Chapter 8 - My Mysterious Husband

“Yes, that’s right! Louder!” Venus Mu’ s unexpected reaction made Kerry Ye extremely satisfied, his eyes filled with desire.

Venus immediately closed her mouth, not daring to open it again. No matter what Kerry did, she held back to prevent herself from making any sound.

Only when the whole process was over, did Kerry let her go.

After cleaning it up, he looked at her coldly, “Clean yourself up. There will be plenty of fun later!”

Venus’s eyes were filled with tears, watching this man desperately, the man that she was was going to marry. Right now, she had found this man was a demon.

“Why do you want to marry me?” Venus asked, for she couldn’t figure out these days, especially after he had treated her in that rude way.

He was startled at first, then he was sullen, with his eyes bursting with violence, “Can’t you figure it out? I’m telling you. I want to torture you!”

She froze, “Why?”

“Ask your brother!” He sneered.

Venus was even more puzzled. Was it because of his grudge? What did this have to do with marrying her?

As Venus was thinking, Kerry suddenly lowered his head and he whispered in a cold voice, “If you keep

lying on the couch and looking at me in this way, I won’t mind have another sex.”

Saying this, he smiled evilly and Venus immediately trembled all over, only to see that she was now exposed to him in an extremely ambiguous posture.

She immediately got up from the sofa and got her wedding dress ready, while using her hands to block her chest.

Seeing this, Kerry sneered, “Why not let me see? I’ve touched it!”

Thinking of what he had done before, Venus immediately blushed and bit her lips to argue, “Respect me, please!”

“Interesting.” Kerry was disdainful, “Then tell me, my wife, who took your virginity?”

“I... “Venus didn’t how to retort.

She really didn’t know who took her virginity. Was it the man called Young Master Nangong?

However, that night was so dark that she didn’t see his face.

Seeing Venus bite her lips and not speak, Kerry was more disdainful, “I don’t want to know who he is and I don’t care how many men you have fucked with. Now, get yourself ready and the wedding is starting. Don’t embarrass me!”

He said and stood to the side, Venus blushed because of his humiliation and she was still biting her lip without doing anything.

“What? Do you want me to get you ready? Or do you want people to see how slutty you are at the moment?” Seeing that Venus didn’t move, he said so, pulling her in front of the mirror.

As soon as she saw herself in the mirror, Venus was stunned. The woman in the mirror at the moment was wearing a white wedding dress, but her face, neck and arms were all hickeys.

It was obvious that she had just fucked with someone.

Venus blushed still and she immediately said, “You... you go out, give me some time!”

“Why not face the fact that we have just fucked. Hurry up, time is limited!” Kerry said, looking at the watch on his wrist.

Venus was in great embarrassment. Since he refused to leave, she had no choice but to take off her wedding dress and clothes in front of him and clean up the hickeys, using her foundation to cover. Then she did the makeup again. After a while, she was done.

Venus turned back to look at Kerry, only to find this man’s eyes were fixed on her all the time.


“You’re still sexier when you’re naked!” He squinted and smiled amusedly.

“… “Venus had never been so embarrassed in her life.