Chapter 8 - I Inherited Billions

I liked her a lot, and I often imagined her as I masturbated at night.

However, I panicked when I realized she was serious about coming over.

I quickly replied, “It’s fine. My place isn’t somewhere convenient to get to.”

“How about you come over to mine, then?”

She sent her location after giving me that suggestion.

I checked the location and realized she had given me the location of the teaching staff’s condo, the place she was currently living in.

My fingers lingered over the keyboard as I tried to think up an excuse to reject her.

She sent me another message.

“I’m going to take a bath. Just knock on the door when you’re here.”

I stared at her message.

I thought about how she usually wriggled her ass while she was teaching at the lectern.

I felt my mouth go dry.

I really wanted to have my way with her and not need to hold back.

However, I decided to calm myself down.

I could not reveal my identity just for a moment of passion.

At the thought of this, I replied, “There’s no need for you to immediately sleep with me. All I really wanted was to help you out. You know that five hundred thousand is just the price of a meal to me. There’s no need for you to be so hung up over this.”

“I know five hundred thousand might not be worth anything to you, but for me, it might save my mother’s life. Young Master, please give me the chance to repay you.”

I was touched by how determined she was.

I gave it some thought.

She did seem like someone who would repay any debts she incurred.

How could I reject her when she was this determined?

I hesitated. While I was figuring out how best to explain things to her, another message from her came in.

“Young Master, you aren’t willing to see me because you’re worried I’ll end up clinging to you, right? Please don’t worry about that. I’m not that kind of woman. You’re more than welcome to block me after tonight, and we never have to meet again.”

“It’s not like that. I’m not worried about you clinging to me. It's just that tonight is simply inconvenient for me. I’ll be sure to come looking for you when the time is right.”

“Alright. You may call me any time.” Cherry pinged over, an adorable expression on her face.

“Alright. It’s getting late now, so have an early night. Goodnight.”


We ended our conversation after saying good night to each other.

It was not long before I fell into a deep sleep.

When I woke up the next morning, it was already 9:30 AM.

“Fuck, why is it so late?”

I was still in a daze.

I quickly put on my clothes and ran to school in a mad rush.

However, it did not matter how slow or fast I ran, I was still going to get to class late.

Cherry was already at the lectern teaching in the classroom.

“Reporting for class,” I said out loud, requesting permission to enter the classroom.

However, all Cherry did was glance at me before completely ignoring me…

My experience told me that she would not allow me into the classroom later.

I leaned against the classroom door and began openly watching her.

She was wearing a tight black skirt that wrapped her ass nicely today. Her top was a white blouse, and because she was not wearing any silk stockings today, her fair yet firm thighs were naked. They looked particularly delicious.

She looked as icy as usual at the lectern today, not smiling at all.

However, I now knew that this arrogant ice queen had many hidden secrets.

The class passed by very quickly. During the break, Cherry pulled me to the corridor.

“Why are you late again? Do you know how many times you’ve been late? I understand your situation is a little unique, but shouldn’t that be even more reason for you to work harder than the others?”

She reprimanded me, not holding back.

However, I could not hear one word she said.

The more she reprimanded me, the more excited I felt.

I wondered what would have happened if she had gone through with having sex with the man in the golden mask.

What would her reaction be when she realized that the man under the mask was the student she had been reprimanding every day?

“That’s enough. You should get to class now. Don’t blame me for taking action against you the next time you’re late again.”

She allowed me into the class once she was done.

My classmates all turned to look at me when I entered the classroom as if I was some sort of monster.

I sat down next to Chris and turned to ask him, “What’s going on? Why is everyone giving me weird looks?”

“What else could it be? Word has spread about how you paid for dinner at Sicily…”

“Really? Is everyone envious of me?”

“What do you mean, ‘envious’? They’re actually laughing at you behind your back. They’re saying that a loser like you was scamming the rich and that you have no idea about financial management. It won’t be long before you’re done spending all your money and returning to the days of collecting garbage. Howard Lincoln is even worse. He’s making bets about you with the class.”

