Chapter 6 - My Fiance Ran Away On Our Wedding Day

Anika woke with a sore and weak body.Still exhausted from the wedding yesterday.

The wedding was chaotic to say the least.

She was physically and emotionally tired.

She spent the day wearing 3-inch heels, an elegant but uncomfortable mask, while greeting people in the event.

On the other hand, Zac did not show even the slightest bit of weariness after dealing with hundreds of guests who came forward to what seemed like non-stop chatting.

Zac returned to the company.

Instead of going back to her old house, he took her to the hardcover apartment he bought after coming home.

Anika had plenty of money in her bank account, not mentioning what she earned as a hedge fund for her manager.

When he proposed, Kayden gave her 30% of her T&D shares, and only left 5% for himself.

Despite being a B share, the dividend was still massive.

Although it was a rough to start a business with Kayden two years ago, he was very considerate of her.

This was also one of the reasons why Anika still did not up on their relationship despite falling into a dispute for more that half a year.

She knew that there were greater problems ahead, and what they have been through can be solved through communication.

Quite frankly, she expected too much from the relationship.

However, if the family knew that Kayden worked for her one day, they would've had a totally different reaction.

Anika cooked some porridge right after taking a bath.

She sat in the dining room, sipping it, cushioning her aching stomach.

If they had to dine with Zac, along with the Meyer family.They would most likely have to deal with the troubles surrounding them and would lose their appetite.

Halfway through her meal, her phone rang.She glanced over and saw it was Oliver calling.

"Nika, why didn’t you discuss this with your family?" His voice sounded utterly concerned.

Anika put her spoon down.

She thought to herself, ‘‘These people cannot wait for me to get back to the old house to interrogate me’’

"Uncle, what are you talking about? Don't you know why I changed the groom? Or do you think that not only should I not marry into the Jenkins Family, but also that I should not marry Zac, so..."

She raised her eyebrows in disbelief, "This is embarrassing."

Oliver did not expect her response, to be that intensely straightforward.

He paused for a moment and composed his thoughts, and bluntly said "Do you think I actually believe that Zac is helping you without asking for anything in return?"

"No, actually.The North City Project will be turned over to Oliver" Anika never thought of keeping this a secret.

"Are you insane?" Oliver was stunned.

That was the biggest project of the Meyer Family in the past two years.

And for the fact that Anika obtained the project that she should have the right to speak for the Meyer Family.

Anika’s expression calmed down as she added some sugar to her porridge.

She squinted and said, "Before the bidding, you already knew that the Meyer Family's working capital would not be able to eat this project.Let me lead the group to bid and promise that they'll hand the project over to me after the bidding.All of this for the sake of not failing no matter what, right?"

"...Being benevolent in front of Grandpa and waiting for me admit my defeat and lower my head to you, then using the cooperation of the North City Project to sell it to the Jones family, it’s really hitting three birds with one stone."

Oliver's knowledge in the business world was average, but he had always been familiar with the tricks he used.

With that thought in mind, Anika smiled faintly and uttered, "I got the project, so I naturally have the right to decide.After all, Zac is my husband now, and my Grandfather agreed to it."

Oliver paused for a moment and clenched his teeth, "Aren't you afraid that I'll tell the old man that his grandson-in-law is insincere?"

"Then tell me, will Grandpa give me all of the shares at once because he loves me so much that my marriage is doomed?"

Anika was fierce and did not back down.

Oliver kept silent for a while, then smirked a little ‘‘Nika, this isn’t like you, I really misjudged you back then’’

When Anika returned, he was also on the lookout.

Finally, he concluded that he had been nothing more than a bookworm with an obedient nature, and that he should not be feared.

In eight years, he hadn't expected to be pecked by an eagle.

"Uncle, I'm flattering you.In front of Grandfather, I'm nothing near as capable as you are."

Emma, her aunt, had been under her care since childhood.

And her personality was simple and unaccustomed to the outside world.

The Meyer family's two seniors did not agree to marry Oliver at the time, but he was loyal to Mr.Meyer like a son.

Twenty years had passed in the blink of an eye.

When Mr.Meyer grew old, his children turned on him.

On the other hand, Oliver, the son-in-law, was the only one that Anika did nothing more than tidy up.

He took the elevator out of the apartment.

The shiny black Bentley quietly stopped under the tree diagonally opposite her.

She took a few steps forward but hesitated in front of the car.

When he rolled his car window down, the man’s suit was seen slumped against the backseat.

His slim legs were naturally crossed, and his pristine white knuckles were lazily placed in the middle.

Zac raised his eyes slightly.

She seems to have recovered fast after the storm yesterday.

She was fatigued, but she appeared to be in good health.

That was right.

She had been too calm and clear-headed from the start, and outsiders had always interpreted her calm as timidity and kindness.

After exchanging glances with her, the man gestured for her to get in the car.

Anika bit her lips before pulling the car door open and sitting in the back row.

Zac, then signaled the driver to drive, then shut his eyes to rest, his brows and eyes appearing exhausted.

He announced his marriage suddenly.

He returned to the company after the wedding and had a meeting with the shareholders until the early hours of the morning before leaving.

After a moment of silence, Zac closed his eyes and said casually, "Have you thought about what you said?"

Which was what the old man told him about the marriage.

Anika nodded and lowered her eyes, "I'm not in love with Kayden.I had previously consented to marry solely because of the engagement.He, on the other hand, likes Lucy, and I..."

She hesitated for a moment before saying— "I'm in love with you"

Together, Kayden and Lucy created a mess.Grandpa would have a heart attack if he knew about his.

"Oh?" Zac doubtfully uttered while he rolled his eyes.

"True love?" The man’s voice was deep and magnetic, as if it had been meticulously wrapped around the tip of his tongue to grind it over and over.

Anika suffocated.These words awoke her interest, she thought.

She calmly said, "There's no need to worry; there's no other meaning.It's merely words spoken in Grandpa's presence."

He raised his eyebrows and asked, "Should I be at ease?"

Anika raised her eyes and looked at him doubtfully.

"Why are you looking at me?" Zac suddenly changed the topic.

She thought of the standards that Emma had listed yesterday and in order to cooperate with him in front of her grandfather, Anika decided to praise him.

"You're rich and attractive.In less than five years, you've transformed the mess your father left behind something else.It is clear that your abilities are exceptional." she remarked.

"From Misty to A-class, the number of people who would want to marry you is just slightly less than Kayden."

Despite of his bad temper, since everyone was now married, they did not look for a better relationship.There were still a lot of women who wanted to marry him and his money.

As long as you had the money to spend, your girl should be able to handle it.She praised the heavens and the earth, but who would have guessed that the man's attention would be drawn solely to the final thing she said, "A little less?"

Anika thought that his desire for victory and defeat had been aroused, so she quickly comforted him, "Don't feel bad.You will surely rise to the top if you change your unpleasant personality.Kayden is now supposed to be clean, therefore he must have gained some brownie points with the ladies"

Zac chuckled a bit, "Is that so? You really think I’m that good?"

He stared at her with a smirk.

When she realized he was in a good mood, she nodded and said "Of course, do you think I would’ve picked you as the groom if you weren't?"

He was ranked first on the list of alternative grooms.Zac looked at her with his arms crossed.

He chuckled and said, "Now, I'm more worried"

Then, there was awkward silence.