Chapter 7 - My Mysterious Husband

“I...I...” Venus Mu didn’t know what to say and her face blushed; she was speaking ill of Kerry but got caught on the scene the next minute.

“Young Master Kerry, my name is Xinyou Qiao!” Xinyou reacted more quickly than Venus; she walked up to Kerry and stood between Venus and Kerry to block their sights.

“Well...” Kerry hang up the corner of his mouth and took a glance of Xinyou, then fell his eyes back on Venus again.

He had only seen the photo of this beautiful woman before, but at the moment he was seeing her in flesh, he felt so overwhelmed by her beauty that he suddenly wanted to do something to her...

He turned to Xinyou again and smiled, “Miss Qiao, may I have a moment alone with my newly-wed wife? And kindly close the door for me, will you?”

Kerry basically told Xinyou to leave. There’s a little embarrassment shown on Xinyou’s face and she lifted her feet and was ready to leave.

Venus suddenly realized something and she felt nervous and said immediately, “Please stay, Xinyou, I...”

Xinyou was indeed unwilling to leave; she was just intimated by Kerry, and that’s all; but when she saw Kerry’s face, she knew she had to leave, so she did so and closed the door behind her after she left.

There were only two people left in the lounge, Kerry and Venus.

This man’s truly dangerous!

As Venus was thinking, Kerry walked up to her with big steps.

Venus got so frightened that she immediately stood up from the chair, lifted her feet and tried to run backwards; but she was wearing her long wedding gown with a long bridal train, as a result, her extremely incontinent high heels stepped on the gown and she started to fall toward the side of the chair.

Kerry reached out his hand, grabbed her by her waist and cuddled her in his arms.

“Playing hard to get? I like it!” Kerry smiled and he looked so charming.

Venus was still shocked with her eyes wide open. She was still trying to figure out the meaning of his words when suddenly Kerry’s lips pressed tightly on hers; her shell-like white teeth got unlocked by Kerry’s tongue which started greedily plundering the sweetness in her mouth.

“Hmm...” Venus started to struggle.

However, Kerry was faster and held her even tighter.

“Ah...Let go of me!” Venus was so frighted that she couldn’t help shivering.

It felt the same when she got offended by the stranger on the night half a month ago...

“Let go? Soon you wouldn’t want me to let go...” Kerry smiled coldly and placed Venus in the couch next to him.

“Son of a...Hmm...” Venus found it useless to resist and she couldn’t help thinking of the unpleasant experience half a month ago; the feeling crowded in on her and her tears fell down...

However, the smoothness inside of her body immediately got Kerry’s attention and he changed his face, “This is not your first time?”


Venus didn’t reply because of the pain in her body; of course it was not her first time, as her virginity had already been taken away by a stranger half a month ago...

“Huh! Slut!” Looking at Venus’s pure and innocent face while thinking about the scene that she had already been taken advantage of by another man, Kerry felt disgusted and suffocated as if he had eaten a dead fly; he became restless immediately.

Venus felt uncomfortable both physically and emotionally; she just clenched her teeth and endured.

Seeing her like this, thinking of the death of Kevin Ye and thinking of Tianye Mu, Kerry had no more mercy in his heart and the violence in his deep heart started to show; he put more strength on his hand and pinched her chin.

“Since it’s not your first time, stop pretending to be a paragon of chastity; scream! Why not scream!”

“Ehhh...” Venus frowned because of the pain in her chin. Kerry suddenly moved harder and it’s too much for her to endure; she wanted to fight back and say something, but the words coming out of her mouth were the shameful...