Chapter 2 - Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Melissa Sleeps in Murray’s Bed

Melissa didn’t realize the room belonged to someone else. Despite finding the bathroom filled with men’s accessories, she merely thought it was a trick the Gibson family did.

Melissa thought – What a weird place. Considering the bet between me and grandpa, I would have to stay in the Gibson’s house for three months without falling in love with Murray, then their engagement will be void.

After taking a shower, Melissa ate the dinner brought by the servant.

Suffering for a day, she fell asleep groggily.

It was not until the midnight that Murray returned home from work.

Murray knew that Melissa would come to visit his family today. He was initially required by his grandfather to pick up Melissa, but he had rejected it, claiming too much work unfinished. Murray was reluctant to get romantic relationship involved with his so-called fiancée. In his mind, the engagement would be canceled sooner or later.

Wandering back to his bedroom, Murray took a shower and went to bed.

Probably because he was drunk tonight, he didn’t notice there was a woman in the room until he lay down.

In the darkness, Murray could not see Melissa’s face clearly. Melissa suddenly nestled into Murray’s chest, and murmured, “Winnie, be good. Go to sleep.”

Murray was nonplussed by Melissa’s behavior and froze.

Melissa’s scent is exactly like the girl’s in Murray’s memory. Probably because of his hang over, Murray didn’t push Melissa away. He fell asleep with her in his cuddle.

That night, Murray did not suffer from insomnia as usual. On the contrary, he slept soundly.

The flashback to ten years ago is repeated in his dream. In the small black room, a little girl hugged him, comforting him in a tender voice, “Don’t be afraid. I am very strong. I will protect you.”

Murray dreamed that he had found the girl. The dream was so real.

The next day, Claire showed up at Murray’s room door.

Claire went to bed early last night. But when she woke up this morning, she did not hear from the servants that Melissa had been kicked out of Murray’s room.

Claire was confused and wondered, How could that be? Didn’t Murray come back last night? But his car is in the garage! Is he sleeping together with Melissa?

Eager to figure out the truth, Claire knocked on the door, “Murray, breakfast is ready. Don’t you have an early meeting today? Get up!”

Murray and Melissa, who were sleeping soundly in the room, were woken up at the same time.

Melissa felt snuggled into a lean and muscular frame. A man’s arms wrapped tightly around her waist.

When her eyes met Murray’s, Melissa was shocked and got sober immediately. She got up from the bed and asked in surprised, “Who are you?”

Murray’s eyes turned pitch black,”are you Melissa Eugen?”

Melissa also realized that the man in front of her was probably Murray, her fiancé.

She was still wondering why Murray was in her bed when Murray boomed out, “You sneaked into my room. Climbed on my bed? The first day being here, can’t wait to sell your flesh body? Shameless!”

Melissa gaped at Murray blankly. Thousands of questions popped into her head. What? What did he mean? His room? His bed? Are all Gibson’s families insane?

Then, thinking of the men’s accessories in the room, Melissa realized that it was Murray’s room.

It was Claire who deliberately played a trick on her.

Melissa got off the bed and said coldly, “First, I didn’t mean to sleep in your bed. Claire told me yesterday that this was my room. Mr. Gibson, I’m not interested in you at all.”

“Plus, by the time you came back last night, I had sunk into a deep sleep. Didn’t you find out that there was someone else on the bed? You even hugged me and slept for the entire night. Can you explain it to me? Don’t tell me that you have a thing for me?”

Melissa’s taunt annoyed Murray. His face became gloomy. Whereas, considering what he did last night, he had no grounds for denying Melissa’s words.

Meeting Melissa’s eyes, Murray froze. Her eyes were as tender as the girl’s in his memory.

Melissa scoffed at Murray’s expression, “Mr. Gibson, why are you looking at me in a trance! Are you attracted to me?”

Melissa’s words broke the trance Murray was in. He coldly countered in a clear voice, “Get out. Don’t come to this room anymore.”

Melissa left with her things without a word.

Melissa and Murray so hated each other when they met for the first time.

Claire, standing at Murray’s room door, was surprised at seeing Melissa walking out.

Melissa smirked, “Good morning! As you expected, Murray held me tightly in his arms while sleeping last night. We got along quite well.”

“You’re lying!” Claire looked sullen, shaking her head in disbelief.

Claire assumed that Murray would not like Melissa, but Melissa and Murray had slept in the same bed last night?

“Bitch! You will suffer!” Claire snorted at Melissa’s back.

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