Chapter 3 - My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball

A Non-Speaking Little Cutie

Rosalie only felt worried on their way out of the airport and had turned back from time to time to make sure if the man had followed them.

Fortunately, they did not see the figure again by the time they walked out of the gates of the airport.

Rosalie was relieved.

The two little ones she was leading found it strange that their mommy turned back almost every three steps along the way.

However, noting her nervous appearance, they knew this was not a good time to ask her questions. They just followed her as they walked out.

“Rosalie! Lucian, Nox!”

A female voice sounded from a distance.

The three of them looked up and saw a woman across the road who was dressed smartly. She was waving as she smiled and walked quickly toward them.

Looking at the individual, Rosalie slowly relaxed and a smile appeared on her face. “Mary, long time no see!”

Mary Wilson was her best friend when she was in college. She was now also a doctor and worked in her own hospital.

Mary quickly walked up to the three of them and hugged her. Her tone was full of intimacy. “You guys are finally here! I’ve been waiting so long. I missed you all so much!”

Rosalie answered softly with a smile, “Me too.”

They had kept in touch over the years, but it was online most of the time and they rarely had the opportunity to meet.

Mary hugged her tightly, then crouched down again and pulled the two little ones into her arms one by one. “Babies, do you guys miss your godmother?”

Lucian and Nox laughed softly and cutely and replied in unison, “Of course! We even dream about meeting you each night! You’re still so beautiful!”

“Such sweet talkers!”

Flattered by two cute kids, Mary’s eyes formed crescent moons from her smiles.

Rosalie still felt a sense of crisis. She glanced at the gates of the airport and unassumingly urged. “Let’s not stay here. Let’s go back before talking about anything.”

Mary kissed the two little boys on the face before getting up contentedly. She helped Rosalie put away her luggage and then hurried away with the three.

At the same time, Byron’s tall figure appeared at the gate of the airport.

“Put off all international matters.”

The man coldly instructed Luther Klein, his assistant.

Luther nodded and replied, “Master, we have sent people to expand the search area for the little lady. She is small enough that she couldn’t have gone far. There is no need to worry too much.”

The little lady of the family had always been the apple of her father’s eye. Those jobs abroad were nothing compared to searching for the little lady.

Byron’s deep eyes were dark, and without a word, he strode toward the Maybach on the roadside.

Soon, the car sped away.

One hour later, Mary’s car appeared in a villa area called the “Emperor’s Mansion” that was located in the urban district.

Rosalie had asked her to look for this place the day before yesterday.

The four of them got out of the car and carried their luggage into their new home.

“The environment is good. I like it.”

Rosalie was delighted. She turned to her best friend and said, “I didn’t think you would be so efficient.”

Mary raised her eyebrow noncommittally. “My house is just next door. The owner and his family moved to Hino. I just happen to chance upon the rented house. We can visit each other every day in the future if we have nothing to do.”

Rosalie nodded with a smile.

By the time they were done unpacking, it was dinner time.

Mary drove the three of them out to dinner.

As the car was driving into the parking lot of the restaurant, a little girl suddenly ran out from the shadows.

Seeing that she was about to hit her, Mary quickly stepped on the brakes and looked at the shell- shocked little girl who had fallen to the ground outside.

After her momentary fear, Rosalie turned around and looked at the two little boys in the back seat. Seeing that they were all right, she immediately opened the door and got out.

A step away from the front of the car, a little girl who was about four or five years old sat on the ground with a stunned expression. She had obviously been scared stupid.

Rosalie softened slightly and crouched down carefully beside the little girl, asking softly, “Are you hurt, little one?”

The little girl had fair skin, her eyes were bright, and she had an upturned nose. She looked very delicate and was dressed in a pink princess dress with her hair in two pigtails. She seemed to be hugging a doll which at first sight, one could tell was precious. No one knew which family the little princess escaped from.

Hearing Rosalie’s voice, the little girl slowly regained her senses. She shook her head timidly with some vigilance in her eyes.

Seeing her appearance, Rosalie became even softer. After looking around carefully, she noted that she did not seem hurt and heaved a long sigh of relief. She reached her hand out help her up.

The little girl seemed scared and pulled away. Her eyes were filled with nervousness.

Rosalie paused, her outstretched hand hanging mid-air. She smiled reassuringly at the little girl. “Don’t be afraid, I just want to help you up.”

Saying that, she looked up and around, asking bewilderedly, “Where are your parents? Why are you alone?”

The little girl held the doll tightly in her arms and did not speak. She just shook her head at her.

Rosalie could not help frowning. She did not know how to communicate with her for a moment.

Mary and two little ones got off the vehicle.

Noting that the little girl had not uttered a single word after a long time, Lucian and Nox looked at each other strangely with confusion in their eyes.

The little girl was so cute, but, if she had not said anything even after a long time, could it be that she was mute?