I Inherited Billions

I Inherited Billions

Author:Novel Square Bookworm
Chapter: 453
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Synopsis about I Inherited Billions

What does it feel like to inherit a billion when you wake up? A mansion? An expensive car? Things that many could only dream of fell onto my lap overnight. Pretty girls and gorgeous ladies were literally flinging themselves at me! There’s nothing that money can’t solve for me. If there is, I’ll just have to pay double.
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All Chapters of I Inherited Billions

Chapter 1 I Am The Poor Man Known As Freddie Lang

I must have seemed like a homeless man as I crouched at the corner of the street, biting into a burger. A housewife walking her dog actually dropped a few coins right in front of me.I would have never thought that I, Freddie Lang, would end up looking like a beggar to passers-by.

Chapter 2 I Am The Heir Known As Freddie Lang

I was anxious to find out more about the inheritance. I was not about to give up just because of what she said.I broke into a run toward the elevator while she was not paying attention.

Chapter 3 Truly As Rich As A Country

This vault was about the size of a soccer field, and there were mountains of cash inside. It looked like a library when looked at from afar. All items were tidily sorted in many, many rows to form a massive scene.I finally understood what being as rich as a country meant. This was what it was.

Chapter 4 Seeing Lindy Lowry Again

We entered the private suite amidst everyone’s jeering at me.It was not long before the pretty ladies from the music major arrived.

Chapter 5 The Embarrassment Of Howard Lincoln

What Lindy Lowry wanted might not have been the salary of a bank employee, but rather, an opportunity…An opportunity to build a connection with wealthy people.

Chapter 6 Forest Of Desirables

I turned to look at my other classmates after I was done. I tried encouraging them. “Guys, a hundred and fifty thousand split amongst everyone is no small amount. Shouldn’t you guys try to convince Howard?”Just as I thought, many of them were convinced by my words.

Chapter 7 The Beautiful Teacher’s Secret

I was shocked when I saw them. I quickly called out to Vincent, “Wait a minute, where did you get these people from?”“They’re all locals. Some of them are white-collar workers. There are also students and teachers from the school. They’re attending this Escort Club because they’re in urgent need of money. What’s wrong, Young Master? Do you know anyone here?”

Chapter 8 Lacey Yates’ Compromise

I liked her a lot, and I often imagined her as I masturbated at night.However, I panicked when I realized she was serious about coming over.

Chapter 9 The Humiliation Of Lacey Yates

In the afternoon, after I was done with class.I ran to a little motel next to my school and got myself a room.

Chapter 10 Voluptuous Junior

I kicked him really hard.He was not at all prepared for it.