Chapter 5 - My Perfect Female Boss

Once it came to me, I got up in a hurry.

Though my body renewed with enough power, I stood up, feeling a violent giddiness, with dry throat and a sense of sickness.

I couldn’t catch up with them.

I picked up my cell phone, supported myself against the wall, went to the bathroom and turned on the tap. I washed my face casually and drank some water.

After a few moment, I felt better and hurried out.

As soon as I ran out of the hotel door, Wendy, with two patrolmen, hurried to the hotel.

“That’s him!” Wendy pointed at me and shouted from far away.

Before I could curse or explain, the two patrolmen lunged at me and pinned me to the ground with perfect dexterity.

“It’s not me. You've got the wrong man.” I raised my head and shouted, struggling.

But I couldn't move because my hands were tied behind my back firmly.

No matter how loudly I shouted, or explained, they did not let me go.

The crowd gathered around me, pointing at me and talking over my thing.

I looked up with difficulty, and through the crowed, I saw Wendy and a policeman get into a police car on the roadside.

Soon, another police car roared up to my front, and a few police got off and put me into the car.

I went to the police station again and told the whole story several times. I did urine and blood tests, and ecstasy ingredients found in my blood, but I was still detained temporarily.

I was sure I wouldn’t be wronged this time, as I didn't touch Wendy. Besides, there were surveillance camera in the hotel that must have the records of Yunbao Lei and his accomplices. But after one day at the police station, the police issued me a notice of criminal detention on suspicion of rape.

Because the surveillance cameras had the records of my breaking into the door and Yunbao and his accomplices’ rushing out of the door. However, the existing evidences could not prove directly that they wanted to rape Wendy, and I was the people who helped her.

After waking up to find my arm press against her chest, Wendy directly testified that I wanted to rape her, because I had done and said similar things in the office.

Then, the police took me to a dingy jail.

Feeling exasperated and wronged, I told the police over and over that I wanted to see Wendy.

Either being annoyed with me or thinking the case was too bizarre, the police finally agreed to help me to contact Wendy.

Wendy also agreed with it.

I saw her eventually. She stood outside the window, wearing dark glasses. I couldn’t figure out any expressions from her eyes.

“Wendy, I didn’t rape you. What I told the police is the truth. Just think about it. Who did ask you out on a business appointment?” I was inside, speaking as calmly as I could.

“Wasn’t it your accomplices who asked me out?” Wendy said coldly.

“My accomplice?” I was flustered and exasperated. “Didn't you see the monitors? Didn’t you see they carry you to the guest room, and I driven them away? They are accomplices.”

“I know they’ re accomplices, but I suspect that you are one of them.”

Wendy’ s words made me so furious that I clasped the iron railing tightly:

“Damn it! Are you blind? Three years ago, I fought with them to save you, and then I was sent to prison. How can I be his accomplice?”

“Because you both have the same intention, he has a plot against me, and so do you. Don’t forget that you said it yourself.” “Gosh! I said it without any intention. Who do you think you are? Will I fuck you? Don’t think too much of yourself...”

“Tom.” She interrupted me coldly. “I didn’t know you were in prison three years ago. I wanted to make it up to you, but you tried to treat me...hum, do you have any differences with them? You’ re also a raper!”

Leaving these words, she was going to step out.

The word “raper” hurt me a lot, and I tugged angrily at the iron railing:

“Wendy, you must figure out it. Did I fuck you? Did I fuck you last night? Damn it! Forget your ingratitude. You even bite the hand that fed you!”

“Attempted rape, which is enough to keep you in jail for a few more years.”

Wendy stepped out in high heels, without looking back.

Like an angry beast, I cursed the woman again and again, and at the same time I cursed myself for being so foolish to save her. It would have been better to let her be raped.

Every day and night that followed, I stayed in the detention house, waiting for the final outcome in pain and despair.

Ten days later, I finally reached the moment I had been waiting for. The police questioned me again, rechecked the transcript, and asked me to sign a document.

Then I was told that they had caught Yunbao and his accomplices. They had confessed, and I was cleared of suspicion. They released me and awarded me for my righteous and courageous deeds.

I didn’t take the money. After being released, I took a taxi and went straight to the company to find Wendy.

I wanted to ask for a justice!

To make this woman deserve what she deserves, by all means!

But when I arrived at the company, I found Wendy who went to Thailand with her teammates.

I was fired for absenteeism.

I went straight to the nearest police station, found a man who was related to immigration control center, and spent an extra $800 asking him to expedite my passport application.

Intentional injury, such an ordinary criminal record, had no influences on going abroad. It w possible to get a passport more quickly by spending money.

Three days later, I got my passport. After changing 5,000 RMB into Thai baht, I took my assistant work permit that Wendy had gave me, and took a flight to Chiangmai.

It was already night when the plane landed. After getting my visa, I called each of the four alternative hotels.

During the two days at work, I went through the schedule of the project team’s trip to Thailand, and knew that the company’s target customer was a large textile enterprise. Besides, they arranged four alternative hotels.

With a good command of Thai and my special identity, I asked the hotel where the project team checked in. I showed my passport and work card at the hotel reception, and asked for the room number of Wendy.

At about 10 pm., I knocked on the door of Wendy.

“Who is it?” Wendy asked in English.

“Tom.” I answered coldly.

The room fell into silence.

“If you don’t open the door within one minute, I’ ll make your story known to the whole world. The things happened before three years and half a month . I will scold you downstairs and expose you in the textile enterprise. I am absolutely sure that you will not get the contact.”

“What do you want?” Wendy said as coldly as me.

“Have a talk.”

“A few days ago, I received a phone call from the domestic police. I know that you didn’t do it, and you are not one of them. I misunderstood you. I apologize and thanks for your good deeds. But we don’t need to talk any more.”

“You only have thirty seconds.” The room fell into silence again.

When I counted down to three, the door opened.

I pushed the door open, walked in, closed it backhand, and hung the door chain.

“What do you want to talk?”

In a slim white nightdress, Wendy had a charming figure, with her hands clasped to her chest and her cold face expressions.

But the coolness of her manner did not conceal the uneasiness in her eyes.

Instead of speaking, I walked towards her slowly, and unfastened the buckles of my shirt.

“You...... What do you want to do?” She backed away in confusion.

Taking off my shirt and throwing it on the floor, I cornered her and found her stare at me with perverseness and anger.

I folded her hands over her head and slid my knees between her thighs, giving her no room to struggle.

She shivered and looked at me in horror, with her mouth open.

I drew my face closer and examined the exquisite beauty of her face, whose big eyes with a mixture of horror and anger.

Her pride and coldness were gone. She trembled, and flushed from her cheeks to her neck, whose quick breath beat rhythmically in my face.

The breath, which almost warmed my blood.

“President Bai, turn around, put your hands on the wall, and pull your dress up!”