Chapter 9 - Alpha's Surrogate

Xavier had a tendency to sleep very lightly so that he could remain watchful, as usual. As a result, while he was trying to sleep, he could feel the slightest movement of the bed the entire night. He and Dean had been driven insane by the enigmatic, attractive, and sweet fragrance of the woman that happened to be sleeping beside them.

He couldn't relax and never mind dreams he'd forgotten about long ago. Thankfully Kiara had finally stopped moving after a couple of hours. After her shower, she relaxed, forgetting her vow to be vigilant. Xavier listened to her tranquil breathing even out. He had to overcome the distraction of her fragrance before he could finally get some sleep.

After three hours, Xavier opened his eyes, glancing at Kiara as soon as he sensed movement in the bed. Why was she moving so suddenly? She kept to her side of the bed throughout the night to avoid getting close to Xavier. Now she rolled too close to the edge of the bed and was about to fall out of it! Xavier reached out, gripping her arms and drawing her closer to his chest. She would have bumped her head if she had fallen out of bed.

'What the fuck was this woman doing in the middle of the night?' He internally growled. He'd finally had enough! He gritted his teeth and glanced down to scold her. She had buried her face into his chest. She was resting well after stealing the Alpha's slumber! His hand trembled as he felt her hot breath whisper across his bare chest, eliciting a sense of yearning within him. He regretted not wearing a shirt to bed. Although she was sleeping, she had effectively seduced him in a matter of seconds. Her eyes were closed, so she had no idea that Dean was starting to spiral out of control. Xavier became painfully aware of a twitch in his cock. Fuck! His body was reacting violently to her touch. If this continued, his monster would awaken, becoming larger and harder!

Xavier put one arm over his face forcing his eyes closed. This was unbearable! He couldn't keep himself together. He could not figure out why this situation did not leave him wanting to puke or why he was so turned on. He was rock-hard and wanted to push her away. Up close, she was lovely to look at, and he couldn’t help but admire her. He condemned himself several times. He had to get out of there! He had to hurry out of bed before it was too late, or this virgin would lose her virginity without a say in the matter!

After gently placing the sleeping beauty’s head back on the pillow, Xavier jumped out of bed and escaped the room. He had not thought about using his own bathroom. Zander heard his bedroom door open with a loud bang. What the hell happened? It sounded like someone attacking. Opening his eyes, Zender watched his brother storm through and lock himself in the bathroom.

What was going on? Why had his brother appeared in his room out of nowhere? When he grabbed his phone, he saw that it was 5 a.m. Was his brother insane? Why did he need to use his bathroom? Zander received all the answers he needed ten seconds later when he heard the shower running, followed by Xavier groaning. Zander's mind quickly worked everything out. He began to laugh. The beauty in Xavier’s bed had turned him on. She made his member hard, leaving him struggling for release. What multiple skilled prostitutes had not been able to accomplish, the young female had in a few hours. Kiara would have clearly heard his groaning and realized that he was jerking off, so Xavier had no choice but to come to Zander's room.

"I bet morning wood is really frustrating," Xavier heard his brother's comment.

"Shut up!" Xavier snarled from the bathroom, which made Zander laugh even harder. As predicted, the hand job was difficult while his mind had been preoccupied with thoughts of tight holes. Zander decided to get out of bed since he had no desire to sleep after this lovely wake-up call and unexpected encounter. He knew Xavier's business wouldn't be finished for half an hour, so he went for a run around the pack house.


Kiara took a cold shower when she realized that she smelled like Xavier. It wasn't just that they had shared a bed. When she woke up, he wasn’t lying next to her, but she smelled just like him.

"Shit!" She covered her face in embarrassment as realization hit her. She had terrible sleeping habits; perhaps she rolled over onto his side of the bed or had done something unexpected. She had chosen not to sleep last night just to close her eyes instead, but she fell asleep. She started pulling at her hair in shame, but then she stopped having concluded that she might be mistaken. Xavier would have given her an earful of taunts this morning if she had given him a hard time or rolled over to his side of that bed during the night. He wouldn't have just vanished into thin air.

After dressing for the day, Kiara found Jennifer and a beautiful unknown woman waiting for her.

"Good morning!" Jennifer gave a bright smile to Kiara.

"Good morning," Kiara returned the smile, still puzzled by the new woman, staring at her in awe.

