Chapter 7 - My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day

The Bentley drove gently onto the city's east side, stopping at the Meyer's old mansion’s courtyard entry.The two of them got out of the car and the driver waited by the side with a bow.

Zac, on the other hand, followed her shortly back into the ancient house.Just as he entered, the butler, Tony, greeted him.

"Miss Meyer, Mr.Thomson has also come to meet your grandfather" he remarked respectfully to Anika as she accepted the present from him.

Grandpa Meyer's adoptive son, Scott Thomson, was the Mr.Thomson referred to by Uncle Tony.

At the age of twelve, he was adopted by the Meyer family.

He was described as an ex-friend, but suspicions circulated that he was an illegitimate child.

Perhaps in order to avoid further suspicion, Scott moved out of the Meyer residences when he was an adult and only came back to visit Grandpa Meyer occasionally.

Anika didn't see him much after she returned to the Meyer residence and didn't know who he was.

Just as she was thinking, he saw Scott pacing downstairs.

The man in his forties had a calm and collected demeanor.

"Little Uncle," Anika said politely.

"Yes” he answered.

"President Hill" Scott responded indifferently, his gaze slipping slightly as he peered at the person next her.

Zac shook hands with Scott, his pitch-black eyes smiling back, "How are you doing today? Please just call me Zac.’’ Scott remained silent.

He turned to face Anika and stated, "Mr.Meyer just woke up.Bring in President Hill.I'll be leaving now.”

Zac nodded slightly.

He smiled as he remembered something just as he was ready to leave, "I almost forgot, best wishes for your wedding."

Only then did Anika recall Emma's statement that Zac had broken the rules the day before and departed after the ceremony.

Scott and Zac seemed strangely familiar to her for some reason.

Scott and the others, on the other hand, lacked seniority, and he had never heard of them meeting before.

The thought was brief and quickly disappeared.

Anika led Zac upstairs.

Grandpa Meyer was diagnosed with lung cancer at an advanced stage two months ago.

The doctor offered conservative therapy because of his age, but everyone understood what he meant.

Grandpa Meyer accepted the situation with an open mind.

He claimed to have lived to be eighty years old but expressed disappointment that his granddaughter had not yet married.

As a result, despite the fact that she was aware of the disagreement, she and Kayden scheduled a date for their wedding.

Anika was even more upset with Oliver and Lucy at yesterday's wedding than she was with Kayden, despite the rage in her grandfather's body.

After all, The old man couldn't be stimulated.

Anika was about to knock when she suddenly stopped just outside the door.

Her slender fingertips hesitated to put them away, then she gently pulled off Zac’s sleeve.

Zac lowered his head, his sight falling on her sleeve's round fingertips.

He looked at her with neither salty nor weak eyes, and the light in his eyes was as deep as tan.

"Do you think...should we pretend to be closer?" Anika asked, easing her grip.

"Pretend?" He raised his eyebrows and rolled his eyes.

"Why should we do that?" Anika bit her lips and extended her hand towards him.

Her fingernails were gleaming and translucent, and her plain hands were as slender as onions.

She sighed severely and persuaded when she noticed the Zac's glance was full of leisure.

"Even if I've done you wrong, I'll do everything I can to make amends.You attended the wedding yesterday, right?"

Anika had intended to mention that he had kissed her yesterday, ignoring the fact that it was only the corner of his mouth.

On second thought, she may have been distracted at the moment.

He kissed her not just to comply with the host's request, but also to assist her in her performance in the event that the environment became stale.

Who did not have a good time in business? He did, however, had to accompany his assistant to the banquet, demonstrating his reluctance of physical contact with people of the opposite sex.

She had no choice but to mislead him in the end.

And as a result, he right away lost his confidence.

"What else am I?"

"However, I am actually offended” Zac lowered his brows, dragged his tone, stopped, and mocked.The corners of his lips curled into a strange smile, His warm and broad palm held her, while his other hand took the initiative to knock on the door, as if he was hesitant.

