Chapter 1 - My First Crush Happened To Be My Hubby!

Author's PoV

"Danya honey! Wake up. It's already 8.30A.M and you have your farewell function at 10AM. And you know your college is 1hour away from home". Danya's (in short D) mom Hema called. D is not a morning girl. She can be awake all night and be brisk and happy in the morning rather than waking up early. Yes, 8.30 is early for her!

Everyday her dad Gunasekaran chases after her college bus to drop her in. And he is not happy about it. She has 2 younger sisters Daksha and Shanvi. Daksha is 2years younger than D and Shanvi is 5yrs younger than D.

D has just finished college. Yes, she is an IT graduate. Despite that, the 3 sisters always run around the home fighting. D's dad is an industrialist. So yeah! Their family is rich. Today is D's farewell day and she is an amazing dancer. She is performing. Now she is running to catch her college bus because her dad is not ready to drop her for one last time.

"Hey D, come fast we just have to get you ready!" said Indra. D, Indra, Uma and Yazhini are besties in college. They all maintain 75% in academics and active participants in other activities also. Though they have never won anything. Her other friends Raghav, Manoj, Rushy and Rahul were already ready to deliver their parts.

"Hey D! Our senior Hari is here to see you!" said Rahul.

"Oh no! Why now?" said D. Hari is their senior in the computer science department. He proposed to Danya in her 3rd year and continued being her good friend. She kinda likes him but she can never love anyone. Since he is a very good man, she doesn’t want to hurt him and thus doesn’t want to meet him!

D is no miss goody shoes. She is a mischievous girl. There are many guys in college who seek her attention, even professors. She knew at the glimpse of a boy that he would propose to her one day. But

all she does is enjoy the attention she gets and makes them buy every snack at the college canteen to all her friends!

Some don’t like her and some LOVE her for what she is!

D's PoV

"Hi Hari! how are you?" I asked him when he approached me with wide smiles.

"I'm super good Anya. You look amazing." Huh, here he goes again! Praising my beauty kinda boosts me up. But nah! That doesn't get him what he wants.

"Listen Hari, I know you love me. But didn’t I tell you I can't love you? You are going to be the correspondent of a school next year and here you are coming behind me when I have clearly told you it's simply a waste of time".

"Anya, I'm well settled. I have everything to make you happy, you like me. I can come talk to your parents. Then what is the problem?"

"Hari, my dad! He is the problem. He is the most loving dad. He gave us everything. In turn, he asks us to be disciplined and obedient. He is the last son of our family. My sister is married. My brothers are no problem simply because they are boys. Now we are 3 sisters in the same family Hari. My dad thinks that marrying us off to a man of his choice will prove his upbringing to be the best. He thinks that is his life's reward. When he gave us everything in life and we are in a position to grant his life's reward, how can I deny him that? Besides, you are right. I like you. You are handsome and everything. But I don’t love you Hari. I am so sorry."

I saw Hari trailing off with a last handshake. Poor him. He is a good man. I really wish he finds his love! But whenever someone trails behind me or proposes to me, I always think of him. That senior boy in my school. He was in 12th standard when I was in 8th grade. We never spoke with each other, just

shared looks when we crossed. He was the one that gave me butterflies in my tummy. I have always longed to see him. He comes to school on an Apache bike. He will wait until my auto leaves the campus. I used to dance in every annual day function and he was in drama. We did rehearsals in the same hall.

"What’s up D, duet with Hari?" asked Manoj. My friends always tease me for the attention I get from boys and male professors.

"Ahah nope! Not happening guys. Now get your asses out , I need to finish my makeup!" I chased everyone away. With that everyone except Indra and Uma went out.

"I know what you were thinking." said Uma with a smirk."I want to punch you in your face, Uma!" I said playfully.

All my friends know about my first crush ..! His name is Rishi. He is the only boy that made butterflies in my tummy. Maybe, I was so young at that time or now I know my responsibilities. No other boy has managed to do what he did to me. He is always special.

(In the evening...)

Huh! It’s a long tiring day. The farewell at college ended at 2pm and we all went to a movie together. Then we had our dinner and I just came back. I am lucky dad is not yet home. Don’t worry, it's just 7.30pm. That's my dad for you. He had never in my life pushed me to study or learn household work. But he is strict as hell. I cannot go out to my friends place, but they can come home. I cannot stay out after 6pm. You won’t believe what I'm going to say now, I don't have a mobile phone for myself. I use my mom's phone when I'm home. When they want to contact me, they will call Indra's number.

I just got to my room. Well! technically it's a shared room. I share it with Daksha. She is one annoying loving sister. I can sense that something is not right with the looks she gives me.

"what’s up sissy?" I asked her.

"I have news for you. It's both good and bad!"

"Spill it. What have you done? Did you tell mom that I took money from her purse?" I glared at her.

"Oops no! The matter is about you but it has nothing to do with me!" she put her hands in the air. Huh! Drama queen.

"Pch! Tell me already, Dakshu. I'm tired." I told her plopping myself on the bed.

"Dad has finally selected a groom for you!" she said.

"Whaat?" I shrieked in horror. I know dad is not going to let me go to work..! I never tried to attend a campus interview! But marrying even before I get my degree? Come on! Colleges give degrees after a year right!?

"Have they finalized?" I have my heart thumping out loud enough for my sister to hear.

"They have shortlisted 2 grooms. I looked at their pictures. They both look so good. I have no objection in taking one of them for 'mama' (a way to call a sister's husband in Tamil)" she said.

"Huh! Are they ever going to tell me?"

"Mom will talk to you at dinner. You better go and talk to her before dad comes. If not, you can't ask anything, just can hear what dad has to say!" she said.

She is right! Freshening up can wait. I ran downstairs to find my mom in the kitchen.

"Mee, (that's how I call my mom) Do you have something to tell me?" I asked her. She looked at me lovingly.

"Yes, Danya honey! Dad and I have selected 2 grooms who match your beauty and our family criteria. They both are from business backgrounds. Both from Coimbatore. You know how much dad is inclined to shift our businesses to Coimbatore. So, packing you up there is the first step." she said with a bright smile.

Yes, our native is Coimbatore and now we are in Trichy because of dad's business. All our relatives are there. My dad loves being in the midst of crowds. They are not going to show me the photographs until they pick one! Typical old-time practice. You can’t waver the girl's mind by showing someone who is not going to be her's. Duh!

"okay! Is it not too early, mee? Like, I just finished my last day of college and you are trying to get me out of this house already?" I'm anxious!

"You know, you are getting wedding proposals from when you entered your 2nd year in college. I fought with dad to let you finish your degree sweetie. I can’t hold up anymore. Besides, this is the right time to get these things done." she said, caressing my cheek.

"I know. But I am scared mee, I think I am not ready yet". I tried telling her that I am not ready for commitments yet, though I know that will never change my parents mind. I ate my dinner and went to my room before dad got home. I tried to sleep which felt like mission impossible.