Chapter 8 - Alpha's Surrogate

The driver spotted Xavier exiting the packhouse scarcely five minutes after leaving Kiara with Jennifer. The Omega quickly opened the car door for the Alpha and Beta. Xavier sat in the passenger seat, sending an indirect hint to the driver that Kaiden would be driving. With his shift at an end, the Omega tossed the keys to Kaiden. He watched the car speed away as he headed for home.

"I'll notify you when we get to the airport; in the meantime, relax," Kaiden suggested, turning to face Xavier. The Alpha slumped back in his seat with his eyes closed. His handsome face showed signs of exhaustion. They had only gone a short distance down the road, "Isn’t that Zander's car?" Kaiden muttered.

The resting Alpha snapped open his eyes. "Stop the car and roll down your window," Xavier ordered, recognizing his brother’s car. Zander ordered his driver Tyler to do the same.

The two drivers brought their cars to a stop alongside each other. "Alpha," Tyler bowed his head to Xavier as Kaiden bowed his to Zander.

"So eager to see me, brother?" Zander chuckled, trying to conceal his red eyes.

"You worried me, bastard!" Xavier growled with irritation. Xavier could see through his twin brother’s calm façade. They could sense each other’s moods even over long distances. So why was Zander trying to play cool? It had been a long rough day for everyone. “Tyler, follow Kaiden,” Zander ordered.

“Yes, Alpha.” Tyler turned the car around to follow Kaiden and the Alpha. The brothers had crossed from opposite sides of their territory to meet up. They had much to discuss.

After their cousin’s funeral, Zander stayed to conduct their cousin’s burial rites, and Xavier left for the Ardara Moon Pack. It was vital to have the pack’s Alpha in both places, so as usual, they split the work and responsibilities.

Xavier had intended to eliminate what remained of the pack after the initial attack on Ardara Moon. Things had quickly changed, though. Despite Dean’s focus on Alpha Sawyer’s youngest daughter, Xavier could sense the rage building in his twin.

The most prominent packs and some of the larger ones had joined the Sirius Bright Pack for the funeral and burial rites to offer their condolences. The situation quickly deteriorated owing to new information that came to light about his cousin’s murder; Zander had to make some decisions on his own. When Zander's tolerance reached its limitations, it went from frustration to wrath, then he erupted like a volcano. Xavier felt the impact of Zander losing control of his emotions and his wolf. Xavier messaged Zander, counseling him to remain calm, though he had no clue what the problem had been. Zander’s mood was the reason for their meeting.

After a while, Kaiden and Tyler parked their cars in an empty field away from the road. The four men got out, and Tyler brought some chicken and beer for them all.

"What exactly happened after the funeral?" Xavier inquired.

"I learned that one of Alpha Connar’s sons was also involved in Molly's rape,” Zander revealed.

“What?!” Xavier growled, tightening his hold on the beer bottle.

A few months ago, Alpha Connar offered his daughter’s hand to Zander. Zander firmly declined the offer, knowing she was crazy in love with him. He insulted the whore when she tried to touch him at a mixed-pack event. Zander despised skanky women, and she was definitely one.

"Yes, that bastard successfully kept his name hidden, but he couldn't refute Tyler's proof. I tried to offer him a chance to own up to his crime, and he continued to lie. That was when he attempted to defame Molly. At that point, even acknowledging his fault in the crime made no difference because his penalty would have been death, so I put an end to him." Zander's muscles tensed as he explained the situation.

The fuckwit had the audacity to attend his victim’s funeral. Alpha Connar continued to defend and protect his son. In the end, Zander and his wolf Evan got retribution for the heinous crimes committed. They ended Alpha Connor’s son’s life and declared their pack the enemy of the Sirius Bright Pack.

"However, this cannot be the sole explanation for your foul mood. Was there anything else that happened?" Xavier inquired, seeing Zander's frown. Tyler, who had been at the burial with Zander the entire time, knew that the forthcoming news would bother Xavier, just as it had Zander.

"Aunt Margaret and Uncle Lucas have decided to leave our pack forever."


"They made the request in front of all the family and guests. I attempted to persuade them that their grief would pass and that they should not abandon their family. That we will support them, but they had already made their decision. We all know that after losing Molly, they had no other reason to stay with us. They feel out of place because they no longer have somebody to protect. They requested my permission to become lone wolves, which I believe was the best option. So I let them go," Zander stated, sipping his drink.

He let them go for good and accompanied them to the airport. Margaret had left some of her belongings in the packhouse and returned in her own car to gather them, unbeknownst to the brothers.

