Chapter 4 - His Miracle Luna

Jorge didn't even knock on the door before he barreled into it happily.

Gabriel rolled his eyes at his son as he watched him jump onto his mates lap who was sitting in a chair next to the window on her phone that his sister found in her jeep.

"Sorry, he wanted to see you before he went to school." he explained.

He hasn't brought him by since he asked her to stay, and Jorge has been begging him to see her for 3 days now.

"It's fine, I was wondering when I would get to see him again." Everly said teasingly as she adjusted herself and Jorge in the chair.

"Daddy said you get to come home today!" Jorge said peering up at her.

She nodded down at him "technically it's your home, I'm just a guest."

For the second time that morning Gabriel rolled his eyes and refrained himself from growling "Yes but, you can stay there as long as you like, Everly!"

Everly nodded her head, her mind was still on the dozens of messages she's gotten from Jocelyn while she has been here.

She messaged her and said that she cussed Aiden out for everything he was worth for what he did and and wants to know where she was at.

She could tell her though because she knew for a fact that her friend would go rouge and leave the pack for her.

She wanted to tell her to but wasn't sure if it would be okay or not to bring in an outsider to someone else's land.

As Everly was thinking about asking the Alpha in front of her Jocelyn just so happen to call her, her phone ringing in her hand loudly.

"Are you going to answer it?" Gabriel asked with a slight chuckle.

She looked up at him and laughed nervously then answered the phone.

Before she even got it to her ear she heard Jocelyn scream her name.


"Jocelyn, calm down I'm fine, everything is fine." I told her calmly.

Jocelyn took a deep breath and tried to calm down. "Where are you? I want to come to you so that you aren't alone! He had no right to banish you."

I glanced up at Alpha Gabriel who raised an eyebrow at my friend and her wanting to go rouge because of me. "No, you can't leave. You are Beta Jocelyn, and you-"

"He banished you, Everly!" she repeated "There's no reason for me to be here." Jocelyn argued.

Before I could say anything Alpha Gabriel took my phone from me and put it to his ear.

"Hello Jocelyn, Alpha Gabriel of The Mystic Shadow Pack are more than welcome to come here if you want." Gabriel said with a smile on his face.

He had to suppress his laughter though, because the look Everly was giving him was making it really hard to focus.

"How the hell did she end up in your pack sir?" Jocelyn asked him, utter disbelief was written all in her voice and on her face had they been in person.

Gabriel cleared his throat "Rouges chased her into my territory."

"WHAT?" Jocelyn was going to kill Aiden.

"Please tell her I'm fine!" Everly said.

"Yeah daddy, tell the loud lady to stop yelling and that Evie is fine." Jorge told his dad as he snuggled closer to Everly taking in her warmth.

Gabriel watched as she played with Jorge's hair while whispering something to him that made him giggle.

"As I said you can come here if you want. Everly is fine, didn't get hurt too badly...she's is being released today if that helps." he said

Jocelyn nodded her head while pinching the bridge of her nose. "You're atleast 150 miles from my pack sir. I can be there tommorrow if you are serious about letting me come."

"If you can convince her to stay with us, then yes you can come and stay with her." Gabriel smirked at Everly as she narrowed her eyes at him.

"Thank you Alpha!"

After they exchanged goodbyes he gave Everly back her phone.

"I knew there was a reason for you letting her come here." Everly said and looked away from him.

"Well anything to get you to stay, if your friend becomes a member then so do you!" he teased.

"That's an unfair advantage Alpha!"

"Call me Gabriel!" he said with a soft smile "please?"

"It's not my place to call you by your name sir." Everly told him while looking down at Jorge who seemed like he wanted to go back to sleep.

"Well I'm giving you permission. So please drop the 'sir' and 'Alpha' and just call me Gabriel?" Gabriel asked her again.

She shook her head and smiled at him. "I don't know you well enough to call you by your name. I may consider it, once I know you more, Alpha Gabirel!" she teased him with the last two words.

Everly didn't know where that came from, but it almost sounded like she was flirting with him, and from the sparkle in his eyes he seemed to enjoy it.

It made her blush a little.


Gabriel raced around his car and opened the passenger door before she could could even get her seatbelt off.

