Chapter 5 - My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Chapter 40 It Is Impossible

Did Melissa lose the blueprint and change it to a few pieces of white paper?

Murray did not think that Melissa would make such a mistake. He would like to get her explanation.

However, Melissa did not intend to give any explanation. She remained calm, “Let’s not discuss – this issue first.”

Melissa looked at Jessie and asked, “Do you have a copy of the design?”

Jessie’s face flashed with disdain. She replied, “Don’t tell me you don’t know that our jewelry design drawings are all hand-drawn? How can there be backups for hand-drawn drawings? Don’t you even have this common sense?”

Melissa nodded and asked, “How much time will it take to re-draw the design drawings?”

Jessie answered without hesitation, “At least two days.”

“What do you mean, Melissa?” Susie glared at Melissa and sneered, “Are you planning to postpone the meeting and let the design department spend two days redrawing the designs? Do you want Mr. Bruce to wait two days for you to make up for your mistake?”

“Who said I would spend two days? Just give me an hour.” Melissa said with an indifferent


“An hour? How is that possible? Didn’t you hear Jessie say it would take at least two days?” Susie

gritted her teeth when she saw how calm Melissa was.

How could Melissa be so calm when she was put in a great quandary?

Susie couldn’t stand Melissa’s lofty appearance!

“She needs two days, but that doesn’t mean I need two days too. She can’t do it, but that doesn’t mean I can’t either!” A confident smile appeared on Melissa’s face, “An hour is enough.”

After a pause, Melissa’s eyes darkened. She looked at Bruce, “Mr. Bruce, are you willing to give me an hour?”

“Of course, no problem.” Bruce agreed immediately. He was also curious about what Melissa

wanted to do.

Murray was also curious.

He glanced at Melissa, curled his lips, and asked with a cold expression, “So, what do you mean?”

Melissa smiled confidently, “I’ll draw up new designs.”

Murray’s eyes darkened.

Did Melissa want to personally draw the designs?

Moreover, would it only take an hour to complete the designs?

How could it be possible?

“Melissa, stop joking!” Susie seemed to have heard something out of the question as she sneered;

“It is impossible!”

“Then please wait and see.” Melissa stood up and opened her laptop.

Under the watchful eyes of everyone, Melissa gracefully opened the drawing software she designed.

It was indeed impossible to complete the designs in an hour, but Melissa could do it with this


Melissa projected the computer screen. She held the mouse with her fair and slender fingers and skillfully operated on it.

As the mouse moved quickly, an exquisite figure gradually appeared on the computer screen.

The conference room quieted down. Everyone stared at the computer projection in disbelief. They were shocked.

Melissa only used an hour to complete the designs that even a skilled designer would need two days to complete.

“Accomplished!” After finishing the designs, Melissa heaved a sigh of relief and released the


Melissa looked down at her watch and found that there were still five minutes left.

Murray looked at the design drawings on the screen. There was a slight flash of amazement in his cold eyes.

There were vivid and lifelike design drawings of rings, necklaces, and bracelets.

What surprised Murray more was that the designs that Melissa drew, compared to the previous designs that had been drawn by the design department, had a few subtle changes.

And it was these changes that ensouled the entire jewelry of “Ice and Fire” collection, deeply attracting people.

Even the chief designer of the design department couldn’t do this, but Melissa did it.

Murray wondered how many more surprises Melissa, his fiancée, who came from the countryside, would give him.

Susie stared at the design drawings drawn by Melissa and could not come back to her senses for a

long time.

How could this be?

How could Melissa have completed the designs within an hour?

Wasn’t Melissa a country bumpkin? Why would Melissa accomplish such complicated designs?.

Melissa had completed the design, which meant that Susie’s plan had failed again!

Susie was extremely unwilling, but she could not show it. She could only bite her lips and stare at


Under everyone’s astonished gaze, Melissa cleared her throat. With a smile on her face, Melissa turned her gaze to Bruce and said, “I’m sorry, Mr. Bruce. There was a small accident. Now, I have redrawn the designs.”

Melissa pointed at the screen with her slender fingers and introduced the designs to Bruce non-stop, “This is the series of ‘Ice and Fire’ that we launched. White represents ice and red represents fire. It is the theme of this issue.”

“That’s great!” Bruce gave a thumbs up and praised Melissa’s design, “I like your designs very much, especially the idea of the double-helix. It’s excellent!”

The idea of the double-helix was made by Melissa.

Melissa had mentioned it to Jessie before. However, Jessie seemed to be very hostile to Melissa. In

private, Jessie went her own way and ignored Melissa’s suggestion.

Therefore, Melissa had not planned to show the design drawings of the design department to Bruce from the beginning.

Melissa had long known that Susie would tamper with the meeting, so she beat Susie at her own game and drew her designs in public, astonishing everyone.

“Bruce, do you think there are any other problems? Is there anything else that needs to be modified?” Melissa maintained a polite and appropriate smile,

Bruce shook his head and said, “No problem. It is completely OK!”

“Since there is nothing to change, then we will invest in production according to the design drawings and launch the ‘Ice and Fire’ series as soon as possible.” Melissa’s tone was full of confidence, “I believe that ‘Ice and Fire’ will achieve unexpected results.”

“I am looking forward to having such an outstanding person in charge like you.”

Bruce was very satisfied with the design of this issue. The meeting was over.

Bruce was ready to go back to the hotel to rest. He left with his assistant.

Susie and Jessie looked sullen as they watched Bruce leave.

Jessie optimized the design drawings for days with her colleagues. However, as the head of the design department, Jessie was not as good as Melissa, a layman. It was embarrassing. How could Jessie be convinced in the future?

As for Susie, she took the risk to exchange for the design drawings. She thought that Melissa would be fired by Murray for dereliction of duty. However, not only was it resolved by Melissa, but it also made Melissa in the limelight. Even Bruce praised Melissa!

Susie and Jessie stood up. Just as they were about to leave, Melissa said in a low voice, with a fierce light flashing in her eyes, “Wait a minute!”