"Wow, the Luna really is beautiful and young like you said!" The redheaded female exclaimed. Kiara smiled uncomfortably at the praise, unsure how to respond to the stranger's compliment. Jennifer poked the female in the side, jolting her out of her awe.

"Oh, I forgot to introduce myself to Luna. I am the Gamma female, Lena," Lena lowered her gray eyes and head in respect. She had gone to her mother’s pack to visit but decided to come back early when Jennifer informed her about the arrival of the new Luna.

"Oh, please, there is no need for formalities with me. Like Jennifer, you are my friend. Please don't bow unnecessarily and call me Kiara," she gave the brightest smile to her.

"Sure! I am desperate to become your friend!" Lena's eyes shone with excitement. Kiara chuckled, but then she noticed both woman exchanging looks.

“Is something wrong?”

“It seems like you had a great night,” Jennifer grinned.

“Huh?” Kiara gave them a puzzled look.

“You smell like the Alpha. How was your night with him?” Lena's evil grin extended all the way to her gray eyes. Kiara was taken aback. What was going through these she-wolves' heads?

“Nothing happened between us!” Kiara’s face flushed.

“Don't be shy!” Jennifer urged while Lena continued to grin. How could the Alpha have let the Luna leave like this? Kiara shook her head tiredly as she watched both women giggle and imagine things. Then her gaze was drawn to a bag that Jennifer had been carrying.

"What is this?"

"These are clothes for you," Jennifer handed over a brand new dress to Kiara. They had come to her room to deliver it.

"What is this for? I've already changed into a clean outfit, " Kiara was puzzled.

"It is the Alpha's command. Alpha Xavier instructed me to bring you a dress to change into a while ago. Right now, I have this huge pregnant belly. So my clothes will be too big for you, but Lena's clothes should fit you," Jennifer explained.

“But I can’t accept this.”

"Kiara, please don't refuse it. I am so delighted to be able to share my stuff with you," Lena stated, placing her dress in Kiara's hand. It was a pricey, delicate, and lovely white knee-length dress.

"The Alpha must want to show off his Luna to the rest of the pack," Jennifer teased Kiara. Kiara blinked a few times. So she had to confront the Sirius Bright Pack today?! Kiara accepted the dress calmly, realizing why Xavier had given her this outfit. Her clothes were not fitting for a Luna. Thanks to her, people would sneer behind his back. The way she had been treated by her pack, she knew it was a possibility. She didn't want to disgrace him in front of his pack members, so she accepted this outfit.

“Do you like the dress?” Lena asked curiously.

“Yes, it is beautiful. I like white, black, and red,” Kiara told her truthfully.

"That's great. You'll have so many options when we go shopping," Lena said.

“We are going shopping?”

“Yes, this evening,” Jennifer and Lena stated simultaneously. Kiara was terrified. Her financial situation was no better than that of a beggar. So she could never even imagine shopping with this wealthy Beta and Gamma!

“I don't need anything,” Kiara said quickly.

“You require so many items, plus you are accompanying us. It's time to spend your mate's money," Jennifer encouraged as she pulled a black card from her pocket and smirked at Kiara's puzzled expression.

“Whose card is this?”

“Alpha Xavier’s.”

“What?!” Kiara shrieked in surprise. These women had obtained the Alpha's credit card to go shopping?!

“Yeah, we all have our mate’s cards. Let’s do some shopping!” Jennifer smirked. Now it was time for her to punish Kaiden.

“But why did you request the Alpha's card on my behalf?" Kiara was petrified. She wasn't his mate or wife; thus, she didn't have the right to spend his money. There was also the risk that he might believe she desired it.

“I didn't ask the Alpha for his card. He's the one who handed his card to me for you to use," Jennifer clarified. He had given her his black card? Kiara tilted her head, completely mystified.

“Why would he do that?” She mumbled.

"Isn't it apparent that he wants you to buy the stuff you want? He loves and cares about you. Therefore he wants to treat you like his princess," Jennifer smiled as she held Kiara's hand. She was already aware that Kiara lacked experience and affection. She needed to teach her a lot of things. Kiara had been drawing Xavier when they first met. His green eyes as he asked to be his surrogate. His gentle lips on hers, his fingers on her waist.

“Kiara!” Lena nudged her shoulder.

“Ah? Yes?”

