Chapter 3 - Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

You Are Just a Bumpkin

Melissa left with a smile.

Claire was furious. “You are just a bumpkin. I won’t let you marry Murray.”

Just as Claire finished speaking, Murray walked out of the room.

Seeing him, Claire was afraid. “Murray.”

Murray was obviously angry. Claire didn’t dare to say anything more.

Melissa let the maid lead her to her room, put things in order, and then went downstairs to have breakfast

Sarah, Claire, and Murray sat at the dining table.

Sarah said sarcastically, “You got up so late and didn’t come down to make breakfast first. Do you really think you are Murray’s wife now?”

Melissa shot a glance at Sarah and said indifferently, “But I’m also not your servant.”

Melissa thought, I’ll never make breakfast for you!

From beginning to end, Murray did not say a word. But it could be seen that he did not like Melissa either.

The atmosphere was very unfriendly during the meal. After breakfast, Sarah handed Melissa a card.

“There are 800 dollars on the card. You should buy some decent clothes before you go to work. You’d better behave yourself in the company and don’t cause trouble for Murray.”

In order to develop the relationship between Murray and Melissa, Marc suggested that Melissa go to work at the Gibson Corporation as Murray’s secretary. Enoch Eugen, Melissa’s grandfather, agreed directly. Melissa had no choice. Melissa thought, It’s only three months. I can make it.

But the 800 dollars…Who does she think I am? Melissa mocked, “Mrs. Gibson, thank you. But there is no need.”

Melissa’s clothes were specially custom-made. Of course, the Gibson family couldn’t see what brand it was. Melissa didn’t bother to argue with them. After she finished speaking, Melissa went upstairs to change clothes.

Just as he went upstairs, her phone rang. It was a transfer of 8 million dollars. It was quite a big number.

Then Melissa received a message from Enoch.

“Dear Melissa, take good care of yourself. Buy whatever you want. Remember to tell me when someone bullies you.”

Melissa smiled and replied, “Grandpa, the Gibson family is hard on me. This isn’t fun at all.”

Enoch quickly replied.

“It’s rare that someone dares to be hard on you. Good. Alright, I’m going fishing.”

Melissa was speechless.

After changing into a professional suit, Melissa left the Gibson’s house. The driver opened the door for her. After getting in the car, Melissa found that Murray was also in the car.

“Didn’t you say you had no interest in me? Why did you go to the Gibson Corporation to be my secretary?” Murray said ironically with a mellow voice.

Melissa glanced at him casually. “I promised my grandfather that I would spend three months with you. After three months, the engagement will be canceled.”

Murray sneered, “Aren’t you afraid that you’ll fall in love with me in the next three months? You’d better not insist on staying by then.”

Melissa was amused by Murray’s words.

“People all say that the president of the Gibson Corporation is very indifferent. But it seems that you are very arrogant. Mr. Gibson, I, Melissa, will never fall in love with you, not in three months and never in my life.”

In Melissa’s eyes, Murray had no advantages except for his good-looking face.

Hearing Melissa’s words, Murray instantly got sullen.

He thought about what Melissa said in his mind.

Murray said, “Melissa, you’d better remember the words you said today.”

Murray felt that Melissa was playing hard to get and wondered, If she didn’t like me, why would she come to my home?

Melissa raised a fake smile. “Okay, Mr. Gibson. Don’t worry! Three months later, we’ll never meet again. By the way, when we arrive at the company, we should pretend to be strangers to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.”

Murray stopped talking.

However, Melissa wouldn’t get what she wanted. The news had already spread that Murray had a fiancée from the countryside.

At the same time, the employees of the Gibson Corporation were gossiping.

“Have you heard the news? Mr. Gibson’s fiancée is going to work here! She will be Mr. Gibson’s secretary.”

“People say that she is ugly and from the countryside. I heard that she graduated from a diploma mill. Is she even able to read the files?”

“I don’t know. But I’m worried that she doesn’t know how to use a computer!”

When Melissa and Murray walked into the company together, everyone was stunned

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