Chapter 2 - My Ex-Wife and Kids Came In Like A Wrecking Ball

Ditching the Wife and Children

Rosalie made her way to Quentin’s office quickly.

The moment she entered; she saw her two little boys sitting on the sofa as they swung their calves.

Their eyes lit up when they saw her come in. They immediately slid off the sofa and ran over. “Mommy, you’re finally out! Here I thought you were going to live in the research room in the future!”

“Mommy, are you tired? Sit down quickly, I’ll give you a shoulder massage…”

They both sat on either side of Rosalie on the sofa.

Looking at the two sweet little lads, Rosalie suddenly felt that it was worth the impending lecture she was about to receive!

“Aren’t you two being so obedient now? And why weren’t you two like this when you hacked into my computer?”

Looking at the scene from behind his desk, Quentin puffed and glared.

Lucian said confidently, “Isn’t that your fault, old master! You always ask Mommy to work overtime. Look, she’s borderline malnourished!”

“Exactly… Mommy is but a mortal. How can you have her work overtime all day every day?”

Nox seconded as he squeezed Rosalie’s shoulder with his small hand as if he was meant to do so.

Quentin smiled angrily, “You two are the only ones protecting her! Just who hadn’t made their way to this institute like this?”

With that, he shook his head and looked at Rosalie. “What’s the progress of this research?”

Rosalie answered with a smile, “It’s going well. I will send the data to your computer later.”

Speaking up till this point, she paused and asked, “Has the computer been recovered?”

Quentin gripped his hair and said anxiously, “It’s been an hour and it still hasn’t finished recovering.”

Rosalie was amused as she patted Nox’s small, tender, and pale hand. “Go and restore the old master’s computer to its original state. No nonsense. What if we really lost important data?”

The moment Nox heard this, he immediately responded in a childish voice, a “No, it won’t. I back it up all the time, and I added multiple fail-safes. How can we possibly lose it!”

That was what he said but he still moved toward Quentin’s side obediently and began restoring the computer.

The little one’s fingers flew as he typed a series of codes.

After a few minutes, the computer screen flashed and immediately returned to its original state.

Quentin could not help but marvel at the IQ of his apprentice’s two sons.

Lucian had mastered the treatment skills at such a young age and could identify thousands of herbs, revealing his unique talent in medicine.

Nox was very interested in programming and was very gifted with numbers. Now he was a little hacker.

Both brothers were very interested in investment!

Moreover, these two were very good-looking, calm, and lively.

Because of this, Quentin was reluctant to lecture them every time they caused trouble and resorted to scolding Rosalie!

Rosalie seemed to sense it and immediately took the initiative to apologize. “I apologize, sir. The young ones have caused you trouble again. Don’t be too harsh.”

‘And do not scold me!

‘You always make me take the fall!’

Quentin could not help laughing when he noticed her expression. “Don’t worry, I’m not going to give you a lecture this time, but I have a task for you! I’m going to return to my home country to set up a research institute to focus on holistic medicine. However, I still have a lot of work on my hands, and I can’t leave for the time being. So, I thought about it and decided to send you home!”

Rosalie did not expect it to be this. She was stunned and a little hesitant.

Return home?

She had never thought about returning after having left that place six years ago.

This was considering she had no home and had no one that mattered to her!

Not to mention, she had some feelings about that place.

“Sir, I…”

Rosalie was thinking of refusing.

Quentin immediately interrupted, “Rosalie, I know you don’t want to go back, but I still hope you will consider it carefully… You have studied medicine with me over the years. You should know the breadth and depth of holistic medicine! There are not enough herbs for you to study abroad, but it’s different back in our home country… There are a large number of herbs for you to use. The most important thing is that there are many hidden generational families of medical experts back home, all of whom are capable

people, and they have also inherited the ancient medical arts… Aren’t you interested in this aspect? So, I suggest you go back!

“With your abilities, you are sure to accomplish great things in the future. You’ve already undergone a great transformation now. Even if you encounter something or someone again, you can deal with it well, can’t you?”

