Chapter 2 - I Inherited Billions

I was anxious to find out more about the inheritance. I was not about to give up just because of what she said.

I broke into a run toward the elevator while she was not paying attention.

“Stop! What is wrong with you?!”

The pretty woman realized what I was doing and chased after me in her high heels. She ran behind me while calling out to security. “Security, security, stop him, quick! If that guy bumps into the VIP as they arrive, we’ll all be in trouble.”

However, I had already gotten into the elevator by the time they gave chase. I stabbed the button for the eighth floor.

When I arrived on the eighth floor, I realized the entire floor only had one office.

The moment I arrived, an elderly man in a suit bowed at me and said, “You’re here, Young Master Lang.”

“Are you the person who called me on the phone?” I quietly sized up the person in front of me.

He looked quite remarkable in a gray suit. One look and I could tell he was someone who had held a high and powerful position for a long time.

“That’s right, it was me. Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Vincent Quinn, and I’m the general manager of Stamen Group. Of course, the most important role I have currently is being your personal butler,” Vincent smiled as he said.

“The inheritance you mentioned yesterday… What is actually going on?”

“Allow me to explain. Do you remember an old man named Logan you saved three years ago? You took good care of him for a month.”

“An old man named Logan?”

I tried to recall this person. I used to enjoy swimming, so I had saved quite a few people from drowning.

I had saved an old man named Logan and had taken care of him for quite a while. “Yes, I remember. What about him?”

“A week ago, Old Mr. Logan passed away from illness. He wrote a will before he passed and because he has no children, he instructed all his property to be inherited by you alone.”

“What?!” I was slightly out of it.

I could not help asking, “How much is there actually in total?”

“There is a total of 127 companies under Stamen Group. 13 of them are listed, among which includes Stamen International Bank, Stamen Trust, Stamen Real Estate, and others. Their total market value is about a hundred billion. Of course, besides these, there are also numerous properties, paintings, antiques, precious metals, and such. By the way, the vault downstairs has some precious metals and cash in there. There isn’t much, only several billion. It’s deposited there mainly for the convenience of your daily allowance.”

“Several billion isn’t much? And it’s only my allowance?”

My voice began to tremble when I heard the amount.

“Are you sure all this is really what I’m supposed to inherit?”

“Of course. If you don’t believe me, you can sign the document now.” With that, Vincent placed a copy of the contract in front of me.

I picked up the contract with my trembling hands. “Are there any conditions tied to inheriting all this?”

“There isn’t. The contract will come into effect the moment you sign it. But if you would like to take cash from the vault, we will need to verify your fingerprints and iris.”

“Can I take a look at the vault now?”

I got a little excited at the thought of the vault and the mountains of cash in there that now belonged to me.

“Of course you can, but I’ll need to run today’s schedule over with you first. Please wait a moment.”

With that, Vincent bowed and left.

After he was gone, I lowered my head to read the contract.

Right at that moment, the elevator on the eighth floor suddenly opened.

The female staff who had given me trouble earlier entered with a bunch of security guards behind her.

She immediately shouted when she saw me, “That’s him! He’s the trouble-maker. Capture him immediately! We can’t have him bumping into our VIP today.”

Before I could react, a few security guards pressed me to the ground.

“What are you doing?! Let me go!”

I had just been on top of the world moments earlier, and now, I was suddenly being pressed to the ground. This embarrassment was angering me slightly.

“What are we doing? You were the one who came here looking for trouble!” The pretty staff said in a huff.

“I wasn’t looking for trouble, I’m here to discuss work. I’m the VIP you were waiting to welcome.”

“You? The VIP?” She laughed at my words.

“You should look at yourself in the mirror and see how poorly you’re dressed. How could you be the VIP?”


I opened my mouth to retort, but right then, I realized from the angle I was at, I had a full view of what was under her skirt.

This female staff looked prim and proper, but under her skirt, she was wearing slutty-looking purple lacy panties. I wondered who she was planning to seduce.

“Where are you looking at, dirtbag?”

