Chapter 5 - My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day

Everly Mason and Lucy had a good relationship or rather Everly felt that the seats of Mrs.Jenkins and Mrs.Stevens would sooner or later be in the hands of the Cooper Family so she placed her bets in advance to please Lucy.

At this moment, she probably wanted to see what Anika was going to do for the other party.

The Mason Family attacked Zac after the head of their family went into prison, but Zac regained his composure and began to feel guilty.

In recent years, the Masons had devoted all their efforts to making Everly get close to Zac.

Everly was also quite active in eliminating her previous enemies.

However, Zac had never paid any attention to the Mason family's thoughts.

While Everly was thinking about Zac, she was also hanging with her client's boyfriend as a spare tire.

Just now, she went to the wedding, wanting to see Anika as a laughingstock.

“ I can't take it anymore” she thought.

So Nataly curled her lips and pointed at the bride and groom, who at first glance seemed to be a good match on the stage

"Now, Miss Mason, who do you think is the joke? Nika told me that President Cooper is preparing to take action against the Mason Family.’’

Everyone below the stage had their thoughts, but the wedding ceremony had already progressed smoothly.

Because of Sara's temporary arrangement, the bridegroom's party was briefly skimmed by the host.

On the flickering screen, Anika's old memories were being replaced.

There were very few memories from the orphanage and most of them were taken back to the Meyer family.

The short film had already been prepared, and even if it was deleted temporarily, Kayden’'s figure would inevitably appear inside.

Perhaps the photos condensed her memories, or perhaps the background music was too soothing and moving.

Suddenly, Anika’s mind was filled with many vivid scenes.

She thought of the day when she first arrived at the Meyer family.

The little girl wearing the school uniform was still a little lucid in her memories.

The afternoon sun gently hit her.

She turned her head and Kayden’s eyes were very clear.

While she was trying to calm her uneasy self, he smiled and stretched out her hand with warmth and kindness, "Nika, right? I'm Kayden, don't be afraid."

She had just transferred to another school, and that was when she was most depressed.

She put away all her problems and scars and carefully merged them into her life.

However, every meaningful comment was constantly playing back in her ears.

‘’A bumpkin, a country bumpkin!’’ she remembered.

Some felt sympathy and some despised her, but they made her even more silent.

It was the young Kayden's protection that blocked those discussions, letting her feel relieved.

The first time she felt despair was in the airtight equipment room.

She clearly remembered that the darkness had devoured her bit by bit and the gloomy coldness was like an insect that had drilled into a bone rift.

Her breathing became short and when she was about to lose hope, it was he who had hurried back from the competition.

The name Kayden didn't seem to have any flaws — excellent results, distinguished status, gentle courtesy, and calm self-confidence.It was like an unreachable existence, a distant star in the sky.

But the once unreachable teenager hugged her tightly in the basement of New York when he broke off his proud wings- "Anika, after returning home, we will get married’ Anika had been looking forward to her life back home.

But at that time, she didn't know that every time the two of them quarreled after returning home, she would exhaust all of her strength.

"Anika, your prejudice against Lucy is too big."

"Gavyn said that Lucy needs some scandals to maintain her popularity during her career advancement.Anika, you don't need to worry too much.’’

"Lucy made a mistake when she attended the event.I gave her the set of jewelry from the auction.Anika, it's not that important for you if you don't love to wear jewelry."

"Lucy's assistant said that she was drunk.That director harassed her before.Anika, I have to go there.We'll make up for it tomorrow on Valentine's Day, okay?"

"Lucy has already explained to you that we are fine.Why must you be so aggressive?"

"Lucy is your cousin.She also cares about your relationship.Do you have to make things difficult for me?"

"Anika, you weren't like this in the past.Why did you become so mean?"

The last time she argued was when she learned that Kayden had arranged for Lucy to join the Jenkins Family on the eve of the wedding.

She refused to give in to that dispute, and Kayden's eyes were filled with disappointment.

Suddenly, a dull pain came from her knuckles, and her memories came to an abrupt halt.The man's deep voice rang in her ears.

"Anika,’’ Zac frowned and lowered his voice.

"Raise your head and look at me.’’ Anika came back to her senses.She raised her eyes and bumped into Zac's dark and deep pupils.Her expression was still somewhat absent-minded.

"Your current expression is even uglier than crying.What, are you regretting it or are you admitting defeat?"

Zac's voice was neither salty nor faint, but it revealed a faint cold mockery.The dazzling and exquisite silver wedding ring was lifted to the side.

It was supposed to be the time for the bride and groom to exchange rings, but Zac let go of her hand and put his hand in his pocket.

Anika's slender knuckles had shallow red marks.

The man looked at her coldly and indifferently, his deep eyes surging with an indiscernible meaning.

She understood what he meant.

If she regretted it, this was the last moment when she could go back on her word.

She could leave the guests behind, the gossip behind, and leave without turning her head.

Like Kayden, she will also disappear from the wedding ceremony and also admit defeat in this match.

At this moment, Zac’s expression was as if he was asking her silently, ‘‘Anika, so would you admit defeat?’’

In an instant, she had already made her decision.Anika took a deep breath and completely calmed down.

"Zac, are you here to mock me?" She said provocatively as she took out the silver-glittering male ring.

"What do you think?"He replied.

Zac raised his eyebrows and watched as she pushed the male ring to his finger as if she was taking revenge, returning to her cynical idleness.

Glancing at the ring on his hand, he slowly took out the female ring, lowered his head, and slowly put it on her ring finger.

"Nika Meyer, didn’t you hear what that fool Blake said? I sacrificed my reputation for your sake.”

After pausing for a moment, Anika raised her eyebrows and said softly, "I've come to steal you and kiss you’’

"I've barely become the groom .."


"I'm very expensive.You have to put on a good show: It was as if to confirm this statement.”

The next second, he bent down.His thin lips turned cold and kissed the corner of her mouth.Their warm palms rested on the back of their heads.

The two of them were too close together, and the tip of their noses lingered with a refreshing and icy pinewood fragrance, along with the faint smell of smoke that wrapped around them.

Anika's eyes were slightly wide, her eyelashes trembling.

Before she could react, he had already stood up and pulled away.

"Please guide me, Mrs.Hill.’’