My Perfect Female Boss

My Perfect Female Boss

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Chapter: 17
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Synopsis about My Perfect Female Boss

Read My Perfect Female Boss by Dragonfish. Genre: Chinese novels. Read the full novel online for free hereI rescued a beauty from distress, but as a result I was put into jail for three years. After being released from the prison, I ran into that woman...
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Chapter 1 She Ruined My Life

If I could turn the clock back, I would never help that woman, and I would rather just stand by andwatch. A few years ago, I was with my client in a hotel, and when I passed a room, I heard a scream for helpfrom inside the room. I pushed the door open, and saw a beautiful woman was pinned down on bed bya fat man. Her clothes had all been ripped, her breasts were exposed, and her legs, dressed in black stocki

Chapter 2 Compensation

“Compensation?” My anger flared up in an instant. Wendy thought I was not happy with the number. Her face set. She then produced another bank cardand said: “There is four million dollars in the card, so it’s five million dollars in total. Thanks again forhelping me.” I could no longer hold my anger back. I shouted: “Screw your money! I wasted three years of my life inprison because of you! Can your bloody mo

Chapter 3 They All Get What They Deserve

“That’s never gonna happen.” Wendy said, her face darkened. “Then there is nothing to talk about. I need to go back to work now.” I smiled, turned around and was about to leave. Then I said to her: “President Bai, I just want to workhard, and you should stop trying to drive me away, because I have nothing to lose, and I have nothingto fear.” Then I opened the door and left. The desk of her assistant is right

Chapter 4 Softhearted

Soon, Wendy started rubbing her temples, she looked tired. After a while, Wendy got up with her bag and walked towards the bathroom, probably because shewanted to wash her face to refresh herself. As soon as Wendy left, the man immediately got up to check out, and quickly followed her to thebathroom. I did not follow up, but took out the masks and glasses I prepared in advance, put them on, bypassedthe other

Chapter 5 Ingratitude

Once it came to me, I got up in a hurry. Though my body renewed with enough power, I stood up, feeling a violent giddiness, with dry throatand a sense of sickness.I couldn’t catch up with them. I picked up my cell phone, supported myself against the wall, went to the bathroom and turned on thetap. I washed my face casually and drank some water. After a few moment, I felt better and hurried out. As soon as I

Chapter 6 I'm sorry

Perhaps it was because I caught her off guard, or she was so frightened that Wendy didn't scream orstruggle. Instead, she stiffened her body and looked at me in horror with her mouth wide open. I pressed almost my entire body on her, staring at her stunning face, her trembling eyelashes, the clearblack pupils that swayed slightly, and of course, the trembling red lips. My sexual desire aroused sharply, and m

Chapter 7 A Very Big Project

The Thai, Shadisong, must have been in contact with Wendy, so no wonder he said hello to me. I joined my hands politely again. “My name is Tom, and I used to be Wendy’s assistant. But now I’mnot, because we have conflicts and I got fired." He felt sorry for it. “Sorry, no wonder you threw away the work card. I saw the job description on thecard and I took the liberty to bother you out of my curiosity.” “It d

Chapter 8 First Love

So I cleared my thoughts and said: "Mr. Shadisong, if the differences between technologies aren’tsharp, I think you should value the maintenance and updating of software systems more. Any softwaremay have bugs, enterprise systems are easy targets for hackers, which requires a person on call 24hours a day to deal with emergencies, after all, great losses would be caused if an enterprise's officesystem cannot

Chapter 9 I hate her

The memories of her and longing for her had accompanied me during the three dark years in prison. Memories of her laughter, her tenderness, and longing for a happy life with her after my release fromprison. But eventually I received a Dear John letter from her. I still remembered that when I went to look for her after being release, I saw her holding another man'sarm, the sweet smile of happiness on her face

Chapter 10 Daily posture

I followed her to a fancy clothing store nearby, chose two suits and a pair of leather shoes withouthesitation. The total price was more than 30,000 baht. Wendy paid for it. Anyway, it would be coveredby the company. Then Wendy took me back to the hotel where the project team was staying and booked a new room forme, which was right next to her room. She also rented a small meeting room specially and asked me