She noticed where I was looking and started hitting and kicking me without saying another word.

A security guard beside her knew this could not go on and tried to stop her. “Miss Lowry, aren’t we going too far? What if he’s really the client?”

“Are you all blind? Just look at him. How could he be the client? Don’t forget that our boss reminded us over and over again that the VIP today is really important. We’ve got to give everything we’ve got to welcome him properly. Will all of you be the ones held responsible if this guy disturbs the VIP?”

The security guards went silent at her words.

Right that moment, a voice could be heard from behind everyone. “What are you doing?”

I recognized it. It was Vincent’s voice.

The pretty staff member turned back in delight as she tried to take credit. “Mr. Quinn, I just caught a troublemaker and was about to kick him out. Don’t worry! With me, Lindy Lowry, here, I won’t allow him to create trouble for our VIP.”


Vincent turned to me when he heard the word.

He was shocked to the core when he saw me.

“Mr. Chairman, are you alright?” He quickly approached me.

“Let me help you up.”

“Mr. C-Chairman?”

Lindy Lowry went into shock when she heard this. “Mr. Quinn, what did you just call him?”

“He’s the new chairman of Stamen Group. What do you think I just called him?” Vincent said coldly.

“He really is the VIP?”

Lindy was stunned. She went blank for two seconds before she suddenly plopped onto the ground. “Mr. Chairman, I’m so sorry about what happened just now. Please don’t hold it against me. I ask for your forgiveness.”

“Mr. Chairman, how do you want to settle this? Should we fire her?” Vincent looked at me as well.

Lindy got even more frightened when she heard she was about to be fired. She knelt on the ground and crawled toward me, hugging my leg and saying, “Mr. Chairman, I beg of you, please don’t fire me. I’ll do anything for you, as long as you don’t fire me.”

With those words, she pulled her collar lower in an attempt to seduce me, revealing her fair cleavage.

I lowered my head to glance at her.

I could see the deep cleavage of her chest from the angle I was at.

To be fair, Lindy Lowry was a good-looking woman. She had ample breasts and a perky butt, and she was oozing with the charm of a mature, experienced woman. It was something that the young girls from school could not compare to.

However, for some reason, I found her disgusting after watching her attitude change from one of arrogance to her begging for forgiveness.

I looked at her from my higher position and sneered. “You’re willing to do anything?”

“I really am willing to do anything. I’m very good in bed,” Lindy did not care for her pride anymore as she threw whatever she could out there.

It could be that she thought that as long as she was able to climb into my bed, she would be able to change her disadvantage into an advantage and enjoy a better future at Stamen Bank.

“Alright then. You can stay at the bank, and be in charge of cleaning the toilets from now on,” I said with a smile.


Lindy was stunned. I ignored her as I turned to look at Vincent. “Uncle Quinn, are we done with the procedures? Can I take a look at the vault now?”

“Follow me, Mr. Chairman.”

At those words, he ignored Lindy kneeling on the ground, looking lost, and lifted his head to walk toward the door.

We followed Vincent’s lead and took the president’s personal elevator down to two floors below the ground floor.

After verifying my fingerprints and irises five times, several metal doors opened right in front of my eyes.

After the sixth verification was complete, a vault the size of a soccer field appeared before me.

“Mr. Chairman, this is your personal vault. Let us take a walk through while I introduce you to it.”

“On the left side is your gold reserve. Each gold bar is 250g. The total reserve here is ten tons. On your right are your luxury watches, I have no idea which brand you prefer, so I’ve prepared some from every top brand in the world. There are 2000 pieces in total.”

“Further to the front is your cash reserve. On the right is the local currency while on the left are the more common foreign currencies. Most of them are mainstream currencies like British Pounds and Euros. There are also cash reserves from smaller countries. The total value of them is about…”

I was quiet and tongue-tied as I listened to Vincent’s introduction.

I knew that there was going to be a lot of money here, and I had been mentally preparing myself for it upon entering.

However, when I stepped into the vault for real, I was still flabbergasted by this glorious sight.