Chapter 9 - Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

I’m Your Employee

Melissa turned to look and saw Murray walking toward him. Obviously, he followed her out.

“I don’t have to report to you when I leave, right? Murray, it’s time to get off work now. I’m your employee, but I also have freedom.”

Melissa felt that Murray was being unreasonable.

Meanwhile, a car stopped in front of them. The driver got out of the car and opened the door for them.

Melissa recognized that it was Murray’s car. Murray looked elsewhere and said, “It’s so late. It’s not safe for you to take a taxi alone. Let’s go back together so that you won’t blame the Gibson family for what may happen to you.”

“Since you’re afraid that I’ll blame you, there’s no need for that. I won’t ask for your money.”

Melissa frowned.

As Melissa was about to leave, Murray reached out to grab her wrist and said in a tough tone, “Get in the car!”

Meeting Melissa’s angry gaze, Murray added, “Since I promised Marc to spend three months with you, I will ensure your safety during this period.”

In other words, he didn’t want to take responsibility for what might happen, so he reluctantly went back with Melissa.

Melissa pulled back her arm and took the lead to get in the car with impatience.

Before she came, she felt that nothing would happen between Murray and her in three months. Murray had a bad temper, and he was mean.Marc was a smart person. Why did he choose Murray?

Murray left and Adela followed him out. Adela stood behind the pillar at the door and watched Murray and Melissa leave in the same car. She stamped her feet in jealousy.

If Adela was engaged to Murray, she would have been sitting in the car with Murray. Melissa was nothing!

Adela took out her phone from her bag and made a phone call, “I remember you said last time that you wanted to make friends with me, right? Since so, in order to express your sincerity, you should at least give me a gift.”

Susie was Murray’s secretary. She had met Adela at a banquet and wanted to make friends with her, but she failed.

Adela took the initiative to call Susie, so Susie quickly agreed, “Of course. What do you need me to do, Ms. Yale?”

“It’s very simple. Melissa is working for you now. You can secretly teach her a lesson and make her suffer. It shouldn’t be difficult, right?”

After pondering for a while, Adela continued, “After this is done, I will give you any new bag you want.”

Susie was a little hesitant at first, but then she was excited. “Ms. Yale, you are so generous. Don’t worry. Leave this matter to me.”

“Are you sure you can do it?”

“Of course, Melissa is just a secretary. Mr. Gibson has spoken to her, and the company staff has isolated her. It is very easy for me to make her suffer.”

Hearing that Murray wouldn’t speak to Melissa in the company, Adela was overjoyed.

“Then we have a deal. As long as you can do a good job, I will reward you!”

In the car, Murray and Melissa sat in the back seat with a distance between them.

Murray turned around and saw that Melissa was still in the same position as when she got in the car. She still looked outside the window.

“You can play the piano well. When did you start learning it?”

Melissa looked at him and raised her eyebrows slightly. She did not expect him to take the initiative to talk to her, “Really? I just learned it.”

Murray was lost for words.

Seeing that Murray was speechless, Melissa smiled in a good mood, “I saw Adela play once and I remembered. How is it? Am I very smart?”

“I can’t communicate with a woman like you,” Murray said angrily and turned her head.

“Then don’t speak to me. You were the one who talked to me first, alright?”

Melissa also turned her head and did not look at him.

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