When Rosalie heard this, she was speechless.

That was indeed true!

She has undergone great changes over the years. She stays calm when problems arise and solves them pragmatically. She was no longer afraid of any danger or adversity.

Not to mention, six years had passed, and that man might have already gotten married to his dream woman.

What was there for her to be afraid of?

Thinking of this, Rosalie took a breath and nodded. “Sir, I’ll satisfy your wish, I’ll go back home.”

Quentin was a little happy. “It’s great that you could figure it out so quickly! Don’t worry, I’ll have Linda go along with you this time, and I’ll send a professional team to help you.”

“Alright, thank you, sir!”

Rosalie nodded.

As the two were conversing, the two cute little kids, Lucian and Nox met each other’s gazes and saw the excitement in each other’s eyes.

Mommy finally wanted to go back home!

They had long wished to return!

That was because…Daddy was back home, and they had wanted to meet him for a long time!

Of course, they also wanted to teach him a lesson in passing.

He was the one who abandoned his wife and children!

Two days later.

Coast City, International Airport.

Rosalie brought her precious children along as they once again reentered the land that she had been away from for six years.

As soon as they came out of the passageway, Nox pressed his legs together and tugged at Rosalie’s skirt. “Mommy, I really feel like peeing, so I need to go to the bathroom.”

When Rosalie and Lucian saw this, they could not help laughing. “Okay, I’ll take you there…”

She could not help caressing the little one’s head as she said this.

The little one was shocked. “Mommy, don’t pat me, I’m really going to pee my pants!”

Rosalie could hardly suppress her smile and hurriedly took him there.

After arriving in the bathroom, Lucian followed his younger brother in. Rosalie looked over the luggage where she stood while sending a message to her teacher to report that they had safely touched down.

A slightly familiar voice suddenly sounded in her ears at this moment.

“Trash! There are so many of you, yet you can’t even look after a child. What’s the use of having all of you?”

The speaker’s tone contained anger, but there was also a unique coldness and deepness, which was very pleasant to the ears.

Rosalie could not help but freeze in the middle of tapping her phone.

Hearing this timbre six years later, she still felt a familiar tingling in her bones.

Rosalie could not help but look up, and she immediately noticed the man’s tall figure.

He was standing not too far away. With a slender body, wrapped in a black suit, his long legs look slender and ascetic. He had a noble temperament, which was extremely conspicuous in the crowd.

Rosalie could see his side profile from her angle.

Its outline was a masterpiece carefully carved by God. It was without any flaws and so good looking that even the sun and moon paled.

Byron Lawrence!

Rosalie’s heart suddenly recoiled!

She never would have thought that she would meet the man the first day upon returning to the country.

Her emotions that had been stowed away for years suddenly flickered, but they returned to silence soon after.

Her eyes were pale and cold.

She could finally keep her expression blank when facing this man!

The little ones finally came out then and they said to Rosalie cutely, “Mummy, we’re done!”

Rosalie suddenly returned to her senses. Her heart almost stopped beating from the fright.

One thought appeared in her mind and that was: Hurry and leave. You cannot let Lucian and Nox bump into that man.

Both their faces were incredibly similar to his.

Their relation would be undeniably clear the moment they came face to face.

She did not want to have anything to do with that man at all!

Rosalie was so flustered that she quickly responded, “Done? Then, let’s go quickly, let’s not leave godmother waiting too long.”

After saying this, she did not wait for the two little ones to respond before hurriedly dragging their luggage and leaving.

On this side, Byron was halfway through a phone call when he suddenly heard a familiar voice. He could not help but look over.

He only had time to catch a glimpse a beautiful figure reminiscent of one from the past out of the corner of his eye.

Rosalie Jacobs!

Was that her?

Had she returned???

Byron immediately ran after her with long legs, but the figure had already merged into the crowd and disappeared.

His eyes darkened and the anger on his face became increasingly obvious.

That woman, she had left so resolutely back then and cruelly abandoned her child… How could she possibly come back?