"Gabriella and Lena are inside, they want to meet you!" I said as I went to the backseat to grab her bag.

"Why would they want to meet me? I'm nobody special!" Everly asked confused.

Everyone in his family besides his mother has been sweet to her and she had no idea why.

He leaned down to her ear when she stood up. "They want to meet the little human that took on 4 rouges, and saved their nephew."

Goosebumps rose on her skin from how close he was, she could even smell his minty breath as it fanned her face he was so close.

Gabriel watched as she shivered because of the pull to the mate bond, her body wanting to lean into his.

He had a feeling that her last mate wanted nothing to do with her, didn't even acknowledge her presence when she was around or she would know what she was feeling right now.

It made him upset that she was hurt by him, but also happy because now he could be the one to make her happy if she decided to stay here.

"Come on..." He said and walked with her to the front door.

Upon opening it he placed his hand on the small of her back and led her inside.

Everly looked around the entryway and so far it just looked like a cozy modern home.

The walls were beige and the floors were hardwood in the hallway but stained in a dark color that went perfectly with the light wall color.

As he led her towards the dining area she began to hear voices, and she suddenly became nervous.

He's only told her about his sister's, Lena being the oldest and Gabriella the youngest who was 2 years older than she was, she hasn't actually met them.

Gabriel looked down at her because he could hear her heartrate pick up, he could tell she was nervous.

"They don't bite ....well, atleast Lena doesn't."

"That don't help sir!"

He rolled his eyes playfully at her as they continued walking, when they reached the dining room his sister's stopped talking and both their gazes moved over to him, then to Everly.

Gabriella was the first one to hop from her chair "Gabriel, let her go and bring her in, you are lucky dad isn't here to see you right now."

Before Gabriel could come up with a comeback to his sister she had already taken his mate from him and ushered her to the table.

Lena was sitting across from where Gabriella and Everly was sitting, the first thing she noticed was her eyes.

They were different, she's never seen anyone with an abnormality like that before.

"Well I'm Lena, and I must say, you have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen before." Lena complimented her.

Everly looked down a blush rising to her cheeks. "Thank you, I'd say I get them from my parents, but honestly I wouldn't know..."

Gabriella wanted to laugh but wasn't sure if it was appropriate to do so.

She looked up with a cheeky smile on her face. "It's okay to laugh. I joke about it all the time, my mom and dad would tease each other too by saying that they brought their love child into the home to raise."

Gabriel chuckled at that causing her to glance over at him.

"And your parents? Are they still with the old pack?" Lena asked, she wanted to know everything about her brothers mate, everything she was willing to give atleast.

Shaking her head her smile slipped from her face. "They're dead!" she wanted to tell them, but if she did then Gabriel would know what pack she came from.

Vampires attacked thier pack when she was 16 and half the pack was killed, including her parents, they were killed protecting her.

If Aiden's father not shown up when he did she would have died too.

All the other packs know about this attack and came and helped out with the clean up and helped out with killing the rest of the vampires the got away.

"So, my brother said that you have a friend coming from your old pack tommorrow?" Gabriella asked, she seen that she had lost the little spark she had.

Everly's head snapped to Gabriel "You didn't tell me she'd be here that soon! I expected her here next week, you guys aren't exactly close."

Gabriel glared at his sister then turned and smiled at Everly "I was hoping it would be a surprise. I even turned my study into an extra room for her."

"Now I feel like like we're invading your personal bubble." Everly mumbled, but she knew they heard her.

"If the packhouse wasn't full then there would be room, but you aren't invading anytning." he said honestly, but somehow he knew she wouldn't believe him.

"Yeah wait until you meet Jocelyn, she was born of Beta blood, but our Alpha denied her the title because she was a girl. She has a mouth on her!" she laughed remembering how her best friend threatened to curse Aiden.

Jocelyn was a hybrid, half wolf and half witch, it would have been funny if she actually done it.

"Then who got the title?" Lena asked curiously.

""Her younger brother"

Looking up she seen their confused faces and continued. "He's 12!"

"That sexist fucker!" Gabriella said with wide eyes.

"Gabby!!!" Lena scolded while giving her a look. Gabriella just waved her off like she always did.

