Chapter 6 - My Perfect Female Boss

Perhaps it was because I caught her off guard, or she was so frightened that Wendy didn't scream or struggle.

Instead, she stiffened her body and looked at me in horror with her mouth wide open.

I pressed almost my entire body on her, staring at her stunning face, her trembling eyelashes, the clear black pupils that swayed slightly, and of course, the trembling red lips.

My sexual desire aroused sharply, and my congested head made me lose my ability to think. I just want to avenge her heartily.

This self-righteous and ungrateful bitch.

She made me lose everything.

I was a loser, even if I went to jail again, I don’t care as long as I can vent all my anger and hatred on her.

"What are you doing?! I am warning you..."

Wendy realized her situation now, but still did not scream or struggle.

She should know that we were in a sound-proof room, struggling is useless.

"I just wanted you to taste the feeling of being fucked. You should have tasted it long ago."

I folded her hands on the bed above her head, freed one hand to squeezed her proud chin.

She trembled, turned her head to the other side desperately, and tried to struggle.

I pressed her hard with my hand, and then pulled her face back, said to her coldly:

"President Bai, I don’t want to be rough, play good, and don't tell me you won't."

"Or, you can beg me for mercy. Don't look at me with that arrogant look. Then I will consider being gentle with you, but if you play rough, I'd be glad to hear that."

She flushed and stared at me in horror.

Her eyes were still arrogant, she still despised me.

I angrily grabbed the collar of her pajama and pulled it hard.

"Don't..." Wendy finally cried. I found tears slowly falling from her eyes.

"Don't... please, I’m sorry... please don't do this..."

She cried and said, shaking her head, shaking her long hair and waving it messily.

My breathing became heavy, not because of desire, but because of my inner struggle.

Bottom line, my bottom line... No matter how bad I was, I couldn't do that when a girl was in her tears, I still had my conscience.


I cursed secretly and left her unwillingly.

She hurriedly pulled up her pajamas to cover her breasts, and then quickly stepped back to the other end of the bed.

She didn't dare to run, trying to pull the quilt in front of her, but the quilt was still under my body. She couldn't pull, so she just sat on the ground with her knees in her arms and looked at me in horror.

Her hair was draped loosely on her fair and delicate shoulders, tears on her face, her lovely appearance was different from her cold and arrogance before.

I took a deep breath, walked to the chair by the bed and sat down, took out the cigarette, lit it and took a hard breath.

The thick smoke swirled around in my lungs, making me a little calmer.

"Do you know why I don’t fuck you?" I suddenly asked.

Wendy still sat on the ground with her arms around her knees, afraid to look at me, and did not answer my question.

I said coldly: "Because you are not as stunning as you think, not everyone wants to be with you, you are just an ordinary woman with nice face and body. Don't take yourself too seriously, a lot of females like you out there are waiting for me."

She still said nothing.

I didn't go any further, I just kept smoking, one by one, and didn't want to leave. I just wanted to sit and sort out my emotions.

It was quiet in that room, only the sound of my smoking could be heard, Wendy was still sitting on the bed silently, only occasionally brushing away the long hair that fell to her forehead.

She didn't cry anymore and felt no more fear. The arrogance and coldness that disgusted me gradually returned to her face.

I didn't want to look at her like this. After pinching the cigarette in the ashtray, I got up, picked up my shirt from the ground and walked out.

I have never been to Chiangmai. Compared to the bright lights in Shanghai and the tourists in Bangkok, Chiangmai was more like a beautiful and pleasant park, with quiet and fresh streets, flowers and plants were everywhere. The small noisy motorcycles were not so pleasant. Unfamiliar and quiet cities seem to be more suitable for mood adjustment.

I was walking on the street and got into a bar without knowing it, a bar that was not noisy but not so quiet.

Before and after a few people who looked charming but didn't know whether it was a man or a woman, I went to the counter, asked for a bottle of local beer in proficient Thai and drank quietly by myself.

Inadvertently, I found the work card in my pocket. It used to be my work card when I was assistant of Wendy, but now it was just a piece of rubbish.

I threw it into the trash bin next to me.

Next to me, a Thai man in his thirties wearing a flowery shirt and beach pants noticed my movement and glanced down at the trash bin.

To my surprise, he picked up the work card and looked at it carefully, then folded his hands towards me, politely asked in Thai:

"Hello, are you from China?"

Although I was not in a good mood, out of politeness, I put my hands together and gave a courtesy, saying: "Hello, I am Chinese."

"I know Sea Smart Software Company, Ms Bai, You are her assistant?"

I was shocked. Sea Smart Software Company was the company I worked before, Wendy was working in this company and she brought the project team to Thailand for business this time.

And Ms Bai, of course, was Wendy Wendy, Thai people will not call surname when calling others.

The work card had the company name and position written in Thai. This Thai guy will naturally see it, but why does he take the initiative to greet me and ask this question?

"My name is Shadisong and I work for the BTT Group in Chiangmai."

It suddenly dawned on me that the BTT Group, a large-scale textile company in Thailand, it exactly was the target customer of Wendy this time.