Chapter 3 - I Inherited Billions

This vault was about the size of a soccer field, and there were mountains of cash inside. It looked like a library when looked at from afar. All items were tidily sorted in many, many rows to form a massive scene.

I finally understood what being as rich as a country meant. This was what it was.

I swallowed with my dry throat and said to Vincent, “Uncle Quinn, can I really use all this money anytime I want?”

“Yes. You can take however much you want anytime as long as you sign the contract. It won’t require any procedures. Your face is the best verification, after all.”

With that, he passed the contract to me once more.

I no longer hesitated this time after having seen all these valuable treasures. I signed my name on the dotted line.

After I was done signing, I said, “Uncle Quinn, help me get a million in cash to take with me.”

“Alright. Please wait a moment.”

I stood still after exiting the vault and stared blankly at my surroundings. I had no idea what time it was nor where I was.

When Vincent saw me acting strangely, he consoled me, “Young Master, you’re doing pretty amazing. If I was the one inheriting so much money, I would faint from the excitement, but you’ve been quite calm throughout.”

I knew he was trying to make me feel better, so I smiled at him. “You can stop consoling me, Uncle Quinn. I know how to conduct myself. By the way, there has to be plenty of things for me to do after I sign the contract, am I right?”

“Yes, there’s a lot, but there’s no rush since the contract has already been signed. You should go home and rest. I’ll contact you later.”

“Alright. I’ll head home now.”

It felt like a lifetime passed after I said goodbye to Uncle Quinn.

I pinched my thigh really hard to make sure that this was not a dream.

“There’s so much money. How am I supposed to spend it...” I felt the weight of a million dollars in my bag and for the first time in my life, experienced what it felt like to have been blessed with a problem. There were so many things I wanted to do, and I had no idea where to start.

I took out my phone out of habit and saw that there were many missed calls and unread messages on it.

The messages had come from my classmate and best friend, Chris Waller.

“Freddie, where’ve you been? The first class in the afternoon is by our class teacher. You aren’t planning on failing, are you?”

“Got it. I’m on my way back now.”

I stuffed the money into my school bag and hailed myself a taxi to rush back to school.

Even though there was no point in going to class or even getting myself a graduation certificate anymore, my friend’s concern still warmed my heart. I remembered the days he had given me a hand when I was at my worst.

It would be pretty nice to take my buddies out for a good time as my first expense after becoming rich.

I thought about this, my good mood growing.

Half of the first class had already finished when I casually arrived.

“Reporting to class.”

I stood at the door and asked for permission to enter the classroom.

However, the class teacher did not seem to have heard me. She ignored my request and let me stand by the door. I was not in a hurry, so I stood at the door quietly as I admired her attractive figure at the lectern.

My class teacher was looking especially beautiful today. She was wearing a tight black skirt and a white shirt. There was a pair of black-framed glasses resting on her nose, and she had an enticing maturity to her that highlighted her intellect and sexiness.

I remembered our class teacher had a very nice name, Cherry Quentin.

She made me wait where I was for half of the remainder of the class. Cherry finally pulled me outside during breaktime and began lecturing me. “What’s wrong with you? Don’t you know you shouldn’t be late for class?”

She did not stop admonishing me.

However, none of her words reached my ears. My nostrils were completely filled with her fragrance.

I used to lower my head and feel inferior when I made mistakes in the past.

However, now that I was the heir to the Stamen Group, I finally had some pride.

I was now brave enough to look her in the eye as she was lecturing me.

“That’s enough. Don’t do this again,” Cherry did not notice how I had changed and got me to return to class after she was done lecturing me.

The moment I took my seat, a rich second-generation heir, Howard Lincoln, got close to me with a nasty smile.

“Freddie Lang, how about a dinner get-together tonight?”


Chris was sitting next to me, so he overheard this. He wanted to reject the invite on my behalf, but I stopped him.

Howard Lincoln knew I had no money, yet he was inviting me to a dinner get-together. It was clear he had bad intentions.

“Who are we having dinner with?”

“Pretty girls, of course. The guys from our major will be getting together with the girls from the music major.”

