Chapter 3 - My First Crush Happened To Be My Hubby!

D's PoV

Ravi came to me! Me and my mom were sitting on the bed in the groom's room. He said "Hello! I know you must be cursing us right now! But trust me, my brother doesn’t really know what love is! The relationship that he had with Smirthi is not love! He thought it was love! And I can assure you that my brother has not crossed any limits with her."

Wow! What does that suppose to mean? No D, Don’t get distracted. Be strong in your refusal. No one can force you into this wedding.

when he saw me not telling anything he added "I wish I can call you 'anni' (way to call an elder brother's wife). I really like you so much".

I smiled at him. I already like this guy, he is friendly, he tries to soothe the hot situation, and he is nice to me!

My mom said "Let’s see, kanna. Has your brother come already?"

"Yes, aunty. Dad and bro are talking in the next room!"

I could literally feel my heart thumping in my throat. Why god Why? Why does it have to be me? My dad is calling our relatives to this hall. Already many of our relatives came. My palms are sweaty. Looks like the priest said there is another auspicious time in the morning for the wedding to happen. That is 9.45 to 10.30am.

My dad and 6ft uncle came in and asked me to go to the next room where his son is waiting to talk to me! Is this really happening?! I clutched my mom's hand! She patted my back and came with me to the doorstep of the room. I knocked on the door and pushed it open. My mom nodded her head and went to the room where my dad is. With a thundering heart and wobbly feet I entered the room.

There he is. 6ft tall, Silk shirt and dhoti, Clean cut hair, and Toned up muscles. I could see his arm and shoulder blades flex. (D stop drooling) He is manly from behind. With his posture I can say He is tense, just like me.

I cleared my throat. " Excu...." my words stuck in my throat!

HELL NO!He turned and took me in with his eyes. He was quiet for a minute and started talking.

"See I'm sorry, I, without any intentions though, put you in this position. I really don’t want this marriage to happen between us. I care least about my reputation or family's good will. This hasty wedding is sure going to be a failure. I will tell my dad that you said no, and you tell your dad that I said no. I'm sure they will drop this crazy idea."

With that he walked past me and left the room. He has this addicting scent, maybe from his perfume! D you are incredible, go tell your dad your decision. Mindy insisted!

I went to the room where they all are. I looked at my dad and 6ft uncle or should I say shekar uncle or Mama?

Before he could say anything I said, "I am ok with this wedding!"

Everyone has different emotions. My dad, Shekar uncle and Ravi have wide smiles on their faces. My mom has an unsure smile. Rishi looks like I have dropped a nuclear missile on him.

As you all might have guessed, Yes, He is the man that made butterflies in my tummy when I was in 8th grade! I don’t know what came over me, I just felt it right. I never heard what he said, Or I never registered what I heard from him to my Brain! He said nothing when I said I'm ready to get married to him.He went out of the room in a swift motion.

The beautician girls who came in the morning were still there. They started doing my makeup and made me more beautiful than I already am! (I hear what you guys say)

My dad had my sisters take a flight from Trichy to Coimbatore. Anyways, they won’t be here when I get my nuptial tied. Since all our relatives are in Coimbatore, they all came in 1hr. It's 10am already and the priest asks us to make things fast. When I came out of the room, I saw Rishi (I'm going to call him that). (Awww look at me, I’m already giving names to my hubby. Am I not cute!?) He was doing the rituals as said by the priest. I sat beside him and not once did he look up at me.

Our wedding happened with a pin-drop silence in the hall and my sisters came at last. They had their dreams of glamming up at my wedding and here I am, ruined all of their dreams. It’s my wedding after all and I get to be the center of attraction. Am I really Evil!?

We all went to eat our breakfast. It was so delicious. So many varieties. I started eating right away and my sister Shanu nudged me with her elbow. She was sitting next to me. I looked at her and asked what.

She said "I don’t know, but I think you should wait for mama to feed you with sweets and you should do the same".

"He is raging in anger, Shanu! Don't you dare tease or do something funny and make the situation worse than it already is." I warned her. Because I see the glint of mischievous look on her face and I know what my sister is capable of.

It was not a regular wedding. So the regular drama of sobbing and farewell doesn't happen. Everyone came in line and wished us good luck with presents. We took photographs and retired to Rishi's home or should I say our home...!?

We exited the humongous wedding hall and there were cars lined up in front. I could see the posters lying on the ground with Rishi and Smirthi's name on it. Looks like they were pasted on the cars. Now since the bride is not Smirthi anymore, they tore them off.

Good for me!

Rishi and I got in the decorated car's back seat and Ravi got in the front seat. I thanked all the gods I know for that. Who could dare go with him alone when I did the complete opposite of what he asked me to do? My dad, mom, sisters and Shekar uncle got in the next car. Some other relatives hopped in the remaining cars and we all went to my new Home.

On the way, I zipped up my mouth and no one started up a conversation, and I'm thankful for that. I was peeping out the windows and secretly stealing glances of my man. His face is rock hard with no expressions. I am now terrified. I should have done what he asked me to do in the first place.

Whoa hold on D! You did something that cannot be revoked. Now muster up your courage. You can tame this man D. After all You have some tricks up your sleeves. You know you are irresistible! Come on D you can do this!

Argh! Ignore Mindy, she is stupid!