Chapter 1 - My Perfect Female Boss

If I could turn the clock back, I would never help that woman, and I would rather just stand by and watch.

A few years ago, I was with my client in a hotel, and when I passed a room, I heard a scream for help from inside the room. I pushed the door open, and saw a beautiful woman was pinned down on bed by a fat man.

Her clothes had all been ripped, her breasts were exposed, and her legs, dressed in black stockings, were opened by force. She looked at me with teary eyes, and a flicker of hope crossed her face.

I could feel a flush of hot blood creeping up my face. Then I charged towards that fat man and grappled with him.

That woman then rushed out of the room. Her ample breasts bounced as she escaped. Her face was consorted with horror but she still looked stunning.

That fat man was drunk. I beat him black and blue, then the hotel called the police, and I was arrested.

That was the day when my life turned utterly miserable.

The fat man told the police that I was beating him for no reason, and he had got a concussion. He asked me to compensate for his loss, and he was ready to sue me for assault.

I wasn’t afraid at first, because I knew I hit him for a righteous cause. But the police told me later that they couldn’t find any evidence to prove that I was telling the truth, and the surveillance camera in the hotel was broken. So the only thing they were sure of was that I beat him.

My heart sunk, but I still had hope. I was hoping that woman would appear and save me, but she didn’t. She never showed up again.

At last, I was sentenced to three years in prison for assault. And that fat man received a compensatory payment of a hundred and seventy dollars from me for the suffering he had been caused. That was basically all the money I made within four years.

This news was such a blow to my family. My father, who had been a proud man his whole life, had a relapse when he heard about it and he almost died. And my mother cried so hard that her eyes were swollen.

And my girlfriend, who had been together with me for five years, promised that she would wait for me. But as the time went by, her visits decreased in frequency, and in the end, she sent me a letter and said that she doesn’t want to wait for me anymore.

It was the darkest three years of my life. I had changed so much. I became irritable and anxious, and I fought with other people so much that my body is covered with terrifying scars.

When I was finally released, I tried to get my girlfriend back, but when I finally found her, she was with another man.

Her new boyfriend has an Audi car and he looks mature and handsome. He is so perfect for her.

I was so angry when I saw them together and I wanted to confront her about it but I didn’t. Then she got on his car and he drove away.

I remembered that in her letter, she said: “Tom, forget about me. I have found someone who is just as

nice as you.”

I smiled bitterly. I wandered alone along the streets until I got exhausted and collapsed on the street. Then I learned to derive pleasure from cigarettes and alcohol. They made me laugh uproariously and hysterically.

At first I hated that woman for not showing up, because it was she who ruined my life, but as time went by, I realized that hatred could only make me more negative and depressed. So I tried to pull myself together.

It’s not easy to get a job when you have a crime record, and I got rejected for so many times. But luckily, I found a software company that was hiring salesmen and technologists. This company was competing for a deal in Thailand so it was hiring urgently.

I applied for this position because I studied International Trade as my major when I was back in college, and I also learned Thai.

They didn’t check my background because they were urgent, and I passed the interview and got this job. I had new hopes for my life.

On my first day, I got dressed neatly, and I went to the company with great expectations. After completing the procedures, I was taken to the office of the sales director to meet my immediate superior.

The specialist in Personnel told me that my superior is the daughter of this company’s boss. She just came back from abroad, and she is even more beautiful than some actresses. So many men in this company have a crush on her.

The door to the office was opened, and I froze when I saw the beautiful woman sitting behind a big desk. Then the memories came flooding back: the frightened look on her stunning face, her teary eyes, and her ample breasts......

I could never imagine that the woman I saved three years ago, the woman who ruined my life, is now my immediate superior.

So many painful memories were rekindled all of a sudden. The tears my parents shed, the darkness of my prison life, and my girlfriend......

I was again overwhelmed by bitter hatred that had been torturing me for the past three years.

“Tom, this is our sales director. You can call her President Bai.” The specialist in personnel introduced her to me, without noticing any difference.

This beautiful woman whom I hate so much was looking at me. Her brow furrowed and she seemed to be recalling something.

“Hello, my name is Wendy. Did we meet before?” She asked all of a sudden.

I laughed coldly and said: “Of course we met before. I saw you opening your legs to a man!”

Wendy’s face darkened. “What do you mean? Is there a misunderstanding?”

“Misunderstanding? I should never have rushed into that room. I should have just stood by, and saw you being pressed down on bed by that fat man and....”

“Shut up!” A burning blush rushed to her cheeks, and she breathed heavily, her chest heaving.

“Now you remember who am I? President Bai?”

Wendy managed to regain her composure. Then she turned to the specialist and asked her to go out.

The specialist was in a confused state of mind. She opened her mouth but couldn’t utter a word, and at last she left the office without saying anything.

The door was shut. Wendy looked at me and said: “ You are the man who rushed into that room three years ago? At Weina Hotel?”

“Yes I am.”

“It’s really you!” She said. Her expression was unreadable. She then laughed bitterly and said: “I was so frightened and I didn’t see your face. And due to some reasons, I didn’t thank you for what you did. So, are you here for me?”

I smiled coldly and said: “You are thinking too much. I’ m here to work, and I never thought I could find you here. Thank god!”

Wendy sighed with relief and said: “I should really thank you for saving me.”

“You think that is enough?”

Wendy then stood up from her chair and took out a bank card from her fancy handbag, passed it to me and said: “There is a million dollars in this card. It’s a compensation.”