short dress.

Connie is so shy that she bites her fingernails. Once she takes off the dress, Edison would see her fucking beautiful body freely.

“No way. I am not taking off my dress even if you were my ex. I am married now. You can’t see my pussy.”

That’s right. It’s a small village and people talk. If Connie takes off her clothes in front of Edison, a rumor may start. Not to mention that she’s here possibly for a gynecological disease, which she does not want anyone know about.

Edison stood up, walked over to the door, and closed it, locking it as well.

“I’m a doctor. A patient should be willing to let me see her body. How can I give you medicine if I have no idea what is troubling you?”

“Are you doing this on purpose Edison? You can’t let me do that thing with you here even if you want...” Connie blushed and stopped talking, holding the edge of her dress tightly in her hands.

“I’m the only doctor here. No one else can write you a prescription. Trust me, I will not do anything that is unprofessional and against ethics,” Edison spoke seriously.

Connie thought for a minute and then spoke, “Fine, but you can’t tell anyone. If Gary finds out, he will kill me!”

“I promise. No one will ever know.”

Connie finally flipped her short dress up. All Edison could see was her round waist and a tiny wet area on her panties. He could smell the sweetness of her big plump pussy. Edison swallowed and quickly pulled himself back from the rush of feelings going through him, “Do you want me to turn around?”

“Don’t bother. You’re going to see it anyway. But you can’t do anything Edison. I’m married.”

Yes, Edison was a doctor, but first, he was a young man. His mind almost blanked out when he saw her panties. He could almost feel cum leak out the tip of his cock. He wanted to dig his dick into her and pump it inside nonstop. But he had to control himself.

Connie was caught off guard when she saw Edison’s anxious expression. It brought her back to a time when they were both happy. She looked down at her hands; she was still in love with him.

“Edison, aren’t you going to check? Stop staring at me. Do it now! And do not forget that I’m your patient.”