Chapter 3 - My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day

By Film and Television City were famous locations for shooting movies and TV dramas.

A lot of different filming crews were gathered there.

Lucy often came here to shoot, but she did not like to stay in hotels.

After all, those movie crews gathering in the city were so many that they were all eyeing and then fighting for the rooms of five-star hotels.

There was even a time when the movie crew tried so hard to book an executive suite because she did not want to stay in a queen-sized bed.

However, the crew failed to get one.

Coincidentally, there was a new building opened by the Jenkins Family nearby.

Lucy knew that Kayden had reserved three apartments.

Apart from the top floor that he left behind, the remaining two sets were given to his sister Kayleigh and the other set of keys was in her hands.

But what Lucy didn't expect was that Kayleigh's apartment had already been transferred, and the apartment she lived in had only given her a set of keys.

Lucy and Kayden had known each other for nearly twenty years, and the two of them were not only friends but also family.

In the past, Kayden would never choose one over the other between Lucy and Kayleigh.

Lucy put down her glass of water and leaned against the sofa.

Her beautiful eyes were drowsy.

Her delicate and fair face was pure and lovely.

The wine-red silk pajamas were slippery on her body, making her skin fairer.

It made her graceful curves more obvious.

She looked at the man standing by the window with a tall, upright body and an outstanding complexion.

His expression became harder to read as he lowered his eyes.

Kayden had been the most outstanding person of his generation since he was young.

The Jenkins Family had a prominent position, and Kayden was the unequivocal successor.

He was good-looking, had good grades, and was very capable of playing basketball and piano.

It was like everything had become effortless in his hands.

Moreover, the young man’s admirable attitude made all the teachers and elders praise him endlessly.

As his youthfulness slowly disappeared, the man became more mature and decisive.

His cold personality from the inside to the outside also made him more attractive.

Lucy once felt that Kayden was very close to her, but after returning home, he seemed to be a little estranged.

This was the change that she did not want to see happen.

After pondering for a while, she got up and walked to Kayden's side.

Her uninjured right hand held onto the man’s arm, and she leaned closer.

The collar of his pajamas slowly lowered as if it was revealing something that attracted people's hearts.

"Kay, did they misunderstand me again? Do you want me to help you explain?"

She said seductively.

Her voice was fragile and sweet, but it also contained a hint of self-blame.

Kayden had been stiffer these past few years, but he was still gentle towards Lucy.

He put away his phone and walked to the side to sit down.

He rubbed his eyebrows and said warmly, "It's fine.Let's cooperate with the police to deal with yesterday's matter"

After all, he was the one who broke his promise first.

Anika was angry at this moment.

He could understand where her fiancee was coming from and would explain everything to her when he returned.

After going through a lot, Kayden already knew Anika's feelings for him, so he also recognized her.

Even though there had been a few minor quarrels over Lucy after returning home, Anika would never leave him.

Kayden was very sure of this.

However, there was still some uneasiness in his heart.

"Anika deliberately took advantage of Jenkins.You even said that the wedding was just postponed.What nonsense did she say about canceling the wedding? She's not afraid of losing it.’

Gavyn yawned and walked out of the guest room.

His words were full of teasing.

Anika's main business was in her Uncle Cooper's hands.

Marrying her into the Jenkins Family meant that she would gain power over Uncle Cooper.

He didn't believe that Anika would cancel the wedding, let alone break up with Kayden.

After he finished speaking, he sensed a gaze.

Gavyn looked back and said, "Look at me.Lucy was indeed slashed by that madman.Didn't you get anxious when I called you? You didn't ask if it was serious."

Lucy's right arm was wrapped in thick gauze.

It looked serious, but in fact, it was only a superficial injury.

However, they were both well-known in the entertainment industry, so the media wouldn't let go of this opportunity to search.

"Gavyn, Anika is my wife.You should respect her even for my sake."

Kayden's lips moved into a straight line, and his words contained a faint warning.

Gavyn spoke insensitively.

Nevertheless, Anika would never argue with him in the past because she had a good temper.

So, Kayden did not care too much.

But when he recalled Anika's attitude just now, he suddenly felt that she might get affected at this point.

Still, Kayden did not say anything because of his relationship with his brother.