“What were you thinking about? Did you hear me?” She asked. Wait! What exactly had she said? She had been lost in her thoughts. Everything Lena had said had fallen on deaf ears. Was it something significant? Kiara couldn't help but nod.

Kiara remained silent and only nodded. She knew it was all a lie. They had only misunderstood everything because of Xavier's card, but she appreciated the lie. It was the first time Kiara had so many people like her and someone who wanted to buy her things. It was unexpected coming from Xavier, but he probably didn’t want his surrogate to appear destitute. She chose to go with the flow.

"You go get ready and come down to the dining table in half an hour. Everyone is waiting for you," Jennifer prompted as she walked away with Lena. Kiara nodded; she was curious about who else might be in the dining room. Who was going to be there to greet her?

She hurriedly changed her outfit and then took a moment to admire herself. Her body felt so smooth and light in the garment. It was the first time she had ever worn a neckline this deep. It revealed more of her chest, yet it was comfortable. She adored the dress. She had opted to keep her brown hair down, as she normally did.

She looked at her phone just before she was about to leave the room. She hopped up on the bed and dialed Adira's number right away. Her phone had charged overnight. She received far too many texts from Adira when she switched her phone on. She had messaged her until midnight! Kiara hurriedly dialed her sister's number.

"Kiara!!" As soon as Adira picked up her phone, she chastised.

"I am sorry, my phone was dead!" Kiara quickly defended herself before she got scolded.

"Do you have any clue how concerned I was? I thought Xavier had done something horrific to you, and that was why you were not picking up my calls or returning my messages," Adira accused, worriedly.

"He didn't do anything to me. I'm safe and sound. Please, you do not need to be concerned. But how is Mom? Was she also worried since I didn't answer the phone?"

"I had to tell Mom that we talked and you were safe. If I told her the truth, she would have been unable to sleep through the night due to anxiety, and her blood pressure would have been through the roof," Adira elaborated. Only she knew how she dealt with her mother. Her father had been furious that Kiara had left. Noah was behaving like a mad dog, venting his misery and rage on everyone in the pack. The fire aroused by Kiara and Xavier had deeply offended them. It was not going to be released anytime soon.

"How is everyone in the pack doing?" Kiara inquired, noting that her father had severed their relationship.

"Everything is normal; don't worry about us right now," Adira reprimanded. Her sister had sacrificed herself for the pack, yet she was still concerned about them.

"Okay, but what about Cat? How is she getting along?" Kiara asked, concerned. She'd missed feeding her and cuddling with her. She was worried that Noah might discover the truth if the cat entered Kiara’s old room, searching for her.

"Cat is safe; don't worry, she is eating normally. I can see she misses her old mommy, but I'm not a bad substitute," Adira joked with Kiara. Her cat was quite grumpy and talked a lot.

"I miss you all," Kiara said, a tear in her eye, and hastily wiped it away. She had resolved not to cry, but she couldn't stop herself.

"We miss you as well. Please keep your head up, Kiara," Adira advised. Kiara nodded, afraid to respond. She was aware that her sister was weeping as well. “You just tell me how everyone is acting towards you. No one is bullying you, right?" Adira questioned sternly. She had also been concerned that Xavier might mistreat her sister. Because vengeance was not something that could be quickly forgotten, it was probable that he would vent his rage on Kiara.

"I also expected everyone to despise me, yet strangely, the Beta and Gamma females are nice and welcoming to me. There has been no bullying as of yet. Everyone in this pack is friendly. I won't lie: it's strange for me because I've always endured insults, ugly glares, and hate speech from our pack. I'm attempting to acclimate myself to these new surroundings," Kiara giggled. Hearing Kiara's anguished chuckle, Adira's melancholy went even deeper.

"Then I'm delighted you left this pack. You should be able to forget all those negative memories now. Kiara, I hope you never return. No matter what, don't ever come back here."

"Why are you talking like this?" Adira’s statements concerned her. Why would her sister not want her to come back? It wasn't simply related to their father.

"I am just saying."

"Don't lie. What exactly is happening at the pack? Are you in trouble?" Kiara sensed that Adira was hiding something from her.

"Everything is okay. Don't worry, I'll be okay, but I need to get out of here right now. I'll get back to you later," with that Adira hung up. Kiara was concerned and left wondering what her sister was hiding.

