Chapter 8 - My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day

Shawn had been terrified of her for years and trembled every time he saw her.Shawn always made Gavyn feel as if something was wrong with her.

Something didn't feel right to him.When Oliver heard her words, he opened his eyes wide, "You! You did it on purpose!"

He thought that Anika's demeanor had changed drastically because the marriage was over.

He never suspected her of lying about her sleepwalking when she was younger and injuring others.

So for so many years, she had deliberately pretended to be harmless and stiff.

Although Shawn only suffered a flesh wound back then, he was truly frightened by Anika.

However, since his nephew was in the wrong, Oliver could not pursue the matter.

Anika stared blankly at Oliver's wide-eyed pupils, thinking that he shouldn't be so surprised.

The children who grew up in the orphanage were sensitive and observant.

The caretaker treated her children well, but she did not want them to be too naive.

The helpless duckweed could sense malice, so how could it not consider defending itself? What was ridiculous was that Shawn, who had been stabbed by her back then, had been arranged an enviable job by Kayden just because of Lucy's few words.

How outrageous.

During the dispute that day, Kayden said that she had grown harsh, which may or may not have been a lie.

He only liked her kindness and submission, but she didn't hide herself and didn't know how to mature.

His world was almost perfect, causing him to both desire and reject her.

She tried her best to get close, but still failed.

Anika set her emotions aside, she directly went with him to the restaurant.

The dishes were ready in a minute.

When the door unexpectedly opened, she was ready to tell Oliver to ring someone.

Zac knelt to assist Grandpa Meyer down the stairs.

Oliver, who had just sat down in the living room, hurriedly welcomed him and helped Grandpa Meyer to the main table.

The food was served and the four of them sat beside each other.

Grandpa Meyer was in a good mood, and his dispirited face also showed some energy.

He smiled and said, "Today is a family meal, Zac, don't be too modest."

"Don't worry, Mr.Meyer."

Zac replied with a smile.

Anika stared at Zac's side face, somewhat stunned.

She did not expect him to have the patience to deal with her grandfather.

Anika suddenly remembered that he grew up with his grandfather, so she understood a bit.

Although it was a deal between the two of them, he had done his duty way beyond his expectations.

She just didn't know if he would make use of this opportunity to put other conditions forward.

"Dad, there's something I need to discuss with you,’ Oliver stated after gazing at the landscape for a time.

"What is it?"

Grandpa Meyer shift his eyes at Oliver.

Nika said that she wanted to give the North City Project to Parker.She gave it to Parker because the firm had been working on it for a long time.It's a little tough.The shareholders are having a hard time explaining it to him.

Aside from Oliver's statements, it was Anika who had gone out of her way to undermine the Young family's interests.

Furthermore, he also hinted at Zac’s motives for getting married.

Grandpa Meyer pondered for a second before nodding his head, "The project was given to Nika.Zac is also the grandson-in-law of the Meyer Family.It's too difficult for Miss Meyer to do this project.It's safer to hand it on to Parker.’’ Oliver's expression froze.

He did not expect Grandpa Meyer to react like this.

He chuckled and said, "Dad, you've only met President Hill once, and you're biased towards your grandson-in-law?"

Grandpa Meyer frowned as though displeased.

Zac put his chopsticks down and raised his eyes.

He leaned back lazily and asked, "Who said that Parker wants to develop the North City Project alone?"

Oliver wasn't what he meant.

He was stunned for a moment before subconsciously gazing at Anika beside him.

Zac followed the other party's line of sight and turned his head.

His pair of peach blossom eyes brewed an addictive tenderness, but his voice was soft and gentle.

"So it sounds so...towards me."Anika was silent.

The man deliberately accentuated the phrase, allowing her to pick up on his subtext: Drama must always be performed well.

After that, his gaze met Oliver's, and his tone seemed to be ordinary.

"Parker only participated in the early development investment, and the rest of the work was left to Young's discretion’’

Everyone was surprised when these words were spoken.

Zac’s words meant that he would only receive a portion of Parker's investment share.

Miss Young had not only made significant contributions, but she had also solved the problem of insufficient funds.

