Chapter 9 - I Inherited Billions

In the afternoon, after I was done with class.

I ran to a little motel next to my school and got myself a room.

After that, I sent the location and room number to Lacey.

Someone knocked at the door at 6:50 PM.

When I opened the door, Lacey was standing outside.

She was wearing the same clothes she had on yesterday. She had not bothered to change into a new set of clothes, and there was no makeup on her face.

I was probably not worth the effort to her.

She fanned her hands in the air with disdain after entering the motel and wrinkled her nose before saying, “What’s with the smell of this room? I’m a campus belle, after all. Couldn’t you have gotten a better hotel room for the both of us?”

She has already gotten this far, yet she was still putting on airs?

I sneered and replied, “Any further complaints from you, and I’ll just fuck you in the little forest.”

Lacey grew scared after hearing my words and finally shut her mouth.

She stood in front of the bed and hesitated for quite a while before removing her sling bag and throwing it to the side. She proceeded to lay down on the bed.

“Come on. I’ll just pretend I’m being bitten by a dog tonight.”

Lacey shut her eyes tight after saying this.

She probably thought I would jump on her like a hungry tiger hunting prey after hearing those words.

However, she was wrong.

I sat where I was after she said that and laughed as I crossed my legs.

She waited for a long time and finally opened her eyes with a questioning look when I did not jump on her. “Freddie, what are you waiting for? Weren’t you the one who wanted to fuck me? I’m ready. Come on.”

“Well, to be frank, I’m a pretty lazy person. I’m not fond of doing the work myself. Take off all your clothes and touch yourself till you’re wet. I’ll fuck you then.”

“You’re taking this too far!!!” Lacey was humiliated and angry at the same time.

“I’ve already given in to you by agreeing to sleep with you, and you still want me to start everything off?”

“So you aren’t willing to? I’ll leave, then.” I got up and prepared to go.

Lacey was shocked and quickly pulled me back. “I’m willing, I’m willing, okay?”

With that, she slowly unbuttoned her shirt and shyly took off her jeans under my gaze.

It took less than a minute before she had taken off every piece of clothing she had taken.

She hid her private parts with her hands due to her shyness.

What could I say? I loved forcing people into doing what they did not want to do. When I saw her covering herself up, I ordered, “Move your hands.”

She was unwilling to, but she did in the end.

I was now looking at a completely naked Lacey Yates.

The Lacey right in front of me was completely different from our beautiful teacher, Cherry Quentin.

Cherry was a mature, elegant woman who oozed with the charm of an experienced beauty, much like a ripe, juicy peach.

As for Lacey, she was slightly taller than Cherry and more slender. Her breasts were smaller, but she had a tender, bashful quality to her that was unique to young ladies.

This was especially true about her private parts and nipples. They were pinkish and tender.

I guessed that she had never made love to a man before.

It was no wonder she was so reluctant. She was a virgin.

“I’ve taken all my clothes off. Come over.” Lacey laid down in bed once more, waiting for me to humiliate her.

However, I did not do as she wanted. I looked at her entire body before saying with a laugh. “Can’t you understand English? I’ve already said that I’m not a fan of foreplay. Wet your vagina and call me when you’re ready.”

“Don’t you take this too far.” Lacey was mad from being embarrassed by me.

“Hoho, so what if I take this too far? What can you do about it? Didn’t you say you’d just pretend you were being bitten by a dog tonight? Since I’m a dog, I guess you’re a bitch. You should know very well what the position of a bitch is, right?”


“Stop with the ‘you, you, you’s. Just get on your knees and let me see that ass propped up high. Start touching yourself!”

Lacey did really get on her knees on the bed according to my order. She lifted up her ass up high, just like the bitch she was, and began touching herself.

I felt extremely accomplished when I saw this scene.

Money did make the world go round!

Lacey’s body reacted to her touching after a few minutes. The sexual secretions from her little cave began to drip onto the white bedsheet, drenching it.

I laughed and moved closer to her for a glance when I saw this. “Why, it’s all wet. Weren’t you acting all arrogant before? Weren’t you looking down on me? So why is your body reacting to me now?”

