Chapter 2 - My Perfect Female Boss

“Compensation?” My anger flared up in an instant.

Wendy thought I was not happy with the number. Her face set. She then produced another bank card and said: “There is four million dollars in the card, so it’s five million dollars in total. Thanks again for helping me.”

I could no longer hold my anger back. I shouted: “Screw your money! I wasted three years of my life in prison because of you! Can your bloody money buy my time back?”

“Nonsense! When did you go to prison because of me?” Wendy said angrily, but she was also a little bit frightened.

“Of course you don’t remember. I injured that fat guy when trying to defend you, but you never showed up and defended me when he sued me! And that’s how I spent three years in prison!” I was furious.

Wendy’s face set, and she muttered: “That’s not possible. I asked my family to find you, and they told me that you took some money and left.”

Her words further fueled my anger. I roared: “Stop talking about your freaking money! I dare you! I double dare you! Say money one more goddamn time!”

I then ripped my shirt open and exposed my upper body, which got rather strong thanks to my prison life.

“What are you doing?” Wendy was frightened, and she moved backwards involuntarily.

I walked close to her, pointed at the noticeable scars on my chest and said gravely: “Do you see? You

know how I got these scars? When I first got into prison, a guard pressed his lighted cigarettes against my chest!”

Wendy looked at the scars on my chest and a dozen other long scars on my upper body. Her face crumpled.

Then, she walked aside and made a call to her family to ask about my imprisonment. And soon, she quarreled fiercely with her family and she was obviously angry.

When she hanged up the phone, her head drooped. She then looked up and said sorrowfully: “I’m terribly sorry. My family lied to me. I didn’t know you were imprisoned because of me.”

Then she bowed low to me and said: “I know you have suffered a lot for the past three years, both physically and mentally, and I’m willing to make everything up to you.”

“How?” I said coldly.

Wendy didn’t say money this time. She said: “Tell me what do you want, and I’ll do it for you as long as it is within my capability.”

I didn’t say anything. I moved to her, and she moved backwards. When she was against the wall, I pressed both of my hands against the wall and locked her in front of me. Her pretty face was now only a few inches away from me.

“What do you want? You’s better calm yourself!” Wendy was breathing heavily, and her breath was so fresh and pleasant.

Wendy is indeed the most beautiful woman I have ever seen in my whole life. Her face is angelic, and her body is perfectly proportioned.

All of a sudden, I was seized by an impulse to take revenge on her. I wanted to use her body as a tool to vent all the negative emotions I had been subjected to for the past three years, and I want to derive pleasure and happiness from her despair and agony.

“So, you were saying you can do anything you are capable of?” I smiled slyly.

Wendy froze, and then nodded.

“Good, Turn around. Face the wall.”

“What do you want?” A deep blush spread from her head to her neck.

“President Bai, can I make my intention any more obvious? I want to do an activity with you. An activity that has lasted for the entire human history, an activity you are surly gonna enjoy.”

All the color drained from her face. She looked at me with undisguised contempt, and said coldly: “Stop daydreaming!”

I laughed. “You said you can do anything for me! I don’t want money. I just want you to turn around and bend over.”

Wendy snorted. Then I placed a leg of mine between her legs, and she shivered with fear.

She was about to call for help, but I drooped my head and pressed my lips against hers. She was

staring at me murderously, but I didn’t care. Her kiss was delicious, and that was the only thing I was aware of at that moment.

Then I dropped my arms, took a few steps backwards, put my shirt back on, and looked at Wendy, whose chest was heaving rapidly.

“Since you don’t want to turn around, I decide to take a kiss from you first.”

“You.....” Wendy’s face blushed furiously.

“Get out!” She pointed at the door and said in an authoritative tone of voice: “You are fired! Our company doesn’t want jerks like you!!”

I said flatly: “President Bai, you and I still have unfinished business. You are in no position to fire me!”

Before I left, I teased her by saying: “You are indeed a good kisser! My lips are burning now!”

Wendy roared. I opened the door and left.

I lit a cigarette, and thought about what should I do next. I knew I offended Wendy, but I didn’t give it a damn. I spent three years in jail because of her, and she was only getting what she deserves.

It was obvious that Wendy would try her best to make my life in the company miserable. Then I suddenly realized that if I took a huge amount of money from her, I would be able to start a new life.

But I didn’t want to let the matter rest easily, because of what I experienced in jail.

I had turned into the kind of person I once hated so much, and I don’t know when did the transformation start.

Suddenly, I got a message from my ex-girlfriend. She said she transferred fifty thousand dollars to my bank account, and she had got married and she wants me to take good care of myself.

My phone dropped on the ground, and I buried my face into my hands......

I knew I had lost my faith in love. After a while, I stood up and walked towards Wendy’s office. I decided to stay, and my only purpose was to disgust the woman.

I regained my composure, and knocked her door. She asked me to go in, and I pushed the door open and walked in.

Wendy was resting on a couch, and her face darkened when she saw it was me. She asked: “Why are you still here?”

I refrained my emotions and said flatly: “President Bai, I am here to tell you that from now on, I’ll be your assistant.”

Wendy’s brow furrowed. “Didn’t I tell you? You are fired.”

“I’m sorry. I have signed the contract. And you can’t fire me because I didn’t jeopardize this company’s interest and I didn’t disobey any rule of this company.”

“I’ll ask the Personnel to terminate the contract, and you will receive a compensation.”

“If you insist, I’ll go to the board of directors, or find some reporters, and tell them how you made me go to jail three years ago and how you fired me for no reason.”

“You....” Wendy was so angry. She stood up in a flash.

I said calmly: “Wasn’t I telling the truth.”

Wendy didn’t say anything. She just stared at me coldly. After a while, she asked: “What on earth do you want?”

“I just want to work hard, and make money.” I said peacefully.

“I can give you enough money to make all your losses up to you. But you have to go.” Wendy also said in a peaceful voice.

I didn’t get angry. I said: “Fine! If you give me ten billion dollars, I’ll disappear in an instant.”

“Ten billion dollars? You do think a lot of yourself, don’t you.” Wendy looked at me with contempt.

“Aren’t you even worth ten billion dollars? If you auction off your virginity, someone is surly going to spend that much money on you.” I said.

“What do you want?” She was irritated. And her breath was getting heavy.

“I want you to sleep with me.”