A husky old voice came, "Come in."

They opened the door and walked in hand in hand.

In the room, the old man reclined against the bed.

His face was sallow, and his frame was thin and frail, but he was vibrant.

"Here comes the sound” he said with a nice smile when he saw Anika.

Anika nodded and walked towards the bed to carefully support the pillow behind him.

She then proceeded to introduce him "This is Zac Hill, Grandfather.We've recently married."

"I heard from your Uncle Oliver that Kayden-"

Grandpa Meyer's face darkened slightly as he narrowed his eyes.

Before he could finish speaking, he glanced at Zac and sighed.Anika’s palm shrank somewhat before smiling and apologizing

"I'm sorry, Grandpa, for agreeing to marry Kayden because of the engagement.I didn't want to make you look bad...I'm not attracted to Kayden in any way.’’

In the eyes of everyone, Anika and Kayden were indeed tied together because of this engagement.

Outsiders had no idea about foreign issues.

She was serene and peaceful as she presented her story of perfection after repeated mental construction.

When she mentioned ‘real love; she gave a warm smile to the man beside him.

Thankfully, he remained cooperative.

"So, there's no need to be concerned about me.Or do you really want me to be enslaved for the rest of my life by this engagement?"

Oliver had already informed Grandpa Meyer what Anika’s previous remarks, but the other party was still skeptical...

Seeing her relaxed expression and a smile in her eyes, the old man’s gaze fell on the hands that the two of them clasped.

He sighed and didn't say anything else.

He signaled the two of them to sit down.

"Mr.Hill, right? You look familiar"

Zac looked at the old man and replied in a clear voice, "My father is Grayson Hill"

Grandpa Meyer thought for a few seconds and nodded silently.

Then he smiled pleasantly at Meyer Anika and remarked, "Have you finished your dinner, Nika? Have your Uncle Oliver come up and give us a call when he gets a chance- Anika knew that her grandpa was trying to get rid of her, but she could not refuse.”

She could only secretly give Zac a glance before she got up and left the room.

Who would have thought that just as she went downstairs, she would see Oliver? Emma's preferred man was not only attractive, but also intelligent.

Oliver's brows were strong, and his eyes were large.

He was sophisticated and mature even when he was in his middle years.

They withdrew their gazes away from each other, but Oliver had given up his usual kind appearance.

His eyes were gloomy as he said, "Nika, didn't Mr.Hill accompany you back?"

"He's still talking to grandpa."

Anika returned a blank stare and announced that she would no longer be acting with Oliver.

"You did a good job in this play, huh?"

Finally, he refused to exchange benefits with the Lane Family for naught.

However, this was an old mansion, and he couldn't really disagree with the old man's granddaughter.

His gaze was led to Anika's clear and lovely features.

He paused for a time before blurting out, "Nika, although there is no marriage with the Jenkins Family, if you and President Hill get divorced, I will find another good marriage for you.Hill likes you a lot.I'll let the elderly man treat you well even if he isn't around in the future."

Oliver was quite familiar with Zac.

His father went bankrupt and spent time in prison, but he recovered in just a few years.

In his perspective, his techniques were harsh, and he only saw rewards.

If the benefits of marriage for such a person were to be exhausted, it would be the end of it.

A woman's beauty would not be enough to sway a man who is ruthless.

He started to draw a countdown with his niece because the other party had already arrived for the aim of profit.

Anika was quiet, so he wouldn't make things tough for his late wife, and he had some affection for her.

It was considered a favor to marry a nephew.

He would protect him even if he wasn't wealthy or powerful.

Anika knew that Oliver was warning her that when her grandfather passed on, she could only rely on him.

Although he was involved in ruining her marriage with the Jenkins Family, she still had to evaluate whether she really wanted to go against him.

"Does Kayden realize you're comparing Shawn to him in your heart, Uncle?"

Anika sneered and lowered her voice, "Also, what does Shawn like about me? Do you remember that time when I stabbed him?"