Chapter 8 - My First Crush Happened To Be My Hubby!

D's PoV

Do you guys remember the fact that I don’t have a cell phone? I feel like I’m misplaced in a strange land. I need to get in touch with my sisters, dad, and mom. And most of all I need to tell my fairy tale to my friends. I’m sure they are going to freak out.

Ravi said he is going to resume his college work from Monday and so is uncle and Rishi for their office work. Ravi is in his final year of Engineering. So, it’s just a project for him this year. That is good news for me because he won’t be away all day. I mean I can't stay at home all alone right?!

Right now, my uncle and Ravi are in the drawing hall watching TV. I need someone's phone to call my parents. I went in and sat with them on the sofa. I can’t ask for Ravi's phone. You know, he is a young man and he may not like to share his phone because phones are now considered personal belongings. There are landline connections in almost all rooms but they are just intercoms.

"Uncle, can I have your cell phone for a while? I just have to make a call to dad." I asked, breaking all my inhibitions. They both looked at me like I had grown big horns.

"You left your phone at your parent's?" asked uncle, handing his phone to me.

"Actually, uncle, I never had a phone to myself!" I said sheepishly. I feel so embarrassed to accept this fact.

"Whaat?! You don’t have a cell phone, anni? What are you? An alien?" Ravi literally jumped turning to me.I mentally face palmed myself. I already am embarrassed and he is making it worse.

“Huh! My dad thought that would be a nuisance. You see how beautiful I am! What would I do if love tortures got to me through phone calls?" I winked at him playfully, raising my eyebrows! We all started laughing.

"Hahaha, I will order a phone for you. What do you prefer? Android or Apple?" uncle asked me.

"Please uncle! I will let you know after talking now!"

I don’t want him to buy me a new phone. It’s like taking advantage on the very first day. It’s so awkward. I will ask my dad to buy one for me at least now.

Uncle just nodded his head and said "You are my daughter, kanna! You are no different to me. Just like Rishi and Ravi!"

He must have sensed my discomfort in taking favors from him.

Way to go D! You must learn to mask what you actually feel!

I took the phone from him and went to the guest room. That is where all my belongings are right now. Uncle stays in a room downstairs. Rishi and Ravi stay upstairs. I called my dad. He picked up at the very first ring.

"Hello dad! How are you?"

"I should ask you that, dear!" his voice was laced with concern.

"I’m so good dad! Uncle, Ravi, and Chinna anna are so nice to me!"

"Rishi needs time to accept everything that has happened, dear! Just give him time!"

I let out a sigh! My dad sure is a good businessman! He knows to read between the lines!

"I know, dad. He is nice too. You gave me an option and I chose this. I can manage, dad. Please don’t worry or feel bad for what’s happened!"

"We were talking about coming to your place today afternoon to bring you guys to our home. Wait, mom will explain"

With that my mom took over. I could hear her sniffing. Oh man, she is crying.

"Hey mom! I’m super good. Please don’t cry and make me sad."

"Danya honey! you know a custom called 'Maruveedu' right? You and Mapillai have to come to our home and stay the night. We should come and fetch you guys for it. Dad was about to call your uncle to talk about that and you just called."

"Oh! You want me to put my uncle online now?"

"Yes Danya! Get him now. It’s already 10.30am now! We have to inform him." I gave the phone back to uncle saying dad wants to talk to you. He took the phone from me and started talking.

Hey D! Looks like your parents have nothing to talk about with you. They must be glad to get rid of you.

Oh! Shut up. They are so tense. They want to do things properly at least that happens after marriage. I’m sure they will talk to me after all this wedding commotion is done.

Ooohhh! You don’t have to snap at me every time. You know I’m your mind and I voice out your thoughts. I’m a friend D.

Aaahhh! stop whining.

Uncle came knocking the door. I snapped out of my trance and smiled at him. He sat on the bed near me and caressed my head lovingly.

"Your dad, mom, and sisters are coming for lunch. You just get ready to go with them for the night. Rishi is in your room. Go tell him to get ready too!"

My eyes should have popped out! I can't go and tell him to accompany me to my parent's! I’m scared.

D stop over acting. He is actually a good man. He never shouted at you or handled you badly even after what you did to him. Uncle is trying to play cupid here! He wants you to make conversations with his son. Aawww how nice of him!


"Huh sure uncle! I will go tell him."

Now I’m standing outside his/our room. I knocked and waited for it to open. After a minute when I raised my hand to knock louder, the door opened. Whoa! He is wearing a blue t-shirt and grey trousers. Sight to see! The sleeves of his shirt hugging his arms and it’s a damn V-neck shirt. I could see the starting of hair on his chest and the little chain that’s just around his neck. He is so sexy!

D stop drooling!

Hey, I can’t help it. I mean I am actually seeing what’s within my line of sight. Remember I am a little short!? He criss crossed his hands on his chest and leaned on the door frame. I looked up at him. He is looking at me with a tint of smile on his lips.

Oops D! He caught you checking him out. He already thinks that he is handsome and you just fed his ego. I mentally face Palmed myself and groan literally. But I should say, his smile is so addicting and loving.

"um... I ... are you not going to let me in? Um... I want to tell you something." He just turned to his side to let me in. He still stands on the door frame. How the hell am I supposed to go in without touching him?

Damn these butterflies!

I slid to my side and went in inhaling his masculine scent. It plays with my senses and makes me insane. He came in after me, closing the door. He came so close to me that I literally ran and sat on the couch. What if I make myself embarrassed by expecting him to hug or kiss me. Did I hear him chuckle? He chuckled? Did I really hear him laugh? Whoa that sounds hot!

D you are crazy! You always think of dirty stuff with him!

Hey, I’m 21 and have a hot hubby. What do you expect? Now shut up!

He is snapping his fingers on my face. Looks like he caught me in my trance again. I should warn this Mindy about popping-in in every situation. She is so annoying.

"Um... we have to go to my parent's place to stay for the night. It’s some custom to be done after marriage. They are coming for lunch and after lunch we should go with them". I released my breath! I didn't know I was holding it for so long! He is going to be the death of me.

He looks at me so intensely that I have to look down to stay put. He sat on the other end of the couch."And why would I do that after you did the exact opposite of what I told you?"

WHAAT? He is doing this after I thought he is a good man? He is not going to come!? I looked at him. He has a little smile. Oh man, his smile is so good! Maybe he is just playing.

"You have to come. I will go and tell uncle that you said you won’t go with me."

"Very well then. Go and tell your uncle."

Oh no, did I make him angry? He wants me to please him? I mean I can do that because he needs time to remember?

"um sorry, I won’t tell uncle. You can’t hurt my parents for my mistakes now. Can you?"

"Alright, let’s make a deal. You made the decision to marry me. So, from now on you are not going to tell anyone what's going on between us. Now if you promise me that, I can think about coming to your parent's house."

"A gentleman - beautiful girl agreement? I am in!" He laughed. He literally laughed. Gosh! I just want to jump on him and kiss him senseless!

"I agree with the first part though I’m not sure of the second part you said." Oh, now he thinks I’m not beautiful? I will show him his place. Idiot.

I pouted at him and got up to leave. I swiftly turned my head away from him and walked out.