Chapter 10 - My Perfect Female Boss

I followed her to a fancy clothing store nearby, chose two suits and a pair of leather shoes without hesitation. The total price was more than 30,000 baht. Wendy paid for it. Anyway, it would be covered by the company.

Then Wendy took me back to the hotel where the project team was staying and booked a new room for me, which was right next to her room.

She also rented a small meeting room specially and asked me to meet other colleagues there as soon as possible.

I went into the room to put my luggage, washed my face to clear my mind, and then went to the meeting room.

Including Wendy, eight people from the project team were sitting in the conference room discussing something.

When they saw me entering the door, all of them looked at me, with doubts and whispers.

Wendy coughed slightly, and after quieting the meeting room, said: "Let me introduce my assistant Tom to you, he has officially joined the company half a month ago. But due to some personal affairs, he temporarily asked for leave for a while. Now he has officially returned to the project team and work with us on the BTT project."

There was perfunctory applause in the conference room.

Some of them had met me and they should also know that I had a conflict with Wendy, because a HR officer who was present at the time heard the nasty things I said to Wendy. It had spread in the


I applauded perfunctorily, and then sat next to Wendy and said: "President Bai, I want all the information related to this project, including BTT and all our competitors. "

Wendy seemed to be prepared, holding a stack of materials on the table in front of me, and then pushing a laptop over and saying, "It's all here."

I picked out the material of the company located in Silicon Valley and looked through it.

After a while, I looked up at Wendy and said, "Do you know the quotations in Silicon Valley and India? Including domestic companies."

"I don't know, this is trade secrets. The executives at BTT are very tight-lipped."

"Then find a way to get it, make a reasonable assumption first, get a rough figure from the analysis, don't tell me you didn't do it."

Wendy didn't speak, her face became a little unsightly.

Only then did I realize that the atmosphere in the conference room was strange, and everyone in the project team looked at me with surprise and even incredible eyes.

I wasn’t a fool. They were probably surprised to know why other people in the project team think of me like this. Why does a small assistant talk to President Bai and even give orders to her.

You know, Wendy was the daughter of the group boss. She combined talent and beauty on her, cold

and proud, she was the best leader of the sales department.

No wonder Wendy has a bad face.

After I understood it, I felt funny. I didn’t get orders from others for a long time, my special relationship with Wendy made me couldn't figure out my position for a while.

"President Bai, this is just my suggestion. If you have any instructions or work arrangements, please feel free to tell me." I spread my hands and said indifferently.

Wendy looked away from my face, glanced at the other people in the conference room, and said in her characteristic, almost non-emotional tone:

"Let’s first summarize the information and feedback we have received from contacting BTT in the past few days, analyze and discuss our entry point, who will come first."

Perhaps it was because they were facing a beautiful boss, people looked away from me and rushed to speak first.

I temporarily put down the information, leaned back in my chair and listened quietly, trying to find valuable information from their speeches.

When discussing the entry point of the project, Wendy once asked my opinion. I shook my head and smiled and said that I just came and didn't understand anything, just listen.

I had got a lot of valuable things that I didn’t master before. There were technical aspects, as well as the strengths and weaknesses of several competitors. I also heard the quotation of the opponent they

analyzed, the Silicon Valley company offered about 1.8 million dollars.

This data was fairly reliable, because two of the project team had worked in other companies in Silicon Valley and had a better understanding of their peers. In addition, Wendy had shown the business acumen that a sales director should have.

The bottom line of Sea Smart Software Company was 1.5 million dollars, There was a certain advantage in price.

After the meeting, I took the information back to my room, then called Shadisong.

After saying hello, I smiled on the phone and said, "Shadisong, Silicon Valley gives 1.8 million dollars. The price is not low at all. Your company is really rich. You have chosen the most expensive supplier."

Shadisong's voice seemed helpless:

"This is the directors’ idea, I can't help it. They think Silicon Valley's technology is more reliable, and... Wait, Tom, how do you know the price of Silicon Valley? Who revealed the secret to you?"

I smiled apologetically: "It turned out to be 1.8 million. It seems I have to find a chance to thank you."

"Ah? You... So you are testing me, I... Hahaha, Tom, you are really a talent, a shrewd and cunning talent." Shadisong was not angry, but laughed loudly.

"In this way, you are not leaking business secrets. I have also obtained the data I want. Everyone is happy, and I will invite you to drink when I have time."

"Haha, well, on you."

"No problem."

Hanging up the phone, I stretched out with satisfaction, Wendy guessed really accurately, probably because she was really good at this.

In fact, I was also guessing. I deliberately called Shadisong and tested him. After seeing that he didn't refute at first, I knew that the data was correct.

The method look like a little scam, but did not embarrass Shadisong. He did not tell the data, but I said it and cheated him. Even if this call was monitored, it will not bring him any trouble.

With accurate data, we will get things done easier, then we need to collect more valuable information.

Then sort out a set of ideas to use strengths and avoid weaknesses.

Four years of sales experience had made me understand one thing deeply: business was like a battle, with all means, as long as they can get the money, I will slander and even kill opponents, it was not surprising.

In the afternoon, Wendy took the project team to BTT. As her assistant, I naturally had to put on the suit I just bought and stay with her at all times. Not only did I help her bring water and get documents, but also to be her translator.

Today's goal was not to win the project in one fell swoop, because it is impossible, the goal was to continue to maintain in-depth contact.

I can take the opportunity to get to know the relevant middle and high-level staff of BTT, and adapt to each other first.

During the whole process, Wendy always put a posture in front of me that only a cold boss would have. Not only would she often give orders, she almost didn't have to look at me.

This seems to be her daily posture.

Of course, I also had the consciousness of being an assistant, at least to give her face in front of outsiders, and I almost perfectly did what an assistant should do.

This is the principle. I had a clear separation between work and personal grievances.

Before leaving BTT, Wendy finally took a direct look at me, deliberately distracted other colleagues, called me to the exit, and asked me in a calm tone of what was my opinion about this project.

I glanced at her with a faint smile, and when I was about to organize the language, I suddenly saw a few figures coming out of the passage.

One of the tall and slender figures seemed familiar.

I subconsciously looked at it, and I really saw the familiar face with delicate makeup and a bit more beautiful than before, Luoshui Lin, my ex-girlfriend.