Chapter 2 - My Husband Is a Gary Stu

She recalled how tense she had been when the man had led her to the bed last night. His breath had fanned her ear as he rasped, “Relax.”

Indeed, Cooper’s voice is usually cool. It’s totally different from that man’s voice!

“H-How could it be?” Genevieve stared at the photos scattered on her bed blankly, the color draining from her face. Who was the man who slept with me last night?

“Ms. Rachford, Mr. Sutton is your childhood sweetheart. Why did you cheat on him?”

“Are you tired of him?” The reporters ignored her plight and questioned her harshly to get the shocking headlines they wanted. The cameras captured every inch of her body and every expression she made without sparing her feelings.

“Get out! Get out right now!” Genevieve finally broke down and screamed with all her might. She waved her hands desperately to chase the reporters out, but they refused to leave. A reporter even asked, “Ms. Rachford, your body is full of hickeys. Did you have sex with the man for a long time?”

Genevieve couldn’t bear it anymore. The reporters were too rude and had no bottom line. She let out an ear-piercing shriek and passed out. A black Maybach was parked across the street from the hotel. The back window rolled down slowly to reveal a man’s frosty side profile. He glanced at the entrance of the hotel. When he saw Cooper walking out, flanked by the reporters, his eyes turned black and penetrating.

“Coop, be gentle…” The woman’s sweet voice from last night seemed to echo in his ear. He fiddled with his fingers as though the woman’s warmth were still lingering on his fingertips. Cooper Sutton, the

adoptive son of the Rachford family. He is also the CEO of Specter Corporation. Shortly after, he relayed his orders calmly, “Investigate Cooper Sutton.”

“Yes, Mr. Faulkner.” In less than an hour, headlines reporting that Genevieve had cheated on her husband had been posted on various news websites. The reporters had also attached a few videos of Cooper catching Genevieve in the act and her naked body. It created an uproar on the internet. Specter Corporation, which belonged to the Rachford family, suffered a backlash from the scandal.

The price of its shares plummeted and almost hit rock bottom. Meanwhile, Genevieve got back home hastily with the help of her housekeeper. Her phone number was exposed online, and she kept receiving prank calls and texts. As a result, she couldn’t use it and had to borrow her housekeeper’s phone to call Cooper, hoping to explain to him. Alas, Cooper didn’t pick up her calls.

Genevieve soaked herself in cold water in the tub and scrubbed her body violently. Her body turned red from her forceful scrubbing, but she could still smell the man’s scent on her. Recalling Cooper’s arctic expression when he left, Genevieve fought back the urge to burst into tears. Despair overwhelmed her heart. Why is this happening? Some time later, her phone rang. Genevieve picked it up from the rack and answered it hastily.

“Darling, I—”

“Come to the City Hall now!” Cooper demanded and cut the line abruptly. Only then did Genevieve realize she had been soaking in the tub for ages, and her body was wrinkled and pale. She stumbled out of the tub and went to her closet to put on some clothes.

On the way to the City Hall, she put on some foundation to conceal her haggard and ashen face. I need to explain everything to Cooper so he won’t divorce me! When Genevieve arrived at Jadeborough City Hall, she saw Cooper at the door. He was dressed in a black suit and bore a cool expression. There were no reporters around, so it seemed that he had cleared the scene beforehand.

“Darling, let me explain.” Genevieve dashed over to Cooper and took his arm. Tears welled up in her eyes.

“I received a text last night saying you were at the Langfield Hotel with another woman. Your phone GPS showed you were there, so I went to the hotel…” Cooper unlocked his phone and showed her his schedule from yesterday. Pinning her with a withering look, he said, “I sent a client to the hotel and left within ten minutes!”

After seeing his schedule, Genevieve swayed and nearly lost her balance. Did someone set me up last night?