"Kiara, are you ready?" Jennifer knocked on the door.

"Yeah," she responded, placing her phone on the table. As she put on her slippers, she realized that they didn't match her outfit; they were old and worn. She didn't know who would be in the dining room, so she opted to go barefoot. When she made her way to the stairs, she encountered Lena.

"Wait a second. Put these sandals on," she helped her slide them on. First, Lena handed her the dress and now gave her these pricey sandals, which fit her feet remarkably well. They appeared to be new.

"How did you know my size?"

"Why don't you discuss that with the Alpha?" Lena raised her brows as she showed Kiara the delivery package.

They were ordered by Xavier. Lena received delivery a minute earlier and rushed over to the Luna, warning her not to enter the dining room without them, or she would face the Alpha's wrath. Kiara liked the sandals and wanted to argue that it was merely a coincidence that he knew her shoe size, but she still found it creepy. Xavier vanished from the room first thing in the morning. Then he sent a dress and sandals that were precisely her size. And, yeah, she smelled like him.

Pushing her thoughts aside, she began to walk toward the dining room, following Jennifer and Lena's lead. she felt different when she was trailed by the Beta and Gamma females as if she were their Luna. The strange sensation made her apprehensive, but she maintained her confident demeanor as she entered the dining room.

The dining area was packed with males chit-chatting. When they noticed Kiara, everyone stopped talking and turned to look at her. Zander finally got to see the female who had given his brother a morning hard-on, and he believed her to be an angel. He looked back to Xavier, who had forgotten how to breathe. Kaiden and Tyler exchanged glances before turning to find Xavier, taking in Kiara's changed appearance.

she wore no cosmetics on her face, yet she shone like the moon. The white dress accentuated her figure, but her long smooth legs and high heels were enough to capture anyone's attention. Xavier's gaze was fixed on her breasts. The Alpha was quick to note that the cut of the neckline was perfect.

"Luna." Before she could glance at anybody, Kiara's gaze was drawn to an older gentleman with a lovely smile. The elderly male was in his sixties, yet he exuded the aura and confidence of a leader.

"My name is Stephen Lincoln, and I am an elder and grandfather to my grandsons. Please take a seat next to your mate," Stephen finished his words with a respectful bow, that Kiara returned. She had no clue she'd run into Xavier's Grandfather. He had been the pack's previous Alpha. She was glad that she had not come to breakfast barefoot. That would have been humiliating for her.

She lifted her face to find Xavier to take her place at his side. She was surprised when she discovered that the Alpha was seated on both the left and right sides of the table. Did she see two Alpha Xaviers? She blinked several times to ensure she was not seeing things. It was not a misunderstanding. There were actually two Xaviers! She was taken aback. Were they identical twins? She was unaware of that and now understood why the grandfather had mentioned 'grandsons.'

Every smiling face in the dining room had turned pale. There was a palpable sense of tension in the air. As their muscles stiffened, Xavier and Zander exchanged glances. They now understood that their grandfather had approached them with a detailed plan in place.

The old man's arrival came as a surprise. He had been gone visiting friends in another city. He was supposed to be gone for three days, but returned when his informant told him about Xavier's chosen Luna. Stephen had been looking forward to this day for two years. The twin brothers had a hunch that his unexpected appearance had a secret goal. The elderly male's true plan was exposed when he requested Kiara to take his place next to Xavier.

The brothers had always taken seats on the left and right sides of the large dinner table; their seats having been assigned. Stephen had arrived barely fifteen minutes before breakfast, startling everyone. He refused to allow anybody to leave the table except for Jennifer and Lena. Xavier did not have time to warn Kiara about his grandpa or explain how she might be introduced. Before her arrival, their grandfather had instructed Xavier and Zander to conceal their auras and scents. They were confused at the time but still acquiesced to his request, believing he intended to tell them something, but now they realized he wanted to put Kiara to the test.

Their grandpa was pleased to meet the woman who would join his grandson's life, but he wanted to put her to the test. He intended to test the Luna's ability to recognize her Alpha! Their height, weight, demeanor, and even eye colors were identical. Others could only tell Zander and Xavier apart by their scents because of this. Stephen had taken notice of Kiara. She had just met Xavier the day before, so it would be hard for her to tell them apart.