“What bets?”

“He’s betting when you’ll be done spending your money and go back to being a poor bastard. All of our classmates think you won’t last more than a month.”

“Is that so? You should bet too. You might end up earning a fortune.” I smiled and looked at Chris.

“Stop playing around, Freddie. I think it’s better for us to have our feet planted firmly on the ground. Even if we become rich, we should spend wisely. By the way, how much were you paid for your house being sold?”

“Not much, just three hundred thousand.” I lied to him.

“Three hundred thousand?” Chris was speechless.

“You used a hundred thousand from that to buy us dinner. Are you crazy?”

“You don’t need to worry about that. I know my limits.”

The second class of the day began after my chat with Chris.

However, I had no interest in this balding teacher’s class, so I lowered my head and played with my phone.

Right at that moment, I received a friend request from my instant messaging app.

I clicked on it only to see that it was from Lacey Yates.

I smiled…

Was this girl finally giving in to my offer?

It looked like she had been left with no one else to turn to!

I happily clicked on the ‘approve’ button.

She finally sent me a message quite a while after I approved her request. “Freddie, about what you said last night… Do you still mean it? Will you help me if I beg you?”

She was being careful with the words she used. I could tell that she had taken a fair amount of time to think about them before typing out her message.

“Of course I still mean it.”

“Could… Could you help me? Don’t worry. Once I have money, I’ll definitely pay you back. Two hundred thousand isn’t really that much.”

“That’s right, two hundred thousand isn’t that much. You’re on such great terms with Young Master Logan and Young Master Zane, so you know very well that two hundred thousand is less than spare change to them, right?” I laughed as I replied to her.

“You… What do you mean by that?! Didn’t you say you would help me if I begged?” Lacey seemed to get mad as she read the sarcasm in my words.

“Hoho! Sure, I’ll help you, but is this the attitude you should have when begging somebody for something? Besides, two hundred thousand might not be much, but why should I help you for nothing in return? Even banks ask for mortgages when you get a loan…”

Lacey was silent after I replied to her.

I thought that she might have given up as she was silent for quite a while. I was about to turn off the app.

Her message came right before I could.

“I’m sorry about my attitude, Freddie. Please help me just this once. I’ll be your girlfriend for a week.”

She seemed to be afraid I might reject her because she immediately continued. “You know very well I’m a campus belle just like Lina. I’m not inferior to her when it comes to beauty nor body shape. You can walk around with your head held high with me as your girlfriend.”

“One week? That sounds nice. So, does that mean I can play with you any way I want for that one week too?”


There were quite a few exclamation marks in Lacey’s message. She had to be quite angry.

“Stop dreaming about such things. I’m already giving up a lot by being your girlfriend in name, yet you still dare to think about fucking me?”

“What’s wrong with that? I’m giving you two hundred thousand, but I’m still not allowed to fuck you? Is your vagina gold-rimmed or something?”


“Forget about it. Since you aren’t sincere, there’s no need for us to continue this conversation. Once you start your job as a prostitute, I might be able to fuck you more than a hundred times with this two hundred thousand.”

My words must have had quite an effect because Lacey immediately caved in. “Don’t do this. Let’s talk this through, please? I’ll agree to anything you want.”

“Fine. Come see me at a hotel tonight and let me sleep with you once. I’ll loan you the money after.”

I waited for Lacey to reply after sending the message.

However, it took a long time to get a reply. She was not saying yes.

She was probably still hesitating…

However, she finally relented. “Fine, I’ll sleep with you tonight, but you’re not allowed to kiss me on the mouth, and you can’t tell anyone about what happened between us. I can’t afford to be humiliated.”

Tsk. She was still insisting on being arrogant.

I was entertained as I read her message.

This wretch had no one else to turn to, yet she was still trying to act all high and mighty with me?

We would see how intact her pride would be after I saw her tonight.