Chapter 6 - My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Why? Mom and Dad saw Cooper as their own son.

Aside from Specter Corporation, they gave him almost all of their fortune.How could he be so cruel? Cooper put on a cold look and pinched Erica’s chin.

"Why did Mr.Harvey change rooms at the last minute? And who was the man who left Room 2588 in the morning?"

"We have yet to find out."

Erica’s lower jaw was almost crushed by Cooper.All she could do was try to win his favor.

"But it doesn’t matter now since you two are already divorced.Aside from a grandmother on her deathbed, Genevieve has nobody on her side anymore.Even her person has been defiled.Aren’t you satisfied with that?"

When Cooper pictured the woman kneeling in the rain in a sorry state, he felt irritated for some reason.

"Of course I am!" Cooper said coldly.

He flung Erica onto the bed and pinned her under himself.

The Rachford family deserves to be destroyed! I’m just taking back what rightfully belongs to me!

"Coop, hold on…"

Erica sounded playful as her deft fingers began removing the buttons on Cooper’s shirt.

The room was quickly filled with the sound of passionate lovemaking.

Genevieve could not stop herself from shivering as she watched their bodies intertwine on the bed.She felt as if she had walked into an igloo.

So all this was planned by Cooper and Erica? Including those reporters who spread my scandal all over the internet? He divorced me to take away everything I had and left me with nothing! "Why…"

Genevieve sounded miserable.She looked at the man who was supporting her.

"Why did this happen?"

He was supposed to be my husband.

After my parents passed away, he was my support.He completely played me for a fool! Armand did not get a chance to reply.

The combination of being soaked in the rain for a few hours and the scene on the monitor before Genevieve proved too much for her as she blacked out.

Armand’s expression sank.

He placed his arms under her legs and carried her out of the room.

"Give Timothy a call."

"Yes, Mr.Faulkner."

Armand brought Genevieve to a high-class mansion area in the middle of the city—Swallow Garden.He had just entered the house when a young man dressed in white stood up from his seat on the couch.


Armand nodded slightly, then brought Genevieve to the second floor so that the young man could treat her wound.He smoked downstairs as he waited.

After about half an hour, Timothy descended from the upper floor.

"Not bad, Armand.There was a one-in-a-million chance of you finding her.If I’m not wrong, she’s the heroine who appeared on the news for infidelity, isn’t she?"

"I’m the secret lover."

Armand shot Timothy a glance.

"Anything else?"

"Nope.They said that the wives of other men are the most fun to toy with, right?"

Timothy said with a playful grin on his face.

"I gave her a shot so that she can sleep well tonight.Once she’s better, get her to come to the hospital for a checkup."

With that, he picked up his first aid kit and left.

The driver’s phone vibrated after he sent Timothy off.

"Mr.Faulkner, a message has arrived from the Faulkners," he reported, standing beside Armand.

"They are asking if you have returned to the country."

Armand got up from the couch.

"I’ll drive home myself.Get some housekeepers to look after her."

This flower who spent all her life in her greenhouse can’t withstand shock at all.

Genevieve had no idea how long she had slept.

When she woke up, she found herself in a strange Victorian room, dressed in silk pajamas.

The events that had happened recently rushed back to her all at once.

She was caught red-handed in a hotel; she fell to the ground, crying in the pouring rain outside of Specter Corporation, and she even witnessed the intimate moment between Cooper and Erica on a screen.

She refused to believe that those were exactly what had happened.

Like a headless chicken, Genevieve scurried out of the room.

After much difficulty, she found the stairs going down.

However, she missed the first step and tumbled straight down the stairs.

A man who was going upstairs at that time caught Genevieve in the blink of an eye.

"Where are you going in such a rush after waking up?"

Genevieve smelled a sharp, refreshing scent.

Once she calmed down, she saw that the man before her was the one from that night and the one who had brought her to see the truth.

"Thank you."

After standing steadily on her feet, Genevieve bit her lip and asked, "Could you lend me a car?"She wanted an explanation from Cooper.

Why did he plan all this just to ruin me? And why does he want to take away the last thing my father left me? The driver behind Armand shook his head.

"Ms.Rachford, have you not seen the truth already? Why—"

"Steven, give her the keys,"

Armand interrupted.

"She has already been scammed out of everything she owns.One more doesn’t matter."Genevieve was a bit embarrassed at Armand’s undisguised mockery, but she still took the keys and left hurriedly.

Specter Corporation now belonged to Cooper.

Knowing that she was not allowed in under his orders and that it would be a waste of effort to go over again, she decided to pay Erica’s home a visit instead.

Upon arrival, she parked and got down from the car.Right as she was about to enter after she pushed the gate open, she saw a boy playing on a wooden horse in the garden, and her entire being trembled violently.