"I completely agree with you. If they wish to go, we will not hold them, prisoner. So don't dwell on it too long," Xavier and his brother clinked their drink bottles together. Zander gave a nod. He already knew Xavier would agree with him. Most of the time, the two brothers had the same thoughts. However, the decision should have been made by the brothers together. Because Xavier had not been present, Zander was forced to announce everything. He didn’t think it was proper.

The four men had been enjoying the provisions Tyler had picked up for a while. Zander suddenly picked up a distinctly feminine smell that seemed to be all over his brother. "Did you inadvertently put on women's perfume?" Zander snickered as he took a sip. Tyler busted out laughing at this unexpected joke.

"It isn't perfume. That is the fragrance of the woman Xavier chose to be his mate," Kaiden elaborated. Zander's beer became stuck in his throat, causing him to spit it out in disbelief.

"What?!" His large stunning green eyes snapped at his brother.

"Yeah," Kaiden laughed as he noticed Tyler's foolish expression. His beer bottle had slipped out of his fingers in shock.

“Don't joke around with me, you jerk!” Tyler punched the big-mouthed Beta.

“Fuck! That hurt! I’m not joking!” Kaiden gritted his teeth and then punched him back. Zander growled at the two of them for their childish fights.

"Who is she?" Zander asked Xavier. His brother finally made a move toward a female and chose a mate without his knowledge. Now he needed every detail about her.

"She is Alpha Sawyer's daughter," Kaiden replied when he noticed the Alpha was too busy enjoying his beer.

"What?" Tyler was taken aback. His eyes darted back and forth between the two Alpha brothers.

Xavier and Zander exchanged glances for a few seconds before Zander broke out laughing. "That’s impossible," Zander crowded as he lay on the dirty ground with his beer bottle, bursting with laughter.

"What makes it impossible? The female has already entered the packhouse. If you don't believe me, just ask Xavier," Kaiden was perplexed by his behavior. Yes, it was difficult to believe, but it had happened. Yet Xavier still remained silent.

"She is not our Luna," Zander sat up on the ground.

"What do you mean?" Tyler and Kaiden enquired together. Zander clicked his beer bottle together with Xavier’s without responding.

"She is my surrogate," Xavier replied as both brothers took a big swig, surprising both the Beta and the Gamma.

"A surrogate?!" They both echoed, nearly yelling it. She was a surrogate rather than a mate? Since when had that begun amongst werewolves?

Kaiden had been stunned, but now he was attempting to solve the riddle. He knew exactly what Xavier had said to Kiara alone in that room. He'd brought her here as a surrogate, not as his chosen mate or Luna. She had accepted this bargain to protect her family and pack, so she had requested he stop calling her Luna earlier! Fuck! He had been delighted for Xavier, believing that he finally let a female into his life, but in truth, this guy had planned to have an heir and skillfully fool the elders.

"Did you know about his strategy beforehand?" Tyler inquired of Zander. How could he have discovered that the female was merely a surrogate? He had not followed Xavier to the Ardara Moon Pack, so he had no way of knowing that the female his brother had brought back was not his chosen mate.

"He never told me anything. However, there are several advantages to being twins. I can easily adapt to his thinking and evaluating style, " he explained with a grin. Zander knew of his twin’s dislike for all matters pertaining to mates. There was no way Xavier would accept being saddled with a female only to appease the elders.

Kaiden shook his head in amazement. He realized now that Xavier had never asked him to refer to Kiara as the Luna. He was the one who had received the false impression due to his silence, but if he had planned to tell the truth to the four ranked members of the pack, why had he never stopped him from calling her Luna?

"Remember that this conversation should not be shared with anybody other than the four of us," Xavier advised. Zander aside, Beta Kaiden and Gamma Tyler were the most trusted people that Xavier had in his life. He needed them to support his plan so that this year would go as smoothly as possible. All four males were unable to talk about this plan with their mates.

"How exactly is this going to work?" Tyler questioned, perplexed. Something didn't quite add up for him. If this arrangement truly was a surrogacy, then Xavier would want legal documentation, a contract, and other binding documents. All three man turned their gaze to Tyler, informing him of their intention. "Fucking no!" He gritted his teeth in protest. He had an epiphany about what wasn't adding up. They wanted him to manage the legal procedure.

"You're my lawyer; therefore, you have to do it," Xavier chuckled when he saw Tyler's outraged expression.