‘‘Of course, he wasn't at a loss, but the question was, why was he so kind to share the money with Miss Young?’’

When Anika saw that her grandfather's eyes were filled with relief, Oliver's eyes revealed doubt as he thought to himself.

He choked for a moment and nodded with a calm expression, "Yes, what he said is correct."

Regardless of what other stipulations Zac left behind, would she refuse the benefits of having him deliver to them now? Of course—no.

LQ City, airport lobby.

As the plane landed softly, rumbling could be heard from afar.

Connor was at the front of the line with a stack of documents as they exited the nation.

He, who had never changed his expression, had a slightly uncalm remark on his face.

Until two familiar figures appeared, Connor quickly walked forward and took the luggage from his boss's hand.

At this moment, Kayden was only wearing a light green shirt, and his suit was casually placed at the corner of his arm.

Kayden's expression seemed uninterested as he strode out of the airport lobby and sat down with Gavyn in the black Maybach that was not too far from the exit.

The weather wasn't as nice as expected when the plane took off.

The runway was bumpy as well.

Kayden gently rubbed his temples and tried to ease the discomfort, "Give me the urgent documents the company needs first.’’

With a breath of relief, Connor exhaled deeply.He took the paperwork from the top of his briefcase and gave them over.He carefully observed his boss's demeanor.

The paperwork had been sent out electronically yesterday, but Kayden simply flipped through them a few times and signed them.

After that, he handed it back to Connor and paused for a moment before he asked, "Did she contact you?"

It was obvious who he was referring to.

Connor's expression suddenly tightened as he pondered, "Miss Meyer didn't take the time to contact me."

Anika did not contact him; it was Connor who contacted Anika on his own initiative.

Mrs.Jenkins was aware of Anika's actions the day before and advised him to call Miss Meyer so that she could meet her early the next morning.However, the other party's tone was cold.

"I have nothing to do with Kayden.Perhaps Mrs.Jenkins should call Lucy."

He didn't dare say these words out loud and drew them away from his engrossed thoughts.

Connor noticed the boss's brows knitting hard at this point, as he expected.Gavyn looked at Connor's hesitant expression and raised his chin slightly.

"Could it be that Anika really wanted to cancel the wedding?" He smiled.

Kayden looked over, dissatisfied, because he thought his friend's words were a little harsh.He heard the assistant speak stiffly before he could say a word

"Not at all." Kayden exhaled deeply, relieved.

Anika's phone had been unreachable.

He was worried that something bad might happen to her, all he could do was Call Natalie.

Despite the other party's negative attitude, he stated that Anika was well and then hung up the phone shortly.

This time, he was in the wrong.

He always apologized to her despite the cause, because she always threatened him of ending the marriage and leaving.

Gavyn's eyes were filled with contempt, and he couldn't help but think to himself, "As expected"

Anika attempted to tell Kayden about ending the engagement yesterday.

Finally, she swallowed the bitter fruit and tossed it back.

After that, Gavyn wasn't sure whether she could marry Kayden.

What was certain, though, was that the conversation about the groom fleeing the wedding would never end.

Connor saw their expressions and knew that they were mistaken.

He clenched his teeth and said, "Miss Meyer surely did not want to cancel the wedding, but .."

Seeing the assistant's rare hesitation, Kayden couldn't help but frown, "But what?"

Connor inhaled deeply and pushed himself forward.

He silently murmured that a protracted pain was preferable to a quick one and then blurted out a long string of words

"The wedding from yesterday was not postponed, but Miss Meyer did alter the bridegroom on the spot! The ceremony was attended by a lot of visitors, and it was not a minor affair.

Miss Meyer sat by the bridegroom's side after the wedding and left without turning her head.’ He rushed over without even paying attention.

As soon as he finished talking, Connor saw that the boss's hand, which was on the rim of his glasses, suddenly stopped.

The joints of his fair and slender hands bulged out a few seconds later, the lines of his lower jaw tightened, his cheekbones slightly shifted, and his deep, ink-like eyes seemed to be about to roll up like a storm.

He stared fixedly at Connor.It was a hot day, but his voice was as cold as ice chips in winter.

"What did you say?"