“Shut up. Didn’t you want to fuck me? Just put your stupid cock in me and get it done with,” she said angrily as she was humiliated.

She did not stop wiggling her ass as she said this as if impatient for me to get inside her.

However, I did not let her have her way. I went behind her and slapped her ass, saying, “Stop wriggling about. That should be all for today.”

“What? What do you mean?” Lacey turned back to look at me. A puzzled look appeared on her red face.

“I don’t mean anything. I just suddenly lost interest in you. I don’t feel like doing you anymore.”

“Then why did you let me… Wait, were you just humiliating me?” She finally realized what I was doing.

“That’s right, I was.” I looked at her, my eyes all smiles.

“Remember what happened the day before at the little forest? I’m humiliating you right now the same way you, Young Master Logan, and the others humiliated me with money. As for you, you’re just the beginning.”

“You… How dare you?!!”

“Hoho, you were the one begging me.” I sneered.

I ignored Lacey, who was still in bed, after I was done with what I had to say. I casually flung the two hundred thousand onto the bed and calmly left.

However, Lacey jumped down from the bed when she heard this. She was still naked when she blocked my way. “You can’t do this. You have to fuck me today.”


I frowned quizzically when I saw Lacey blocking my way.

What was wrong with this woman?

She had refused to let me fuck her from the very beginning.

However, I now had to fuck her before I was allowed to leave?

However, it was not long before I figured out her reasoning.

For an egotistical woman like her, it was probably considered much more humiliating that I did not care about her enough to fuck her.

At the thought of this, I gave her a mischievous look and laughed as I said, “Lacey Yates, we’ve come to this, yet you still naively think I’m interested in you?”

“Well, aren’t you?”

She puffed up her chest with pride. “I’m the campus belle. I’m beautiful and have a great body. Why wouldn’t you be interested in me?”

“That’s just your opinion. In my eyes, you’re nothing but a cheap woman willing to sell her body for money. I wouldn’t even bother touching you.”


“I’m leaving!”

With that, I ignored her and turned to leave, exiting the room in peace.

I stood in the corridor to have a smoke after leaving the room.

I was about to take the elevator down after I was done.

Lacey pushed her way into the elevator the moment before the doors were about to close.

She had put on her clothes, but there was still a red blush across her face.

I looked at her and laughed. “That was quite quick of you. Much quicker than when you were taking your clothes off.”

Lacey turned and glared angrily at me. Her eyes were filled with rage.

We meant to go our own ways after leaving the motel.

However, Lorne, the man from the night before, suddenly appeared from the dark to stop Lacey. “Have you prepared the money, you dumb bitch?”

“I’ve… I’ve got it.” Lacey’s voice was trembling.

It was clear she feared Lorne.

“Here’s two hundred thousand, and not a cent less.” Lacey passed the money to him.

Lorne took the bag from her and counted it seriously.

He smiled happily after he was done. “It’s correct. There’s two hundred thousand.”

“Can I leave now?” There was a relaxed and happy tone in Lacey’s voice.

However, Lorne suddenly stopped her. “Wait.”

“Is there anything else?” Lacey paused her steps.

Lorne looked at Lacey’s still-red face and turned to look at me. He seemed to figure something out.

He took out two notes from the wad of money and slapped them into Lacey’s hands. “Take these.”

“What… What do you mean?” Lacey was puzzled.

“If you’re willing to do business with that loser, you won’t mind pleasuring me.”

Lacey’s face went white when she heard this. She quickly explained, “Lorne, I don’t have that sort of relationship with him.”

“What’s wrong? I can’t compare to a loser like him?” Lorne dragged Lacey toward the motel.

Fuck, did he think he was better than me?

A sneer appeared on my lips as I called out to him. “Stop right there.”

“What’s wrong? Are you trying to be a busybody? Do you have any idea who I am?” Lorne waved his fist about as snapped viciously at me.

I did not reply to him.

What I gave him instead as a reply was a hard kick to the balls.