"Well, she isn't wrong, Aid-" Everly quickly cleared her throat realizing she almost said her old Alpha's name. "The Alpha of my old pack didn't like females to have an opinion on anything. So for Jocelyn to be his Beta it would have given her a voice."

Gabriel narrowed his eyes at her, she almost said his name. He already got the distance from Jocelyn and half his name just now from her, and what she just said about him not liking women having a voice.

He had a pretty good idea who it was.

"Why are you looking at me like that?"

That sweet soft voice snapped him out of the things he was thinking about doing to him.

"Why don't you want me to know who it is?" Gabriel asked her as calmly as possible.

Shrugging her shoulders she looked away from him "Because whenever you ask, I get this murderous vibe from you. Like if I tell you, you'll go and kill him."

He looked at both his sisters who were both smirking at him, because they knew that's exactly what he would do.

"You shouldn't beable to feel my emotions like that, Everly!" Gabriel said.

Not unless he had marked and mated her, but she didn't even know they were mates yet. He's hoping to tell her while her friend is here this week while they work on finding a place for her to stay.

But he honestly didn't care how long she stayed here as long as Everly was happy.

"Well if you weren't so aggressive about the subject then I probably wouldn't feel anything." Everly told him shrugging her shoulders again.

"I like her!" Gabriella said with a huge smile on her face.

A few hours later both Lena and Gabriella have both left and Everly was in the room that Gabriel had given her, she was rummaging through her bag for the medications that the hospital had given her but she couldn't find them.

She had to take her antibiotics and she had no idea where they were.

"Hey I found this in the living room!"

His deep accent always cut through her like a knife through butter, making her shiver.

She turned to see him holding 1 out of the 2 of the bottles she was looking for.

"Thank you, I don't remember going in there." Perhaps she did and honestly forgot about it. "Did you happen to see the other one?"

Gabriel shook his head "just that one"

Looking at the bottle, she seen the one he had found was the pain medication, the one she needed was the antibiotic and it was missing.


Making sure the kids were settled with snacks and a movie Olivia went back into her study where her friend was at. "Sorry about that."

"All good," he told her waving her off.

Sitting down at her desk she looked at him expectantly. "Were you able to find something?"

Waving his hand a bottle appeared on her desk, he watched as Olivia picked it up not understanding what he was getting at.

He rolled his eyes. "You said the girl was attacked recently right?" she nodded

"These are her antibiotics, I can switch them out with something similar."

Olivia smiled "So like a poision?"

Azriaiel smirked at her. "Yes, kind of, it will take a few days though. She'll get sick and weak and if not caught in will kill her."

She smiled at the thought of getting rid of the woman that has cursed her boy.

"Who is she by the way, Olive? You rarely have me poison anyone!" he asked her a little concerned.

Olivia looked up at him "Just some witch, that's claiming to be human. She has put my son under a spell. Called off his wedding and everything." she scoffed at the thought.

Azriaiel rolled his eyes, she really never paid attention to what her children wanted, especially her son. After his mate died she's been pushing females on him left and right.

"And if she really is human?" What did it really matter what the girl was?

"Then you were never here!" Olivia said blankly. "Just do what I'm paying you for Ri!"

He took the bottle of pills from her and a quietly enchanted a spell over them, when he was finished he could see a dark green hue cascading over the pills, and it honestly sickened him to know what his friend was asking him to do.

But if he didn't do it, she would ask someone else who was crueler than he was, he was atleast being delicate about it.

He waved his hand and put them back where they were before, hoping no one would notice they were missing.

"It's done." Azriaiel said curtly before standing. "I must go, my king will be wondering where I'm at."

Olivia stood and walked around her desk and gave him a hug. "It was nice to see you. Next time we see each other hopefully it won't be for business."

He nodded and opened up a portal behind him. "Have a good rest of you night, Olive!" he told her before disappearing into the portal.

If the girl was a human his poison would take immediate effect within hours and she would be dead within the week, without someone knowledgeable of witchcraft to catch it Olivia would get away with her murder.

But if she wasn't then it would take longer. He also set up a small witch cam where the girl is at just to see if this would go in Olivia's favor.

And if so he is going to come back and tell Gabriel what she had him do and deliver an antidote.

Because even if the poor girl isn't human she don't deserve what his friend doing to her. Supernatural or not.