"You're all a bunch of jerks! If Lena discovers that I am concealing something like this from her, she will kill me. Fuck!" Tyler ran his hand through his hair. He was in deep shit. Everyone laughed as they watched him. Those three cretins were continually assigning him strange tasks. Tyler was not just the Gamma; He was also their lawyer, and everything was always confidential. He couldn't even discuss it with Lena, even though she was his mate. Usually, he had no trouble concealing the Alpha twin’s secrets. This was different. Lena would never consider her precious Luna to be just a surrogate. If his mate discovered that he had lied to her, she would undoubtedly murder him. She had a horrible temper.

"Don't worry. Kaiden is in the same boat as you. He's also keeping Jennifer in the dark," Zander rested his hand on the Gamma's shoulder. He narrowed his eyes at all of his evil friends.

"You'll understand the day you find your mate," Tyler mocked with a strained smile.

"Do you mean some cake-faced female who will wiggle her tiny tail around me?" Zander asked. The males all laughed together. Zander never expected to meet his mate, and all the marriage proposals from different Alphas for their daughters had irritated him. Tyler laughed and shook his head. He wondered how he could be friends with all these grumpy bastards. Then he remembered that the first-year welcome party at college was the day that all four boys had beaten a bully to death and then, fled the campus.

The Alpha, Beta, and Gamma all laughed together as they reminisced about those days while they savored their beer and chicken. Their conversation only lasted a short time before Xavier received a mind-link from Jennifer.

The Luna was in danger? All the males looked at each other in confusion when they received Jennifer’s mind-link. Out of habit, she had mind-linked all of them.

“What the fuck!” Xavier grimaced as he drove away. Kaiden and Tyler sprang up to follow him, but Zander stopped them.

“Let him go.”

"Shouldn’t we follow him? What if Margaret released her anger on that innocent female?"

"Margaret would never defy one of our commands. She would not hurt that young lady. She will comply with Xavier's command to leave the pack residence,” Zander stated as he rose from the ground. He dusted off his clothing and began walking toward his car.

"That surrogate is now his possession. No one can so much as scratch her from now on. She is Xavier's woman," Zander grinned as he climbed into the passenger seat. The males all took their seats. Tyler began driving the car toward the packhouse.

"Well, I am curious to meet his surrogate," Zander chuckled evilly.


"What happened here!" Xavier stormed into his room, taking large, hard strides toward Kiara. When Dean growled at her, she panicked, trying to take swift steps away from him. Why was he upset? Was it because he had found her in his room without his permission? Did he intend to kill her? Had he changed his mind because of Margaret's need for vengeance? She started to fall, but before she could, a large hand drew her closer and touched her cheeks, looking for cuts or bruises.

"What are you doing?" Kiara stuttered. Dean had not bothered to take a step back and had remained in Xavier's eyes. His touch was warmer than before.

"Didn't Margaret attack you? Where are you hurt? On your stomach, back? Show me!" Xavier's fingers clutched at Kiara's slim waist, pulling her top up to see where she had been bleeding.

"What are you doing? I am not hurt at all," Kiara had hardly been able to hold on to the irate Alpha's hand before he stripped her naked. How could he publicly demand that she expose her body? Had he gone insane?

"But Jennifer said that you were hurt and bleeding…" Xavier stopped, turning his head to search for the sneaky little female who had lied to him. How dare she? Where had the Beta female gone? Xavier snarled as he glared at the main door, where Jennifer had been peering in from.

"It appears that I made a mistake during the mind-link. Please accept my apologies, Alpha." Jennifer grinned at Xavier and Kiara as she shut the door behind her. She felt pleased with herself since she had done an excellent job. She had purposefully lied to lure Xavier back to Kaira. Kiara wondered when Jennifer had exited the room. Why had Jennifer trapped her with this big Alpha who was still holding onto her clothes?

Xavier returned his gaze to Kiara. Her nails dug into his palm from grasping it so hard. His eye was drawn to her dainty waist. Dean stubbornly stayed to admire her.

"Can you please let go of my clothes?" Kiara asked. She swallowed hard when his fingers brushed her waist as he carefully let go of her top. She took a few steps back, creating a safe distance between them.

"What did Margaret say?" Xavier's eyes scanned Kiara up and down as he forced Dean to retreat. Kiara instantly dropped her gaze as she remembered what Margaret had said to her. She already felt guilty but had managed to maintain her confidence. Margaret's venomous remarks had deeply hurt her. She decided not to tell Xavier what had been said.

"Nothing," she answered quietly, her gaze focusing on her feet. She had no intention of causing a dispute between nephew and aunt. She accepted that she had no rights in Xavier's eyes. She knew that it would be challenging to live like this since the guilt would never go away.

