Chapter 8 - Mrs. Gibson, Your Identily Is Exposed

Take Your Time to Wonder

They had small talks. Every outside knew that Enoch and Marc were old friends. The two families could be said to have dominated the business market back then.

But Enoch sold the company many years ago and quit the business circle. There was no news for so many years. Rumors said that he went around the world with his granddaughter.

But the influence of the Eugen family was still all over the country.

Brian took out the gifts that Enoch had prepared, including a world-famous painting, a piece of land worth 17 million dollars in the south of the city, and all sorts of other things.

The Eugen family was generous about sending gifts.

Melissa could not help but feel a little distressed. The good money ended up in the hands of the

Gibson family. What a waste.

Fortunately, Brian did not expose her. If her identity was exposed, it would not be fun. Sarah was so snobbish. Maybe she would not let Melissa go after three months.

And if Murray knew that Melissa had so much money, he might fall in love with her.

Melissa’s thoughts were running wildly. At this time, she heard Adela’s friend say, “The Eugen family is really extravagant. By the way, Adela, I heard that you saw the granddaughter of the Eugen family in the fashion show before!”

The granddaughter of the Eugen family had always been a legend in the outside world, and very few people knew what her name was, let alone see her.

Adela nodded. “Yes, she is so beautiful!”

“Adela is amazing. Adela even added her on Line. Ms. Eugen even told Adela that she could visit

Adela when she comes to Aldness!” another Adela’s friend said.

“Adela, you are awesome!”

Hearing this, Melissa raised her eyebrows slightly and looked at Adela beside her.

Noticing Melissa’s gaze, Adela turned to Melissa.

“What’s the matter, Ms. Eugen?”

“Have you met the granddaughter of the Eugen family?”

Adela nodded.

“What about it? Are you envious of Adela? You have the same last name as Eugen. But the gap between you and her is really big.”

Hearing the words of Adela and her friends, Melissa smiled and did not speak. What a bunch of fools, Melissa thought.

Adela looked at Melissa’s smile and was confused. Did Melissa know that she had never seen the granddaughter of the Eugen family? That was impossible. How did Melissa know this? Adela must be thinking too much.

Just as Adela was panicking in her heart, she saw Melissa shake her head slightly, sigh, and walk away. The smile on her face revealed a trace of ridicule.

Rationality told Adela that Melissa should not have known, but Adela could not help but panic even more. This feeling made her angry.

Melissa was just a bumpkin. Why did she act like that? She didn’t have anything to show off and she was arrogant.

A thought flashed through Adela’s mind, and she thought of something. Adela looked at Melissa’s back with a ruthless smile.

Melissa took a glass of sweet wine and went to a quiet corner to sit down.

Sensing that someone was looking at her, Melissa instinctively looked out. Her gaze passed through the crowd and happened to meet Murray’s eyes.

After Melissa finished playing the piano, Murray’s gaze never left her.

Murray was thinking about how Melissa could play the piano and that her innate noble temperament didn’t belong to a girl from the countryside. Suddenly, he noticed that Melissa was looking at him and immediately came back to his senses. His heart suddenly skipped a beat.

But then, he saw that Melissa seemed to treat him as if he didn’t exist. She just glanced at him lightly and then looked away.

For some reason, Murray was furious in his heart, and the frustration was suffocating.

Melissa took a sip of the sweet wine in the glass and lowered her head to sneer at an angle that others could not see.

She knew what Murray was thinking when he looked at her just now. She was good at playing the piano, and a narrow-minded, prejudiced, and arrogant man like him must be super surprised.

She thought, Take your time to wonder!

She didn’t want anything to do with this kind of self-centered man.

She would just take these three months to cultivate her temperament and idle.

After sitting alone for a long time, Melissa saw that it was about time, so she went out and prepared to leave first.

Just as she was about to take a taxi, Murray’s voice suddenly came from behind her. “Who says you could leave alone without saying a word?”

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