Chapter 3 - My Husband Is a Gary Stu

Without hesitation, Cooper dragged her into the City Hall and pushed her onto a chair.

“We’re here to get a divorce,” he announced coldly.

“No!” Genevieve snapped back to reality. She tugged at Cooper’s arm and begged, “Darling, I don’t want to get a divorce. Please don’t do this to me. We grew up together as childhood sweethearts, and you know how much I love you. You’re the only one I can depend on!

“I don’t want a woman who has been sullied,” came Cooper’s heartless reply. Genevieve’s mind went blank as her entire body slumped in her seat. Her grip on his arm also slackened. He thinks I’m sullied? At that exact moment, an alluring lady with long, wavy hair rushed into the City Hall.

“Mr. Sutton, I’m here with the documents you need,” she said, panting heavily. Hope rose in Genevieve’s heart when she saw who the newcomer was.

“Errie, please help me persuade Cooper not to divorce me. When we used to fight, you’d convince him to change his mind.” Erica Hall and Cooper went to the same university, and the three of them were good friends. Every time Genevieve had a fight with Cooper, Erica would help her by telling Cooper off. He would then return to sweet-talk her into forgiving him.

Thus, she assumed Erica would do the same this time. After hearing her pleas, Erica seemed to be in a dilemma. “Genevieve, we may be good friends, but what you did at the hotel… It was wrong, and I can’t help you.”

As they spoke, Cooper had already flipped the file open.

“Sign it!” Genevieve took one look at it as something popped up in her mind. Before they got married, Cooper had drafted a prenup that stated he would leave without anything if he were to cheat on her.

“I won’t sign it! No way!” Genevieve shook her head desperately.

“Darling, I can do anything. Just don’t divorce me, please…” Cooper was unfazed despite her pleas. He even forced her to hold the pen and sign her name. After doing that, he turned to the staff and repeated, “We’re here to get a divorce. Please get the procedures done!”

Less than two minutes later, the divorce certificate was tossed into Genevieve’s arms.

“Cooper!” Genevieve stared at Cooper’s back as he departed. Choking on her tears, she rushed out behind him but saw him getting into the car with Erica. Am I seeing things? Why did Erica kiss Cooper? Rooted to the spot, she watched helplessly as the car drove away. Suddenly, her phone rang with a call from the hospital.

“Ms. Rachford, your grandmother is in a critical condition. Please come to the hospital at once!”

“What?” Genevieve gasped. She wiped her tears away hastily and hailed a taxi to head to the hospital. Her parents had died in an accident last year, and her grandmother, Winifred, had been hospitalized for a long while due to her tuberculosis condition.

It was Cooper who had remained by her side and encouraged her. He was the reason she could make it through the hard times. However, things were different now.

Genevieve rushed to Winifred’s ward and realized that her condition had deteriorated. It seemed that Winifred was close to breathing her last breath. After entering the ward, Genevieve was about to speak when Winifred sat up from bed and gave her a tight slap.

“Didn’t I tell you that Cooper is nothing but the Rachford family’s adoptive son? I reminded you not to fall in love with him, but you refused to listen to me. Look, you’ve now destroyed your dad’s life efforts!”

The wound on Genevieve’s cheek had just scabbed, but Winifred’s slap had caused it to split open. Blood oozed down her cheek, and she looked a mess.

“Grandma, Specter Corporation is still mine,” she assured Winifred. Even if she were to leave the marriage without anything after her divorce, her shares in Specter Corporation weren’t affected. She was still the largest shareholder of Specter Corporation. In a fit of rage, Winifred tossed the newspapers to her.

“See for yourself!” Genevieve picked up the newspapers and spread them out. The financial headline that was published at seven this morning stated that Cooper Sutton held sixty-three percent of Specter Corporation’s shares and thus had absolute authority over the company. Her eyes widened in disbelief as she took in the news.

“Why does he have that many shares…” She belatedly realized that Cooper had asked for her shares barely a month after their wedding with the excuse that he wanted to reorganize the company. They had been married, and their assets had been marital property, so she had transferred her shares to Cooper without suspecting anything. Never in her wildest dreams did she know that Cooper would use her trust to get Specter Corporation from her!

“Why do I have such a foolish granddaughter like you? He had you on a string and fooled you easily!” Winifred admonished her in a loud voice. Suddenly, Winifred’s face scrunched up in agony. She held her chest before collapsing on the bed.