Hearing Kayden's sentiments, Lucy's expression suddenly stiffened, but she quickly concealed it.

Gavyn sneered inside, wanting to say, 'You are not married yet: Though he just nodded perfunctorily, "I see."

He didn't like Anika because of Lucy and Lucy's cousin Shawn.

Shawn followed after Anika in high school, but somehow, he was afraid of her.

As soon as Anika returned home, she ruthlessly kicked Shawn out of the Meyer family.

He always felt that the woman was pretending to be obedient and nice in front of Kayden.

Gavyn grew up with Kayden and Lucy, and he was younger than them.

Kayden had just parted ways with Lucy before leaving the country, but he had been with Anika for less than a year.

It was Kayden who had taken the initiative to pursue her.

Gavyn's mood became subtle.

Everyone knew that Kayden had left the country sadly because of his breakup with Lucy.

Gavyn had hoped that the two of them could develop their feelings again, so he was a little angry when Kayden told them that he was dating Anika.

Lucy was different from those women, and Kayden had kept himself clean all these years.

Since he loved Lucy deeply, how could he turn around and be with someone else? Even though Kayden said that he was the one who had taken the initiative to pursue it, Gavyn still felt that Anika was deliberately seducing his brother.

She looked flamboyant.

In high school, she had secretly attracted a lot of boys to be head over heels with her, even if her face was just ordinary.

Anika and Kayden had an engagement arranged by an elder.

‘In high school, that woman always followed Kayden.

At that time, she looked quite calm and obedient: He thought.

However, Gavyn felt that she was scheming and pretending whenever she and Kayden interacted.

On the other hand, Lucy gave a smile generously, causing Gavyn to feel a little distressed.

Lucy was accidentally cut yesterday.

Gavyn intentionally exaggerated her injuries so Kayden would come after she called.

When he asked Lucy beforehand, she didn't want to interfere with Kayden's wedding, so she smiled bitterly and declined.

But with just one expression, Gavyn knew that she hadn't given up on Kayden yet.

Anika wanted to marry into the Jenkins Family.

He might not be able to stop her, but he was sure he would not let her marry into the family.

‘The bridegroom's escape, the postponement of the wedding, everyone's sympathy and mockery, isn't that exciting? Since Anika wanted to be Mrs.Jenkins, Lucy would have to bear the grievances for the rest of her life” Gavyn thought.

Gavyn took out his phone and scanned it.

Anika was curious as to what kind of embarrassment she would face at this moment.

Anika looked at the name in the address book and hesitated for a while before finally dialing.

The dripping sound dragged on for a long time, and it sounded repeatedly.

The wait was exceptionally long.

Just as Anika was about to give up, someone finally answered.

In an instant, the words she was supposed to say choked her throat.

The two of them were speechless.

The strange silence lasted for ten seconds.

The one on the other line hung up the phone harshly.

Helplessly, she breathed a sigh of relief and calmed down, dialing the phone again.

This time, someone answered from the other line fast.

"Zac, it's me,’ Anika paused.

"I thought I was just hallucinating.Miss Meyer, I thought you had a wedding today.Why are you calling me at this time?"

The man’s lazy voice was a little hoarse, and it was still the same careless tone he had when he was young.

No wonder Zac was surprised.

He had very little personal contact with Anika.

If it weren't for the necessary contacts in the business world, based on the previous bidding in North City, the two of them would probably also have a bad relationship with each other.

Anika wasn't surprised by Zac's habitual attitude, but she could sense a hint of mockery from it.

"Zac Hill, are you laughing at me?" She said coldly.

"How dare you?" He smiled slightly.

His tone was neither salty nor indifferent, and his words were concise, "Speak, what is it?"

Ignoring the sound of glass colliding with each other, Anika pursed her lower lips and cut straight to the point, "I remember that you liked the North City Project very much."

Earlier this year, the LQ Municipal Government planned to build a theme park resort in North City.

After the multi-party bidding, the project was finally won by the Meyer Company, and Anika was able to gain a firm foothold in her family.

The Hill Family had great ambitions.

They had expended a lot of effort on the North City Project, but in the end, they failed.

At the end of the bidding, she came to chat with her old classmate who had a bad relationship with her.

