Chapter 7 - My First Crush Happened To Be My Hubby!

D's PoV

I barely slept last night. I so wanted to punch him in the face yesterday but got scared when he shuffled in his sleep. Punching can wait!I looked at the clock and it said 5.30am. I decided to go downstairs and get to know the routine of my home now!

Awww D! Look at you big girl! You have never seen this time in your whole life and never thought about doing chores at home! But now, you want to learn about YOUR HOME huh!? I’m so proud of you D!

As you all know, just ignore my mind! She sometimes lies. I cook really well. Though I know only non veg items. Cooking is a house chore right?!

I quietly got up and stretched myself as sleeping on this damn couch is not that easy. It’s just made for sitting, not for sleeping! I should have let that Hitler sleep here. Look at him sleeping like a baby. Aawwww he looks so calm and innocent in his sleep. I just want to run my fingers in his hair and caress his stubbled cheek.

D to earth! D to earth!

Oh, Shut up girl. I’m just admiring my sleeping husband and It’s not wrong. I can even think of his stubbles caressing my cheek!

Whoa! That’s some hot stuff D! I like it too! But D, you decided to go down and now you are drooling over that stupid hubby of yours!

Aaahhh! you are right! This stupid talked about divorce!

Chill D! I have a doubt!


Are you going to give false hopes to your new home members?

What the hell are you talking about? I am not going for divorce. I have 6months to sweep him off his feet! I believe in myself! You said I can do it! Now what?Hehehe D not that!

Then what?

You cannot wake up at 5.30am daily! Why give them false hopes on the first day here? What will you do if they like you for waking up so early today? Will they expect that from you on a regular basis?

Just run away, stupid Mindy. I will kill you!

she is in a way right. I cannot wake up at 5.30 daily. So I decided to check the dressing room again for some connecting doors. I slowly walked to the dressing room. I went to the restroom to freshen up. I have no toothbrush here and I need to brush once I wake up.

Huh, this detective work should wait. I came out and went downstairs. The house was still dark and no one was up yet. I went to the room where my belongings are kept. The room was empty. I think anni and aunt went home after leaving me there.

I did my morning routines and changed to my pjs and kept his clothes along with my belongings. I wanted to go out and check the garden area. So I slowly walked to the front door and unlocked it trying not to wake anyone.

It’s so refreshing out here. I can hear the birds chirping. I started walking on the lawn and there were dew drops on the grass. It feels so nice walking barefoot on the wet lawn. There are so many colors of roses and hibiscus on the side and the smell is so soothing. I walked to the plants which are well maintained. I decided to walk around the house. There are many decorative plants on the front side. Flower garden with roses, hibiscus, and daisies of different colors on either side of the house and at the backside there are coconut trees, mango tree, guava tree and an outhouse.

I went to the lawn again and sat down and started thinking about my life. I like my hubby. He is so handsome that any girl would want a man like him. My dad trusts him so he should be a good man. Not that I don't believe him. It’s just that I have never known him personally back then. Now I feel so stupid for marrying a man whom I literally know nothing about except for the fact that I had seen him long back!

What the hell have I done with my life? How can I marry a man whom I saw for a year some 8years back? I mean JUST SAW!

Whoa whoa D! Stop over thinking. Now go inside and impress your new people.

Know what? She is right! All that is done is done. Now time to gel with my new home.

"Good morning ma!"

As I was trying to get up I heard a warm morning wish. I turned to see the cook coming my

way. I smiled back at him.

"Good morning anna(brother)!" I said

"Woke up so early? " he started plucking the fresh hibiscus flowers.

"New place, anna. So no sleep! I’m not a morning person. I think it will take some days for me to get used to this place."

"Don’t worry, dear. Everything will be alright! Call me Chinna just like everyone in the home calls."

"I will call you Chinna anna! Is that ok?"

His smile grew bigger and said "Double ok!"

He must be in his 40s and have a kind face that anyone will take him for a friend right away!

"Flowers for pooja?"

I started picking good and fresh flowers along with him.

"Yes Dear! Why don't you do the pooja today as you are awake?"

"Sure anna, give me 15minutes and I will be in the pooja room. But don’t expect me to wake up every day Chinna anna!"

I playfully told the truth. He shook his head smiling and I went in to get ready.

Rishi's PoV

The couch was empty when I woke up. It’s 6.30am and she's gone so early? I got up to freshen up when a maroon pjs caught my attention on the lawn through my window.

That’s her! She is sitting on the lawn hugging her knees. Her cheek on her knees and she

is facing me. What a lovely scene in the morning. It’s so refreshing. This gives me a happy start for the day!

How strange? I barely know her and looking at her the first thing in the morning is making me happy? I must be insane just like she said last night. I literally laughed thinking about what she did last night. She is so cute!

There she is talking to Chinna! All smiles on both their faces. How the hell does she befriend everyone with a smile?! She must be a Witch! A beautiful Witch!

D's PoV

I wore a simple red salwar and went out of the room. Chinna anna has already made up the pooja room with all the flowers. I went in and lit the lamp and prayed to god to help me win my hubby's love.

I went to the kitchen with Chinna anna and observed him making breakfast. I made notes in my brain of where lies what in the kitchen.

"What do you want to have for breakfast, dear?" He asked me.

"Don’t bother anna! Just do your regular things. I need at least a week’s time to gel in." He smiled at me and made chutney sambar and asked me if I like idli or dosa.

"I love idli anna." I said cheerfully.

He gave me a goofy smile and started making idli. At 8.30am, I helped him put all the dishes, plates, and water bottles on the dining table. Shekar uncle, Ravi, and Rishi came exactly at the same time to the dining table.

Whoa! Back in my home we all eat breakfast at different times. I sometimes will skip it to catch my college bus!

I smiled at them! "Good morning, uncle! Good morning, Ravi!"

I made a pause and looked up at my Rishi! My breath hitched up at my throat. He is looking at me so intensely. His eyes never leaving mine he sat down on a chair. I felt all my blood rush towards my face, flushing it with its color!

He did it again. Damn those butterflies in my tummy!

I cleared my throat and looked down, breaking the eye contact. I finally managed to say a "Good morning" for which he just nodded his head.

How rude, D!? He deserves a strong punch on his nose. Your stupid hubby doesn’t even have the basic manners of greeting you back. When you get a chance, just flip his neck to his side to nod at you.

"Good morning, kanna"

"Very good morning, anni" Uncle and Ravi broke my trance! I started serving them when Ravi spoke.

"Anni, you too sit down. Chinna will serve everyone."

"Yes, kanna sit down! Did you get some rest?" asked uncle.

"I didn’t sleep at all uncle. New place and all. I wish I could sleep tonight!" I said sitting next to my hubby. We all had our break-fast chatting except for my hubby!