"Look at me," Xavier took a step closer. He had narrowed the gap between them, but her gaze remained on the floor. "Lunas never lower their eyes or their heads before anyone," his finger reached under her chin as he lifted her face up, forcing her to meet his stare. Was he teaching her how to act in front of the other pack members so they wouldn't be suspicious? "Never turn your gaze away. Stay close to me and ignore any taunts. These chocolate eyes should be on me at all times. Do you understand?" Xavier stroked his finger over her lips; he noticed her worrying. Kaira shivered at his touch. Their close proximity had her heart racing again, and she quickly nodded. "What about dinner?" Though Xavier asked about food, his gaze looked hungry for the young female's lips.

"I'm not hungry," she managed to say between rapid breaths. Why was he still touching her?

"Why?" He wondered. She was relieved when he finally looked her in the eyes, letting his fingers fall from her lips.

"I told you not to pay attention to Margarett or any other pack member's words. She and my uncle had already decided to leave our pack. Others would never dare to ask if they knew I chose you as my Luna. To have a healthy pup, you must eat appropriately and have more flesh on your bones," he remarked. Kiara frowned at his statement.

"What exactly do you mean? I'm not that skinny. I'm in good shape. I've kept myself in shape by exercising and working out. If you don't believe me, take a closer look at me," she retorted in one breath. When she snapped at him, Xavier raised his brow. It was the first time she had done that. Kiara muttered, recognizing that opening her big mouth had been a mistake. Had she really had the audacity to snap at this Alpha? In an enclosed room?

"Yeah, I can see that," he answered, his gaze fixed on the mounds of her breasts. They weren't too small; they were just the perfect size. However, it was insufficient to satisfy his questing eyes. Kiara quickly regretted her statement. She had openly invited him to eye fuck her. When a layer of desire glazed his eyes, she became worried. He had the same expression on his face when he had kissed her earlier.

"So much has happened today. I need some alone time. I'm not in the mood to eat anything, " she immediately pulled away from him and went over to her luggage. "You didn't tell me where I’m staying," she prompted as she gathered up her bags, preparing to leave the room.

"You'll be staying here with me, in this room," he said, reading her astonished look. Clearly, she had misunderstood that he had prepared another room for her.

"But…" Kiara's voice broke as she formulated an argument. People would be skeptical if the Luna did not stay with Alpha. Nonetheless, she had been asked to remain alone with the dangerous Alpha.

“Do you want to say something?” Xavier raised his brows.

“No,” Kiara decided not to provoke him.

“Then I am having dinner sent up,” he announced, leaving the room.

"But I told you I didn't want to eat!" She clenched her teeth as he just continued to ignore her. She would not perish if she did not eat for a day. That man would go to any length for a healthy pup.

“Kiara,” Jennifer gently tapped on the open door sometime later. She had a meal tray in her hand and smiled sweetly when she noticed Kiara's narrowed eyes accusing the Beta female of abandoning her to him.


Xavier exited the room and went to the living room, where the guys were waiting for him. When Zander arrived at the packhouse, he had received a mind-link from his brother.

“How is she?” Zander asked.

“Margaret definitely cursed her, but she did not say a word to me about it,” Xavier replied while sitting amongst them.

"She appears to be a quiet yet intelligent woman. It comes as quite a surprise from Sawyer's daughter. Where has she gone?" Zander asked.

“She's in the room. I didn't push her to come out, but I did send food to her," Xavier added.

"Hmm, seems like I'll get to meet her tomorrow, but does she know about the bargain you struck with her father?" Zander inquired.

While Kiara collected her belongings from her room, Xavier had Sawyer sign documents before releasing the Ardara Moon Pack. He had chosen not to take over the territory. Instead, he let Sawyer stay the Alpha of the Ardara Moon Pack, but he had sent one last warning. Xavier would always watch their movements; if they so much as stepped one toe out of line again, he would end them all at any time. They were still adversaries, but Kiara had become the bridge between them.

"I didn't tell her, but I'm sure she'll figure it out soon," Xavier tiredly waved it away. He had really wanted to kill Sawyer and Noah, but Kiara's words and desperation had messed with his head. This woman was affecting him in what he thought to be a negative way.


Jennifer accompanied Kiara while she ate her dinner. They chatted some more; Kiara learned that Jennifer had informed Lena, the Gamma female, about her arrival and that she would meet her tomorrow. Kiara was relieved that she wasn't the only female in the packhouse.

When Xavier returned to his room, it was late at night. He'd been talking with Zander about the Aradara Moon Pack for some time. Kiara observed him taking a clean towel from the cabinet before entering the washroom to shower.

