Chapter 2 - My Mysterious Husband

Room 1026, CK Hotel

The man was casually wearing a new shirt handed to him by his men, unsmiling, with a pair of blue pupils, which were chilling and harsh…

The man was the overlord of the entire underground kingdom of Sky City, the king of the imperial capital. His power was strong enough to control the whole capital, with the name of ‘King of the dark night’. He was called by everyone respectfully as the ‘Black Emperor’—Kerry Ye.

At this moment, in front of him were respectfully standing side by side a dozen or so unsmiling black- clothed bodyguards and their leader, Henry Zhang, said carefully, “Young Master, tonight’s matter was a miscalculation. We were tricked...”

“All right!” Kerry interrupted him and said with a cold face, “My being drugged tonight can’t be told. As for the one who drugged me…”

“We’ve caught them all, who were from the Blue Dragon Gang. The last time we destroyed their gang, but the few who escaped planned all this and even sent a killer.”

Kerry sneered and said disdainfully, “Who knows. Do it cleanly next time and if there’s anyone escaping, you should know the consequences!”

Saying so, he looked over, with his pair of dark blue pupils, but Henry only felt frightened and said, “Yes, Young Master!”

Kerry stopped looking at him, casually wearing his tie and thought of something else, “What about Tianye Mu? How’s it going?”

Henry shook his head, “We have no clue. We’ve set up our people at home and abroad, but we haven’t found any trace of him. He seems to disappear.”

“Disappear? No way!” Kerry sneered, “He is smart, cunning and very scheming. You keep looking. If he is dead, I need to see the body; if he is alive, bring him to me.”

“Yes!” Henry nodded and took the information handed over by his men and passed it to Kerry, “Young Master, this is what we have found out about Tianye’ s family. Please go through.”

“Good!” He nodded and didn’t say anything more. He quietly flipped through the files, but he frowned.

Tianye had a sister and it seemed like he quite loved her. Since this was the case…

“Venus Mu, who is currently studying design at Nanhua University in Sky City, has a boyfriend named Zihang Lu, who has been dating with her for a year and a half, but they have never had sex and they want to marry…”

“Marry...” Reciting this word three times silently, Kerry’s blue pupils suddenly became bitterly cold, “How long have we been looking for Tianye? “

“Six months!”

“Great!” Kerry’s eyes burst with ruthlessness and he smiled coldly, “Venus, right? Arrange it for me. I want her, Tianye’ s sister!”

“Yes!” Henry nodded.

After saying that, Kerry was about to leave, but he suddenly noticed the bed, the red on the sheet. The woman tonight... she was still a virgin!

“Henry, check the hotel’s CCTV. I want to find the woman who was in this room tonight!” After saying that, Kerry glanced at a briefcase on the sofa.

Was this the woman’s?

He thought as he walked over and picked it up. He opened it and there were only some drawing tools and a design drawing of clothing.

Looking at the drawing, Kerry began to smile.

Thinking about the wonderful feeling just now, he subconsciously licked his lips and he somewhat had some feelings. He immediately said in a cold voice, “Now, go to get the CCTV!”


Right now, he just wanted to relive he good feeling he had tonight.