Chapter 2 - My First Crush Happened To Be My Hubby!

D's PoV

Yeah! I'm getting ready for a wedding. Except it’s not my wedding. It's even worse. I'm getting ready to showcase myself to the 'groom-to-be' who is coming to a wedding which is supposedly a distant (far distant) relative's. So, the parents on both sides thought of this amazing idea to go informal. We are going to meet at a wedding function and decide if we like each other. Huh! Who am I bluffing..? The groom wants to see me in-person and he has no time to come to Trichy. So, we are going to this very distant relative's wedding in Coimbatore to show myself!

Eww! Sounds bad? Anyways! I have no say! Though I have nobody on my mind and ready to accept anyone whom my parents choose for me, I still feel a bit bad for myself. At least they could ask how I feel about all this. I know my parents will make no mistake in choosing my life partner. We are at my paternal Grandparents home. My mom is going all crazy. With what she has taken out for me to wear, the groom of this wedding will really get confused for the bride.

"Mee, this wedding is not for me. You are going to confuse everyone in the wedding hall." I laughed at her.

"Stop that and come let me drape this saree for you." she hushed me.

"Mee I'm not going to wear this saree or these jewels. For god's sake, please let me choose my outfit".

"Put this saree on, Danya Hon. You will look gorgeous in it. Maybe we can reduce the jewels." WOW! That's the best I can get from her. So, I thought it’s better to settle with this deal.

"Ok! Done! Now you go and get ready. I will call you when I need your help." With that she left the room. I looked at the dark purple silk saree with silver jari(border) on it. It's indeed beautiful. I started draping it and finished it in about 1hour. Hehe! I'm no good at saree draping. I took minimal jewels to go with the saree and left my long hair open with a little clip in the middle that held the side hair. Should I

say I look beautiful?! Is that not self-appreciating??? But I do look amazing. It gives me a little confidence boost!

We are now at the valet-parking of the wedding hall. Wow! The hall looks humongous! Deep breaths D! You can do this! You can do this! It's 7.30am and the wedding time is 7.30 to 8.00 am. We are on time. We attend the wedding, give them gifts, pose for a picture, greet my groom to be's family, display myself to them, and DONE! I can do this!

When we stepped into the hall that can hold 4000 people easily, I felt the tension in the air! Now-a-days people are so busy they don’t attend 3days wedding! So, our 3days wedding is now 2days wedding with a reception in the evening and followed by a wedding the next morning. And since reception times don't bother working time, many people attend reception! Maybe that is why dad chose to come in the morning to show me! Just to avoid many people's eyes!

Anyways the hall is not fully populated. Maybe, first circle relatives are the only people in it. Of course, except for us! I could see people talking and murmuring! No music instruments playing! And the priest sitting in a chair in the front row! Looks like my dad knows the people in the hall so well. They all greet him! Myself and my mom sat at the last row while my dad went in the crowd and climbed up the stage.

I can see there are some problems in the wedding. Looks like it has stopped! Poor girl! She must be feeling bad! It's not fair to stop the wedding at this point! Or is someone ill? I don’t feel good about my groom-to-be now! I feel like it’s a bad omen! Hehe I know! I'm simply making lame excuses!

My dad is all serious in talking! He talks with a man almost 6ft high and should be the same age as my dad! My dad is a little short and so am I! I'm 5.1! My sisters are of the same height as me now! They will outgrow me soon! Hmph! They are coming to us now, my dad, that 6ft uncle and a guy just like that uncle! His son may be!

"Perusappa (that’s how my dad calls me. meaning big girl) come with us" he said. My mom and I went along with them. I kinda like that guy. He should be the same age as me or smaller maybe. He has this friendly aura around him and smiled at me warmly. I smiled back at him. We entered a room saying "groom's". So, I'm guessing they are groom side people for this wedding. And I literally don't know on whose side are we attending this wedding! As we are talking with the groom's side, I think the groom's side is our far, far distant relative! I know I'm sarcastic! I'm evil!

"Perusappa, this is Rajashekar. My friend and our relatives. I didn't know we were coming for his son's wedding. Because I got the invitation from the bride's side. Bride Smirthi is the daughter of Palanisamy, our relative. Looks like in some circumstances the bride's family left the wedding before the sun dawned! Now Rishi went out frustrated. It's his wedding. He is the first son of Rajashekar. (pointing to the guy)He is Ravi, younger brother of Rishi. They have no mother. I know this is going to be shocking. But I wish you would marry Rishi. He is a nice man. I know him in his business. And beyond everything I know their family well. It will be for your best future. what say?"

Whoa! Whaaat? My dad wants me to marry a guy whom I don’t know?(Hehe anyways I'm going to marry a man whom I don’t know). Cut the crap D. He wants me to marry a guy to whose wedding we have come to attend?

They attended their reception yesterday eve! They probably loved each other! They might have done some dirty stuff together(I know I'm a little over reacting). Who knows how long they might have talked on the phone?They might at least have talked dirty stuff! (Am I a dirty minded girl?)

No, No, No, No! Not happening!

I looked at my mom! She looks shocked as hell! That 6ft uncle and his son stand right in that room! What can we possibly talk about!? D it’s your life! Talk now or go to hell! My mind warned me. I call her 'Mindy'. She is sometimes a friend and many times a foe.

"Dad, can we talk in private for a minute?" I asked dad. Wow! How brave of you?!!! Good job!

"Sure kanna(an endearment)! Guna we will be right outside." said that uncle and they both left the room.

I looked at my dad. He has this stern look on his face. I know we can't beat him! I huffed! But my mom voiced out for me.

"Ennanga(endearment for husband) it's not fair. You are doing wrong to our kid. I can't accept this. I heard this is a love marriage. That boy was in love with that girl. How can you do this to our kid? I know your friendship and your trust in this family is high. But this is our girl's life. You cannot make a decision hastily!"

My dad looked at her and said " Do you think I have not thought it through? I’m just proposing to her the option. Shekar will talk to his son. Perusappa and Rishi will talk in private and then we will decide on what to do."

Whaat the hell?! He is in love with someone? I'm so not getting married to this guy. Atleast I get to talk to him in private before deciding on anything. Hopefully he won’t accept this marriage! If he does on odds like family reputation or prestige then I should say a strict no. I wonder if they had a silly fight.