Chapter 1 - My Mysterious Husband

“Dear Venus, Room 1026, 8 p.m, CK International Hotel, ., when you arrived there remember to turn off the light and wait for me. I will surprise you!”

Venus Mu smiled when she read the text sent from her boyfriend Zihang Lu, she’s already arrived at the room.

She put down her bag and turned off the light, darkness covered her in an instant. She groped her way to the sofa and waited for her boyfriend, wondering what kind of surprise would Zihang Lu bring her. Would it be a proposal?

They had been together for a year and a half, she liked this man deep down her heart, but she always thought something’s missing.

When she was pondering, a bang was heard as if something hit the door, followed by the man's slight muffled grunt.

Oh my god.

Venus was stunned, she didn’t see anyone swipe the room key to open the door, where did the sound come…

Thinking of this, she felt a chill down her spine that she stood up and wanted to turn on the light.

However, when Venus just touched the wall, her hand was grasped by a warm hand, then a deep and husky male voice was heard, “Hmm, woman…”


A man!

How did he come in? Or had he hidden in the room just now?

“Ah!” Not until Venus had time to think much, the man grasped her wrist and pulled her into his hug.

The man's other hand yanked directly on Venus's back, and the dress she was wearing was ripped off by him.

"Oh my god, help me..." Venus called out subconsciously, shaking all over and trying to protect her chest with her hands.

This man was definitely not Zihang, who the hell was he?

The man was extremely agile that he scooped Venus up in his arms directly.

"You...who are you? Rascal, get off me!" Venus shuddered, her body was so tense when her body directly closed to the man.

His body was so hot, not just hot, as if her skin was about to be burned.

"Who am I?" The man said slowly, then he seemed to chuckle, his voice was so husky like he was enduring something silently, "Soon you'll know who I am!"

As soon as his words were spoken, he walked to the bed under the deem light came in through the window, he carried Venus to the bed, then he threw her onto the big bed in a second....

Venus was trembling with fear and tried to escape immediately, but the man didn't give her the chance to do so, he rushed over to pressed her down his body.


His hot lips pressed down, he kissed her so hard that their lips and teeth tangled, although Venus struggled hard, the man was incredibly strong that she couldn't even move him a bit.

"Bastard..., N-no... let me go..."

"Heh, you don’t want me to let you go soon..." the man held Venus under his body and pressed down, he didn’t want to endure anymore and whispered, "Be good, help me alleviate the fire..."

"Who's going to help you, asshole!" Venus cursed, she felt very humiliated that tears falling down her face like rain, but the man kissed them all away.

His voice was soft and husky, "I'll be very gentle."

An hour later....

The man finally stopped, Venus couldn’t resist him that even her tears were drained up, when he released her, she immediately crawled up in the bed.

"You bastard, I won't let you go!" Venus said, reaching out to grab her dress and bag, and she immediately dressed up.

Through the vague light in the room, Venus could barely discern the man in front of her, he’s six feet tall with an upright and powerful figure, features strongly marked, eyes were dark and deep, but she couldn't see his face clearly as the light was too dim, she could only sense that he should be an pretty handsome man.

"There are plenty of people who want to kill me in the entire Sky City, but I'm looking forward to your fighting back!" The man smiled softly as if the good feeling just now stuck him again, he’s turned on again, he licked his lips and said, "Before that, we can do it again!"

Saying that, he wanted to catch Venus.

Venus was so frightened that she immediately jumped off the bed and yelled, "Bastard, you can go to hell!"

Saying that, she didn't dare to stay here any longer, she picked up her bag and groped her way to the door under the dim light immediately.

"Don't go, tell me who are you?" Realizing what Venus was up to, the man shouted and got up hastily tried to go after her.

"I'm your father!"

Venus sneered, opening the door and running away, she left the door open wide purposely because she knew he wasn't wearing any clothes, he wouldn’t chase her as he was naked at the moment.

Not daring to take the elevator, Venus ran down the stairwell while constantly paying attention to her surroundings, lucky for her that the man really didn't chase her.

However, the man who took away her first night...who was he?