Music major?

I understood his real intentions when I heard this.

My ‘ex-girlfriend’, Lina Holden, who had set me up yesterday, was a music major, and today, Howard was planning a get-together with the girls from the music major.

It was obvious what he was planning to do.

He wanted me to attend the dinner to be a clown and become their target of humiliation.

However, his plans were about to fall apart.

I was now a billionaire, after all.

At the thought of this, I smiled and said, “I’ll be there, but I have two conditions.”

“We’re buying you dinner, and you want to set conditions?” Howard’s lackey, Larry Zane, was a little unhappy to hear my words.

“It’s fine. Let him say what he wants.” Howard waved off Larry, unperturbed.

“I have two conditions. The first is that I will pay for dinner tonight,” I said with a smile.

“You’re paying?!”

Everyone was stunned as they looked at me in surprise.

I was known to be a cheapskate, after all. Not only had I never paid for anyone’s meal, but I had also never attended any class activities before.

How could they not be surprised over my wanting to buy them dinner?

“Freddie, have you gone crazy, or have you struck the jackpot?” Howard looked at me in a puzzle.

“It doesn’t matter. You just need to tell me if you agree.”

“What’s there not to agree to? Tell me your second condition.”

“The second condition is that you’ll give out the same amount of money I spend tonight as a cash gift to everyone.”

“Cash gift?” Howard was taken aback, but he nodded in agreement.

“I have no problem with that, but do you really have enough money to pay for the dinner?”

“That’s my problem to worry about.”

“What if you can’t pay for it? How about this… If you can’t pay, you’ll do a striptease for everyone there. How does that sound?”

Howard stated his condition with a sly smile. His expression was telling me that he was sure I would not be able to fork out the cash, and he was just waiting for me to be humiliated tonight.

“Alright, no problem,” I agreed immediately.

“What if you’re the one who can’t pay up?”

“Then I’ll perform a striptease for everyone!” Howard was confident and had no idea he had just walked into a trap.

“It’s a deal.” I smiled in agreement. I looked at Howard with a playful gleam, looking forward to a great show tonight.

Chris and I arrived at a restaurant called Sicily, situated just outside the school, at seven at night.

This was the most expensive restaurant near the school and was quite well-known among our circles. Word had it that the entire chef’s team had been poached with high salaries from overseas Michelin-starred restaurants. The dishes were exquisite and were of a high standard. The restaurant was one of the main spots rich locals loved having gatherings and parties.

Before, I would have never dreamed of being able to have a meal here myself, let alone buying everyone at the table a meal.

It was not long before my classmates began to arrive, and we entered the restaurant together.

We had only walked a few steps when a male classmate next to me was attracted by a pretty woman sitting at the reception.

“Wow, aren’t we lucky to be able to see such a beautiful woman at this place?”

“She’s really gorgeous. I would die happy if I got to sleep with such a beautiful woman!”

I turned to look as well when I heard their whispering.

The woman at the reception was indeed really beautiful.

She was wearing a pair of tiny jean shorts and a black t-shirt. The combination looked casual, but it perfectly highlighted the curves of her body.

Her exposed pair of pretty legs were perfectly rounded, slender, and extremely enticing.

However, I quickly lowered my head after I saw her.

It was because I knew this woman.

She was the woman who had begged me to f*ck her this morning at the bank, Lindy Lowry.

My classmates noticed me lowering my head, and they began making fun of me.

“Look at Freddie. He doesn’t even dare take a second look at the woman.”

“Hoho, a person as pathetic as him doesn’t really deserve to take a second look at her, anyway.”

I laughed in my heart when I heard them making fun of me.

Me not daring to take a second look at her?

I just did not want to reveal my identity.

A tramp like Lindy Lowry? If I wanted to f*ck her, all I needed to do was to beckon her with my finger, and she would immediately perk her butt up for me to f*ck. No foreplay needed.

What was she doing here?

Could it be a coincidence that she happened to be here for a meal as well?

I was quite curious. I could not figure out why she was here, so in the end, I decided not to think too much about it.

After all, a woman like her could no longer inspire any desire in me!