Hearing this, he seemed to have raised some interest, "What? Are you willing to make a deal now, Miss Meyer? Can the Cooper family agree?"

Anika's parents passed away early.

Although Madam Meyer still had the surname Meyer, she had been gradually taken over by Oliver Cooper, her husband's uncle.

Anika paused and slowly said, "There is a way that Oliver can’t help but agree."

The voice on the phone sounded playful, "Oh, what's the deal?"

"Zac.After a short pause, Anika's voice sank slightly as she looked at the clock ticking on the wall and said seriously, "Come and marry me now.After a year, we'll divorce, and the North City Project will be given to you."

As soon as she finished speaking, a muffled sound suddenly came from the other side.

The call was cut off again.

"What happened?" Anika said.

‘What did she mean? Could it be that she was terrified of the wedding and decided to run away? Zac thought.

Even if their relationship as schoolmates was bad, the fact that they had an attraction as thin as a paper could not be changed.

Anika thought, 'Was it too late because I let him avoid me for so long?’ Anika looked at the phone records on the screen, frowned slightly, and sighed secretly.

‘Forget it.Anyone who is suddenly forced to marry her will probably not be able to accept it’ She thought.

"The standard is too high if Kayden was used as a reference.You have to take into account the reputation of your family.In this case, Zac is the best candidate."

This was what Nataly had just said.

Therefore, even though she was aware that the other party was her sworn enemy, she needed to discuss the deal.

Unfortunately, he was unwilling, and she could not force it.

Although Zac was the best candidate, he wasn't the only one.

Since that's the case, I can only continue to consider Option 2 and Option 3 that Nataly gave me’ Just as she was thinking, the screen suddenly lit up.

Anika raised her eyebrows in surprise and picked up the phone.

"Ahem, I'm sorry.I just found out that your groom ran off before your wedding.'' It was still the idle male voice.

However, the other party seemed to be in a good mood, which made Anika choke slightly.

"Zac, are you happy?"

Although Zac was arrogant and they had a tense relationship in high school, Anika knew that Zac would never put him in danger.

But now, her perception of him suddenly shattered.

Her bridegroom ran away, but he seemed to be in a good mood? This was way worse than what she expected.

"No, you heard wrong."

He denied it and then laughed lightly, "I just feel that your taste is really bad.However, this kid Kayden has fallen back into big trouble."

Anika had forgotten that Zac and Kayden had always held a grudge against each other, and they had not been able to deal with each other while they were in high school.

In the past, she might have argued a little.

But now, without mentioning that Kayden had become the predecessor in her heart, Anika did not want to disrupt their cooperation.

"Nika “


She subconsciously answered, and only then did she realize that Zac was calling her by her nickname.

Anika was embarrassed and sullen.

On the other line, he immediately said, "Wait, I'm here to marry you.’’

His casual tone caused her to be slightly stunned.

Unexpectedly, Zac was pretty straightforward.

Anika did not foresee that this might happen, and she even prepared to bargain with him just in case.

However, he responded calmly, leaving her confused for a moment.

Zac didn't care about her silence and continued, "Oh, right’’

Anika suddenly regained her senses, thinking that he was finally going to bargain, but what Zac said next confused her even more.

"Is there a mirror in the room?"

"Hmm? Yes."

"Then you go over now.’’ His voice was neither cold nor indifferent, and it was leisurely and unrestrained.

Anika walked into the cloakroom.

On the left side of the closet was a two-meter-tall floor-fitting mirror.

She stared at the young woman wearing a white wedding dress in the mirror and was stunned for a moment.

Then she came back to her senses and said patiently, "Then?"

"What did you see?"

"What exactly are you trying to say?" She was running out of patience.

On the other side, Zac deliberately dragged his tone and laughed in a low voice, "Don't wipe away any tears, Nika.I vaguely remember how you cried, especially when you looked like my..."

He stopped for a moment.

"Bald quail." He continued.

"Zac… Hill"

Anika suddenly stifled.

He played tricks on her.

He was still so capable of testing her temper.

She had been in a calm mood these past few years, but now she was so angry that she couldn't help but laugh.

Anyway, thanks to him, the gloominess had been completely swept away.

There was only a small amount of anger that was left now.