Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

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Chapter: 915
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Chapter 1

Melissa Comes Aldness High-Speed Railway Station.A woman walked out, carrying a soft suitcase.Dressed in a white T-shirt and jeans, she looked pretty. Her long curly hair was casually scattered,shaping her angelic face. Under her arched eyebrows were bright and tender eyes. People might besurprised by her pure beauty without any makeup.“Hi, are you Ms. Eugen? I’m the driver of the Gibson family.”Melissa nod

Chapter 2

Melissa Sleeps in Murray’s BedMelissa didn’t realize the room belonged to someone else. Despite finding the bathroom filled withmen’s accessories, she merely thought it was a trick the Gibson family did.Melissa thought – What a weird place. Considering the bet between me and grandpa, I would have tostay in the Gibson’s house for three months without falling in love with Murray, then their engagementwill be

Chapter 3

You Are Just a BumpkinMelissa left with a smile.Claire was furious. “You are just a bumpkin. I won’t let you marry Murray.”Just as Claire finished speaking, Murray walked out of the room.Seeing him, Claire was afraid. “Murray.”Murray was obviously angry. Claire didn’t dare to say anything more.Melissa let the maid lead her to her room, put things in order, and then went downstairs to havebreakfastSarah, Cla

Chapter 4

The Most Awesome Person“Look! Look! Who is the woman behind Mr. Gibson? She is so beautiful and elegant!”“Wow! Do you see how long and slender her legs are? She looks like a goddess. I like her!”“Is this Mr. Gibson’s fiancée?”“How is that possible? No way!”Everyone guessed Melissa’s identity and thought that she was just a business partner. When Melissaleft Murray and went to register at the Secretary Depar

Chapter 5

We Are EngagedHarley and Melissa walked into the Gibson Corporation. The filming went very smoothly.Harley disliked the ugly clothes, but he stopped complaining when Melissa said that he looked good.Harley was picky, but he would stop when Melissa took a look at him.Harley was timid and was afraid that Melissa would teach him a lesson.The filming, which was expected to take five hours, ended in two hours be

Chapter 6

Murray Is Upset Melissa looked at Murray, confused.“But you and I are still engaged. Harley is a celebrity. You’d better not have any scandals, or it will bebad for my family’s reputation.”Hearing what Murray said, Melissa realized that Murray thought that she liked Harley.Melissa thought, Is he crazy?“I think you should know that it is very difficult to marry into the Timothy family. After all, you are two

Chapter 7

Will She Be Blown?Sarah’s sarcastic words made Melissa regret attending this banquet out of boredom.Melissa might as well leave now.But before Melissa could say anything, Adela and her friends came over. Adela looked at Melissa as ifnothing had happened in the bathroom before. Adela smiled and said, “Mrs. Gibson, this must beMurray’s fiancée Melissa! Ms. Eugen, hello, I am Adela.”At that moment, Adela was l

Chapter 8

Take Your Time to WonderThey had small talks. Every outside knew that Enoch and Marc were old friends. The two families couldbe said to have dominated the business market back then.But Enoch sold the company many years ago and quit the business circle. There was no news for somany years. Rumors said that he went around the world with his granddaughter.But the influence of the Eugen family was still all over

Chapter 9

I’m Your EmployeeMelissa turned to look and saw Murray walking toward him. Obviously, he followed her out.“I don’t have to report to you when I leave, right? Murray, it’s time to get off work now. I’m youremployee, but I also have freedom.”Melissa felt that Murray was being unreasonable.Meanwhile, a car stopped in front of them. The driver got out of the car and opened the door for them.Melissa recognized t

Chapter 10

No One Will Help You They kept silent.Murray raised his hand and tugged at his tie. He became even angrier. He was enraged at himselfbecause he led the topic.At that moment, he regretted finding a topic to talk to her just now because he felt too quiet in the car. Hefelt more annoyed as time passed by.By the time they got home, they both kept silent.As soon as the car was stopped at the door, Murray quickly