Chapter 9 - My Perfect Female Boss

The memories of her and longing for her had accompanied me during the three dark years in prison.

Memories of her laughter, her tenderness, and longing for a happy life with her after my release from prison.

But eventually I received a Dear John letter from her.

I still remembered that when I went to look for her after being release, I saw her holding another man's arm, the sweet smile of happiness on her face, and the calm and confident smile on the face of that mature and handsome man.

I also remembered, she sent me a message, saying that she had deposited 50,000 dollars in my card and she was getting married....

I hate her.

I didn't expect that she was also in Chiangmai and was one of the contenders for the project of BTT Group.

But wasn’t Luoshui Lin working in an advertising agency before? Why did she become an assistant in a software company now?

Maybe the representative Shadisong had referred before was actually Luoshui's new boyfriend?

Quite possibly.

I should reconsider Wendy Bai's offer to go back to Sea Smart Software Company, and continued to

work as her assistant and tried to take that project.

This was the best opportunity to prove myself.

I wanted to show Luoshui that though I had served three years in jail, but I wasn't a loser.

I didn’t need her $50,000 out of pity.

"Tom, what happened?" Seeing that I kept silent for a long time, Shadisong asked in confusion.

I came back to my senses and said, "I’m fine, thank you for telling me this, Mr. Shadisong. Perhaps I will consider the advice from you and Ms. Bai, but I hope that you could keep distance with Miss Lin and her supervisor for the time being."

"I understand, Tom, I admire your generosity in helping Ms. Bai without any hesitation. And I wish you and Ms. Bai success, because I don't like those American guys from Silicon Valley, well, I'll leave you alone then, goodbye."


Hanging up the phone, I took a deep drag on my cigarette and kept thinking about how to take that project.

Without the right time, place and people, the dishonest practices definitely wouldn’t work, so I had to find a way aboveboard, using the simplest way, trying to make best use of our advantages and avoid the shortcomings to convince the executives of BTT Group.

After smoking a cigarette, Wendy Bai came in.

I suspect that she was actually downstairs at the hotel when she called me earlier.

Moreover, she seemed to have became much bolder and came here alone.

After saying "I'm here." with a poker-face, Wendy walked into the room and sat down on the single chair which I had been sitting on before.

I closed the door and leaned on the wall, looking at her, and said banteringly.

"President Bai, aren't you afraid that I will rape you?"

Wendy gave him a contemptuous look, and smirked, "You don't dare."

"Huh, you are getting bolder."

"Tom, I didn't come here to listen to your sarcasm and insults, I came here for business." Wendy's tone turned serious.

"President Bai, how can it be an insult? I haven't even started taking your clothes off."

Wendy looked at me coldly, a moment later she suddenly stood up and said in a despicable tone as she walked out, "Mr. Shadisong is wrong about you, how can a scum like you get that project?"

"What if I can?"

When she was passed me by, I said calmly.

"If you can persuade BTT Group, I can promise you any conditions." Wendy looked at me sideways with disdain.

"Any conditions?"


I looked down towards her open neckline and said, "Just as I said before, sleep with me for one night."

Hearing my words, instead of being angry, Wendy fixed his gaze on me with a sneer. She looked like a noble white swan, and I was the dirty toad.

"President Bai, I’ll take it as a tacit approval if you don’t speak." I still said indifferently.

"Don’t even think about it!"

"Oh, you're afraid of me?" I lifted my gaze upward, staring at her delicate face carefully.

"President Bai, to be honest, if it wasn't me, you would have been screwed by Yunbao Lei already. And you might be raped by 2 men, they would also take pictures of you. You should know how serious the consequences would be.”

"Seriously, general woman would have been grateful to me and even rewarded me with her body, but look at you..."

I moved to the single couch as I took out my cigarette and lit it, then said.

"All you have done is hold your head high and display your arrogance and put on a long face in front of me. You really think you're a noble swan?"

Wendy didn't refute, just looked at me with a blank expression.

"Yes, you're pretty, you've got a good figure, long legs, big breasts and nice ass. You're also rich, and talented, you're simply a God’s favored genius, but I don’t care.”

"Huh, you probably won't even know how to please men in the bed. A random Thai girl from the red- light district outside may be better than you."

I flicked off the cigarette ash and laid down comfortably on the couch: "President Bai, please do whatever you want, we have nothing to say. As for the project of BTT Group...”

"There are four domestic software companies in Chiangmai right now, I can go to them and help them get the project. I can get the same remuneration without bearing your contempt and disdain."

Saying this, I ignored her and took out my phone to search Shadisong's number.

I was not bluffing, I really didn't want to be cold-shouldered anymore.

"OK, I promise you."

Before I dialed, Wendy suddenly said.

I raised my head in confusion.

Wendy took a breath, still poker-faced, but said, "I promise you, if you get the project of BTT Group, I'll... stay with you for the night."

I was surprised, then grinned.

Wendy took an employee’s card out of her bag, put it on the TV cabinet and said.

"You can check out of your room. I'll arrange a room for you on the hotel where I'm staying, because the information and other colleagues of the project team are also there. I'll be waiting in the lobby downstairs."

After saying this, Wendy turned around and headed out.

When she was at the door, she suddenly said again, "Don’t tell anyone about what I promised you."

"President Bai, don't forget to reimburse me for my expenses on airfare and hotel accommodations." I also reminded her.

"Get your invoices and go to the office for reimbursement on your own."

I smiled and watched her leaving, then got up and grabbed the employee’s card she left.

It was exactly the same card that I had thrown away at the bar the night before. Shadisong had picked it up that time but I didn't pay attention to whether he had thrown it away or not, he should have taken it and gave it on to Wendy.

Sea Smart Software Company, Assistant to Sales Director.

This identity was not bad, I could just work for a few days to disgust Wendy and earn enough to pay back the 50,000 to Luoshui Lin.

Well, I would pay her back every penny.

I picked up the backpack that I had already packed before, took the room card and went downstairs to check out.

Wendy was sitting on the sofa in the lobby. Seeing that I had finished, she looked me over from head to toe with scrutinizing eyes.

"What's up? President Bai, you suddenly realize I am handsome?" I spread my arms at her and smiled.

She shook her head dismissively, "Go buy a formal wear first, you'll be despised if you go to BTT Group like this."

"I don't have money."

"It's for work, the company will pay for the clothes, but only for the particular occasion this time."

"Fine, then buy two suits, I’ll need another change of clothes." I nodded in approval casually.

Wendy didn't refuse, gave me a blank look and then left the hotel.