Chapter 2 - My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day

Suddenly, a sentence was like a heavy stone smashing into the calm and undisturbed water surface.

The two sides instantly fell into a deadly but surging silence, and the atmosphere gradually became suffocating.

After a moment of silence, the man’s deep voice carried a wave of thin anger that could not be concealed.

"I admit that I shouldn't be absent from the wedding.We have an emotional misunderstanding, and I will explain it to you when I get back.But Anika, don't make a fuss about canceling the wedding and breaking up.You've crossed the line." He said.

Kayden's words carried a hint of reproach, causing Anika to be dumbfounded for a moment.

They had known each other for eight years, and they had been in love for three years.

In her impression, he had always been gentle and courteous.

When she was abroad, Kayden treated her well.

At that time, Anika also felt that they could get a good result.

He had never lost his composure, even after a few quarrels back home.

However, Kayden had canceled their wedding for his ex-girlfriend and blamed her for messing around with the cancellation of the wedding and the breakup.

Anika felt that it was a little ridiculous, but she knew very well that she was not joking at all.

It wasn’t that she hadn't given Kayden a chance, nor hadn't she given him her trust, but she had helplessly piled up too many disappointments from time to time because of lies and favoritism.

Perhaps Kayden also loved her, but he couldn't let go of his feelings for the other woman.

She couldn't keep her dignity in this relationship.

She was too tired of this.

She wanted to let him go and let herself go.

However, she knew Kayden would not believe her.

After all, she had liked him for eight years and had been following behind him every step of the way.

Even during the two difficult years that he had had problems with his family, she had always accompanied him.

Everyone knew how much she liked Kayden.

It was hard to believe that she would give up on Kayden when they were about to get married.

Just as she was about to say something, a charming female voice sounded on the other end of the phone, interrupting her.

"Kay, can you pass me a cup of water?" The girl said.

The woman's voice was familiar, and it carried a self-evident intimacy.

At this moment, Anika still felt a moment of embarrassment.

The next second, she hung up with a cold smile.

She knew that Lucy had purposely spoken out, but she did not want to engage in this endless dispute anymore.

Thinking back on her decision just now, she felt a wave of unprecedented relaxation.

Just as she was lost in thought, a knock sounded on the door, and Sara hesitantly walked in.

"Miss Meyer, Mr.Jenkins's assistant, called me and said that the wedding would be postponed until tomorrow.Is that true?"

Sara asked.

Kayden was busy with his work and did not show up many times.

These days, Sara communicated about the groom's wedding matters through his assistant Connor.

Just as she finished speaking, a tall woman suddenly appeared behind her.

The woman stomped on her high heels and rushed into the room angrily past Sara.

"Anika, what does Kayden mean?!"

The woman angrily said.

Nataly put her hand on her waist, her brows knitted tightly, and her cheeks were dyed red with anger.

She placed her phone in front of Anika.

The headlines on the screen shows: "Rising star Lucy Coper was suspected of cutting her wrists.She was sent to the hospital late at night, and her rumored boyfriend accompanied her.’ In the photo, the man was wearing a tailored dark suit.

His tie was tall and straightforward, making him look elegant.

Kayden had a handsome face with his tightly-knitted brow, pointed nose, and thin, golden-rimmed glasses that reflect the lens light.

He was tall and broad, with his arms around the petite woman in his arms.

He slightly tilted his body as if he was lowering his head to gently calm her.

On the other hand, Lucy's pretty face was shy and timid, but her face was faintly weak and pale.

It was indeed an extremely dazzling scene.

However, no matter how Anika looked at Lucy's pale face, it was as if she had put too much powder on her face.

The media was worried about the Jenkins Family and didn't release Kayden's face.

However, it wasn't difficult for people familiar with him to recognize him.

The watch on the man's hand in the photo was given by Anika on his birthday last year.

The side of the watch was inscribed with the initials of their names.

When Kayden received it, he liked it very much.

Her eyes were warm and smiling as he held her in his arms.

She ordered her to take off the watch that Kayden's mother had given him when he was an adult and put the new watch on.

He never removed the watch after.

The warmth of that time was vivid in Anika’s eyes now that she saw the man carefully protecting another woman from the hospital.

Even though she was determined to let go, Anika still felt a burst of stinging pain spreading.

‘When feelings deepen, it does take time to forget’ She thought.

She squeezed her knuckles, trying to suppress her anger.

She glanced at the comments on Twitter.

" Are they so sweet?!"

"Lucy just tweeted that she cut her hand while she was cooking for a friend.”

Those irresponsible news writers are just making fake news about her and even made a headline entitled

"The Famous Lucy Cooper Cut her Wrists."

"Cooking late at night? Just a friend? Forget it.These two are the secrets of the entertainment industry anyway."

"I heard from a friend who graduated from A University that Lucy fell in love with Kayden Jenkins back then.He was So depressed that he left the country after a long time"

"Amazing! After all, she is known as showbiz's very own woman of every man's dream”

After graduating, Lucy entered the entertainment industry and was now a hot female star.

The Jenkins Family owned an entertainment company.

The general manager was Gavyn, Kayden’s younger brother, and he had a good relationship with Lucy.

Lucy canceled the contract with the previous company at the beginning of the year and signed the 10- year contract with Jenkins Enterprises.

The Meyer and Jenkins families were close friends, and their entertainment enterprise was huge.

It didn't seem inappropriate for Lucy to ask Kayden to take care of her.

