Chapter 10 - My First Crush Happened To Be My Hubby!

D's PoV

I went into the kitchen to see Chinna anna. I wanted to cook for my family. Chinna anna was busy chopping vegetables. Oh no, I don’t cook veg recipes!

"Chinna anna! Can we make some chicken? I can cook!"

"You have to go to our 'kuladeivam temple'(native temple of a family) ma! Until then no nonveg!"

I pouted and started helping him chop the veggies. He took my help gladly and started cooking. I observed how he cooks.

Rishi came down after our little talk in the room. He was sitting in the hall watching tv. He looked at me when I was setting up the table for lunch. Man! his looks make my stomach flip. I decided to ignore his looks. He already caught me today! No more embarrassment for the day.

At 1 o'clock my family arrived. Our houses are 45mins away from each other. That is including the traffic. Rishi greeted them with a warm smile. Uncle and Ravi came from their rooms hearing the sound. After a formal welcome, my dad and uncle started to talk sitting in the hall. Rishi also

joined them. I took my mom and sisters along with me to the kitchen to introduce Chinna anna and to make juice.

Shanu took my hand and asked me "Are you ok Sis?"

Awww she is a loving sister. We have 5years difference and I have taken care of her all my life. She is like a baby to me. We had never fought with each other. The fights are always between (me and Dakshu) and (Dakshu and Shanu)."I’m perfectly alright!"

I guess I should tell them the real reason behind my approval of this marriage. I can’t keep them worrying about me. I made orange juice and arranged the glasses in a tray while Chinna anna came in.

"Meee this is Chinna Anna. He cooks all 3 meals here! He lives in the house at the backyard. He makes super delicious food".

Chinna Anna smiled sheepishly at my mom and greeted her.

"Anna, this is my mom and they are my sisters. Daksha and Shanvi"

"Give the juice soon ma. Only then we can serve lunch at least by 1.30"

"Don’t worry anna! We can eat by 2." With that I gave the juice glass to my mom and sisters and took the tray to the hall. I gave juice to dad and uncle and went across them to give it to Rishi. I showed him the tray. He was so engulfed in his phone that he put his head down. I bent a little more so that he can see that I’m not handing the glass to him. Suddenly he puts his hand out to grab the glass while he is still burying his head in his phone. He is literally a finger space away from my bosoms. I gasped out loud and moved back. OMG! He was about to touch me in the wrong spot.

No, He was about to grab my private spot.

Whoooooo! D! That’s so close! Why the hell did you move? We could have seen his reaction. Or maybe, he even would have apologized to you! Cha, you are wasted D! That’s so hot D. Just imagine his hands on you doing all the dirty stuff!

Shut up idiot!

He looked up and was shocked to see me. Now I know, he was not expecting me. He thought it was Chinna anna. And he is used to handing him the glass. Lesson learnt! The lesson was hot and steamy though. He grabbed the juice from the tray and muttered a sorry. I can see the smirk on his face. He is

enjoying my reactions! I really want to run away now. Aaghh! Why the hell these butterflies flip my stomach whenever he is next to me?

I turned to give juice to Ravi and found him nowhere. I went to his room upstairs and knocked. He opened the door and let me in with a wide smile.

"Here you go, Ravi! Why are you here?"

"Thanks, anni! I got bored of the topics they were discussing. So, I thought It’s better to be in my room until lunch."

"Come with me." I took his hands and dragged him downstairs. I have not properly introduced him to my sisters. I took him to the kitchen. I wanted him to know my reasons for this marriage, too. He already knew I liked his brother. And I may need his help because he is going to be with me.

"Mee, see who's here."

"Come Ravi! Got bored of business talks?"

"Yeah aunty! How are you?"

"Good kanna! How are you guys treating my princess here?"

"She is the Queen of this home aunty. You don’t have to worry about her well-being!"

Wow! He will make the best business-man! He knows how to flatter people. Look at my mom! She is all happy!

"This is Daksha and this is Shanvi. My lovely sisters. Girls, this is Ravi. My good friend, companion, and bro here." I introduced them. Dakshu said a hi and Shanu looked up at him and nodded her head.

That’s not my sister! She is talkative. I looked at Ravi. What the hell!? He looks at Shanu in her eyes just like his brother looks at me!

Though it’s just a second I can figure out something. He has this same smirk as his brother's on his face. Shanu looked troubled by his presence. Something is wrong! I made a note on my brain to investigate it later!

"um I want to tell you all something. You guys should be wondering why I agreed to this sudden marriage. I mean dad would have not forced me. He gave me an option. Rishi asked me to tell you that he said no for the wedding and he said he will say to his father that I said no. In that case both parents will leave this wedding at rest. I honestly wanted to tell no to him when I got into the room. When I saw him I had no control over me and just agreed to this marriage. Our wedding was done with only my consent!"

"What?" My mom looked like she was going to cry out loud. My sisters look like they are in a pool of sharks. Ravi gave me a knowing smile.

"Listen Mee! Please don’t react this way. I know what I did and until now I don’t think it’s a mistake. For what I have done, Rishi is very nice to me. He never even spoke angrily to me. I, for some reason, think he likes me too."

"Shut up sissy! Are you mad? Do you think mama likes you? You know what you have done? Mama must have been in love with that Smirthi girl. He may be truly in love with her. He spoke to you and said no to the wedding and you risked your life with your damn assumptions?" Shanvi pounced on me.

"Shanu please! I know Rishi. I know him from far past! I just don't know he was this rich back then! Dad doesn’t know that I know him. I..." I was cut off by my uncle calling me for lunch. I said that I will explain them later and we all went for lunch. I joined them after the first serving. I just don’t know, Rishi has this hard

face! He is angry.