Chapter 9 - My First Crush Happened To Be My Hubby!

Rishi's PoV

My dad said I can't go out now. I planned to resume my work from monday, before all these chaos occur. Now I really wanted to leave this house. I mean I literally can't stop seeing her, listening to her or thinking about her..! I need to breathe properly to get my mind straight and think about everything that has

happened and what to do next. That’s not going to happen when she is around me. But Dad says I can’t go out now and I have to keep the same plans as before.

When I was about to climb stairs to go to my room I heard her ask for dad's phone to talk to her parents. I was shocked to hear that she doesn't have her own phone. I mean who will be without a phone this time! When I heard her explanation I wanted to laugh along with them! But then I realized her

Dad must be too strict. That is why she must have agreed to marry me! She must be too scared to deny her father. I don’t know why, but that thought didn’t sit with me well. I don’t like it if that was the reason she married me. What do I expect? I don’t know, may be I just want to believe that she married me only

because she liked me! Not because of compulsion! Or worse her dad must have confiscated her phone when he found her being in love

with someone. That could be possible. I mean look at her, she is so hot, bubbly and beautiful. She must have loads of boys behind her. My rage grew high when I thought of her being in love with someone. My conscience hit me hard on my face. I am in love with Smirthi! But I can't stand even the thought of her being in love with someone.

Why didn’t I have the urge to find Smirthi? Why didn’t I make a move to know what happened to her? What if she is in danger? I didn’t even try to call her on her phone. I went to my room and started to call Smirthi. In my heart I really don’t like this idea of calling her. I’m actually not angry at her! But I should be. Shouldn’t I? We have spent 2years together. We are in the textile business. We have wholesale shops and retail showrooms across Tamil Nadu. We have our own weaving mill in Coimbatore. We design our own clothes. I administer the designing sector. Yes, I did my masters in textile and fashion designing. And also, I have a masters in HR Management. That’s where I met Smirthi. She is 2years younger than me. As I took my MBA in HR management after I did my masters in designing. We both were in the same class. She is a beautiful girl. Many guys in my class were after her. But she will never talk to anyone.

I had no friends in this class because everyone else is younger than me and I had no interest in making friends. It was just 3hrs a day and 3 days a week class.

One day Smirthi came running to me and asked me to accompany her to class. I saw some final year guys waiting for her in the corridor. I just nodded at her and she joined me. When we went closer to them, she grabbed my hand and pulled me closer to her.


I heard a knock on the door. I came out from the past. I looked at my phone. Smirthi didn’t pick. When I opened the door, I saw Danya raising her hand to knock again. She didn’t raise her head to look at my face. I can see her eyes roll on me and the pink shade on her cheeks. She is so cute! She is checking me out and the poor girl doesn’t even know how to do it without getting caught!

I folded my hands and waited for her to make a move. I remember her go all pink on her cheeks when I saw her at breakfast! Gosh she is so beautiful. The red salwar that hugs her curves perfectly is not helping! The blush on her cheeks is competing with her dress! She came to earth when I moved to lean

on the door. I cursed myself for doing that. I mean it’s fun to watch her. She looked up at my face and blushed hard. She must have known that she's been caught!

OMG, I can't help but say She is damn cute. She stuttered talking and asked me to let her in. I really wanted to crush her in a hug and kiss that inviting lips.

I just wanted to pull her leg. So I just left a little room for her to enter where she cannot get past me without touching me. She delicately turned to her side and slid in. I closed the door and went near her.

Honestly, I didn’t plan on anything but when she ran and sat at the corner of the couch I literally laughed. She must be thinking that I am going to make a move on her. OMG can anyone get cuter than this?! She looked at me like an alien. Oh, she has not seen me laugh since yesterday! I see the red again on her cheeks. What’s it with her! Do girls really blush like this? Smirthi is fair and she blushed at my touches also! But I have never seen any colors on her like Danya does!

I snapped on her face and she asked me to go to her parent's place with her for a stay. I know all these customs that happen after marriage. she sounded scared and unsure of what to come out of me. so I just played hard. I asked her why I would go with her. She looked up at me shocked. I sat on the other

end of the couch and looked at her. The dark and thick yellow thread around her neck, her little black thunder like bindi, the little streak of vermilion on her forehead, her little heart like earring with a white stone drop, her smooth and clear skin. I can say she has put no makeup on!

She is a natural!

Her sharp nose, her beautiful eyes, her god damn lips, perfectly defined jawline, long slender neck and those....! She broke my trance saying she will complain to my dad!

What? She got me off-guard! I was admiring her and here she talks like a kid? What am I? A pedophile?

I just wanted to laugh. What did she think of me? Am I a school boy? Do I look like I’m scared of my dad? She is just not getting what she wanted with this attitude of hers! She has to deal with me, not deal me with my dad! When I gave her a stern look and said I don’t care about her telling on me to my dad, she looked terrified. Immediately she withdrew her statement and asked me nicely with an emotional blackmail! But she is cute. I heard she is 21! She has just finished college. But her activities and her way of thinking is just like a schoolgirl. I gave her a deal and she accepted it! when I teased her on what she said she pouted her lips at me and she got me there.

God, it took all my will power and perseverance to hold me back from grabbing her and biting those pouting lips! She is damn hot! She turned away and left the room quickly! I should say these 2days of my wedding is more entertaining and fun than any movie I have watched so far in my whole 27yrs of life!