At least, Kayden and his group of friends thought so.

After signing the contract, Lucy often avoided Gavyn for various reasons and called Kayden for help instead.

The director made a move during the audition, the crew gathered for dinner, the investors hinted at the hidden rules, and the senior deliberately suppressed them during the filming.

There were endless reasons.

As a result, Lucy was always escorted by Kayden.

Not only was she unable to find any negative news, but her affair with Kayden had also become a public "secret" in the entertainment industry.

Now, the two of them were a hot topic again.

Most likely, Lucy did it on purpose.

However, the most puzzling conflict between the soon-to-be-married couple wasn't Kayden, but rather, the Jenkins Family didn't want Anika to marry into their family.

Kayden and Anika were getting married, but the groom escaped for his ex-girlfriend on the wedding day.

Even if the wedding was delayed, outsiders would still regard it as "yielding" under pressure.

Anika could imagine what kind of gossip the Meyer Family would face after today.

She could not watch as the reputation of her family was being ruined, especially that her grandfather's health could not withstand such a great humiliation!

Thinking of this, she looked up at Sara and said, "The wedding will not be postponed.You guys continue to prepare.’

She had a good temper and rarely got angry.

But because her grandfather's health was worsening, it became hard for her to control her emotions.

The Cooper Family did not care about her grandfather's health at all, and they even provoked her.

Anika's voice was calm.

Sara quickly thought of the right words and quickly reacted.

She nodded and left.

Jessica, on the other hand, looked at Anika with an expression of disdain that was mixed with a look of pity.

"Last night, Lucy went to the hospital, and Kayden rushed to BY City overnight.I just received these photos.They should have been released by Lucy.’ Anika said.

Only then did Anika explain the photo to her friend.

Hearing this, Nataly stroked her chest angrily, "Is Lucy sick? She broke up with Kayden a long time ago! What's the point of doing this before your wedding?"

"Lucy doesn't want me to marry into the Jenkins Family.My grandfather gave me shares back then, and she has had a grudge against me since then.Perhaps he did this on Lucy's orders, or simply because she wanted me to be a loser and become a laughingstock." Anika answered.

Although Anika and Lucy were related by blood, they did not treat each other as cousins.

In Lucy's heart, Anika was the intruder in her life.

In Anika's opinion, the things that the Cooper Family and Lucy did led them to their estrangement.

She could not repay Lucy's grievances with kindness, and the Cooper Family was not worthy of her forgiveness.

Nataly looked up at her and said, "Aren't you angry?"


Anika was silent for an instant, then chuckled, "Before you rushed in, I just told Kayden to cancel the engagement.’’ Nataly was instantly dumbfounded, her face filled with astonishment.

Nataly knew Anika's feelings for Kayden better than anyone else.

However, she also understood the things that led to Anika's decisions now were almost impossible to change.

After a few minutes, she sighed and shook her head, "Kayden did suffer this time.As a good friend for more than 20 years, she was still distressed by Anika's dedication to Kayden.Lucy had a relationship

with Kayden back then, but it didn't take long for the two of them to part ways.It was Lucy who ended the relationship.Kayden had suffered from emotional distress because of this.

He later went abroad sadly and went to the school that Anika had applied for.

Anika accepted Kayden’s pursuit in the second year of her stay abroad.

Nataly knew that they had a good relationship when they were abroad.

Even if Kayden broke off with his family, Anika worked tirelessly to accompany him.

From the establishment to the listing of Kayden's foreign company, Anika had put in a lot of effort.

She rejected her mentor's recommendation to continue her studies and did not choose to return home.

Instead, she gave all of her savings to Kayden to help him through the most difficult days.

The once-proud son of the prominent family went through a lot of hardships because when he first looked for an investor, many doors were shut for him.

Kayden still couldn't lower his head and let go of his pride.

It was all because Anika had gone to great lengths to help him.

During this period, the company suffered a blow and fell to the bottom.

Everyone felt that Kayden had already lost the bet with the Jenkins Family.

Only Anika had always supported him and never left him.

Nataly also thought that the two of them would continue being together.

She still remembered Anika's bright eyes in their New Year's video call.

"Nataly, Kayden proposed to me.He said that we will get married when we return home.’ Anika said.

Nataly understood why Anika was happy.

Kayden did not propose because of their engagement but because he loved her and wanted to marry her.

To Anika, it was like the home she had been waiting for, for a long time.

However, things were hard to predict.

Ever since the two of them returned to China at the beginning of the year, Lucy had started to rely on her childhood sentiments of becoming a villain repeatedly.

On top of Kayden's actions that even Nataly could not bear to watch.

Anika, on the other hand, only watched quietly.

She seemed to have a very considerate and tolerant good temper.

Even so, once a person like her gave up, she would never turn back to what she left.

"Nataly, no one had heartbreak today.You don't have to worry about me.Although you can't say that your heart is as still as water, you're not as sad as you think." Anika smiled at Nataly.

She did not regret this decision.

Giving up on her feelings gave her relief instead of disappointment.

Nataly breathed a sigh of relief, "Since you're already done with him, then why did you just say-"

She did not doubt Anika’s decision to cancel the engagement, but Anika had just said that the wedding would not be postponed.

"The wedding can't be postponed.Grandpa can't be stressed anymore.Yes, I wanted to cancel it, but since Lucy has made up her mind to humiliate me; Anika suddenly paused, her eyes trembling slightly.

"Then I can only change the groom."