Realizing she forgot to notify Adira of her safe arrival at the Sirius Bright Pack, Kiara stepped out onto the balcony to call her. Her sister and mother must be anxious for her. After dialing the number, she realized that her phone had turned off. She had neglected to charge her phone. Fortunately, she packed a charger and quickly plugged her phone in. She took a deep breath as she sat back on the sofa. She was trapped. She didn’t need to pretend to be afraid of Xavier. The savagery she had witnessed in the Ardara Moon Pack was enough to put her off his power. Obviously, he would compel her to sleep next to him, but the bed was rather large. She had resolved to remain awake while he slept.

When Xavier came out of the bathroom, he found her sitting on the sofa. She looked like a rabbit, aware of a lurking lion. Her gaze was fixed on his bare, broad chest. He had come out wearing only a towel. Her cheeks flushed with heat as she averted her eyes. How could he have been so clumsy, forgetting that she would be staying in his room?

"Would you like to take a shower?" Xavier asked, one hand wiping his hair with a towel. His question concerned her. Other she-wolves at school had openly discussed their secrets. Before fucking a female, a male would always ask her to shower.

"I'm fine. I don't need to take a shower," she lied hastily. Xavier would keep his hand away from her since she was sweaty and dirty.

"Whatever. I hope you're aware that you'll be sleeping on this bed," Xavier threw his wet towel on the floor. He had guessed that she would choose to sleep on the sofa since she had glued herself to it. Kiara averted her gaze once more as he dressed comfortably for the night. She couldn't ask him for anything because it was his room, but why couldn't he change in his closet? Before sitting on the bed, Xavier checked his texts. He went about his nightly routine as if she was not there.

Kaira placed her bags near the closet and slept on the safe side of the bed. Even though she was sweating, she wrapped the blanket around her body like a shield and curled up on the edge of the bed. If she moved in her sleep, there was a good possibility she'd tumble out of bed.

Xavier shook his head, exhausted. Her actions told him precisely what was going on in her head. He lay back on the bed, turned out the lights, and looked at her again. His wolf eyes allowed him to keep a close eye on her. This was the first time in two years that he shared his bed with someone. It felt strange to him. Dean's thoughts rumbled; the beauty near them smelled so good.

"She looks nervous. Let's comfort her," Dean offered, groaning in need. Xavier's gaze was drawn to her sweaty, open, backless blouse, where he could see her skin sparkle like diamonds. "Comfort her," Dean repeated, pressing his sexual need onto Xavier, but he was quickly blocked out for trying to play games with his human. Dean's interpretation of comforting the female differed from what others may assume. Xavier decided to close his eyes and sleep, or else the jerk would continue to play tricks with his mind.

Kiara had dark circles under her eyes from lack of sleep. She continuously played with her hair, trying to keep it off her neck as it was causing her to sweat more. The air conditioner was turned on, but the blanket she had been using was too hot. When she peeked over her shoulder, she found that the man next to her had fallen asleep. She could hear his even breathing and finally exhaled a sigh of relief. She scratched herself as she adjusted the blanket. She was desperate for a shower. She spent a restless half-hour rolling around on the bed, with the Alpha sleeping like a log next to her. She slowly sat up on the edge of the bed, moving closer to him to ensure she wasn't interrupting his sleep.

She went to her suitcase, got out clean clothes and a towel, then moved into the bathroom with cat-like stealth. Xavier opened his eyes when Kiara entered the bathroom and quietly closed the door. He had simply closed his eyes, unable to fall asleep. How could he expect to sleep with the female beside him restlessly rolling around all night? With the sound of the shower, Xavier rose from his bed and approached Kiara's half-opened bag.

Jennifer surely urged her to place her things in the cupboard, so why was she still keeping her clothing and belongings in her bag? He rapidly scanned her four sets of old clothes without touching anything. She had kept her panties and bras hidden behind her clothing. Vaseline, face cleanser, a pen, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, sanitary pads, and some books. He knelt down to pick up an envelope. She had a few thousand dollars which appeared to be her savings. She didn't have any makeup, shoes, or jewelry with her. He took a long breath and stuffed his hands in his pockets as he eyed her old, torn slippers she left in front of the bathroom door.

She had nothing except a beautiful face, a great figure, and the rebellious big mouth he met a while back. She had been the mistreated Miss of her family. After a while, Kiara exited the bathroom, finding that Xavier was still asleep. She picked up his wet towel from earlier and carried it into the bathroom. She went back to bed after closing her suitcase. This time she chose not to cover herself with the blanket. She felt revitalized and was relieved that she could finally sleep. She couldn't see in the dark because she didn't have a wolf yet, but she shifted her gaze to Xavier, feeling he was watching her.