Xavier despised his grandfather's trickery, but it was expected after Petra's treachery. She had been so enamored with their bond that, at times, she couldn’t tell the difference between Xavier and Zander. Though she knew what Xavier smelled like, she couldn't recognize him.

Kiara kept an eye on both brothers for a time, raising everyone's heart rate. The game would be finished if she sat next to the wrong Alpha. As she took her first steps toward the dining table, Xavier and Zander's muscles clenched. Where was she going to sit? Her calmness had been noted by their Grandfather. Kiara pulled out a chair sitting next to Alpha seated on the right side of the dinner table.

Everyone's faces remained pale; there was complete silence; even Grandfather was taken aback. Kiara raised her face up to meet Xavier's green eyes, which were soft for the first time.

"How did you recognize me?" When Xavier's quiet murmur reached Kiara's ears, her heartbeat quickened. Their seats were close together, and their faces were barely a few inches apart.

"Like you discovered my existence behind the wall," she explained.

Xavier's lips curled into a slight smile, mirroring Kiara's, but they quickly averted their eyes. It was her first time witnessing his smile. That little smile lasted only a few seconds before he returned to his expressionless face.

"Brilliant! You recognize Xavier without his scent and aura. My grandson has chosen the perfect woman to take as his mate!" Stephen was ecstatic. Everyone exhaled a sigh of relief, still shocked that Kiara had recognized Xavier so quickly without scent. Xavier gave his Grandfather a small smile. But he didn't have any patience to play his next game. Kiara was Sawyer's daughter, and Stephen was fully aware of this. It had caused quite a commotion among the elders before he arrived. Stephen had been tasked with putting Kiara to the test. Xavier needed to show the elders that the female he had selected, as Luna was capable of being his mate to be chosen.

"Please pardon me for my little game Luna," Stephen apologized wholeheartedly.

"There is no issue. It was interesting, Grandpa," Kiara's beautiful smile and addressing him as Grandfather had won the old male's heart. Her statements and motives bore no hint of deception. Her confidence and the manner she spoke had impressed Xavier.

"Luna Kiara, it's a pleasure to meet you. I am pleased to inform you that you have received the blessings of our pack's elders. We completely embrace you as our Luna," when he gazed at Xavier and Kiara, Stephen's voice was full of pride.

"Thank you. I am so glad to have you as one of our elders. I hope you will keep guiding and supporting us," Kiara acknowledged.

She impressed Xavier, Zander, and every other pack member in the dining hall. She was not expecting to meet with his grandfather, nor had she been told about how clever he was, yet she still demonstrated how excellent her upbringing and pose were. There were no longer any questions. The pack had been waiting for her for a long time.

"Grandpa, thank you for your blessings. Let's get our breakfast started," Xavier requested that Stephen go first, as he usually did.

"First, when are you planning to perform your marking ceremony?" Stephen's smile reached his eyes, but his words terrified Kiara. What did he mean by a marking ceremony? She took a quick glance at Xavier, who appeared to be speechless.

"There will be no marking ceremony, Grandpa. We have accepted each other as mates; that's enough. I don't want all that marking bullshit. I don't value those things," Xavier frowned as he spoke. Kiara noticed a sudden shift in Xavier's emotions. He appeared to be repulsed by marking for a variety of reasons. Stephen sighed deeply. He had anticipated his grandson's response, which was why he pointed out the marking ceremony in front of everyone. Zander remained silent for a solid duration of time, before coming to the aid of his brother. If he talked, Stephen would get the impression that things were different than what they were.

"Marking your mate is an essential part of the process, Xavier. If it is discovered that the Luna has not been marked by the Alpha, rumors will spread like wildfire. Enemies will take advantage of that scenario and attack us anytime, believing you are alone. It is your responsibility as an Alpha to mate and mark your Luna. Otherwise, people will question you, " Stephan clarified everything. Xavier had turned his hands into fists under the table. He had brought Kiara to the pack to keep everyone quiet if he gave the pack an heir, but the situation had changed. “You have to mark the Luna,” he repeated. Kiara's entire body felt numbingly cold. Her hand was trembling as she stared at her mostly untouched meal. How had the situation come to this? They had been discussing mating and marking her. Xavier's deafening silence petrified her.

“Okay, I will do it,” Xavier gave his approval. Kiara's eyes widened in surprise. Her heart skipped a beat, then promptly dropped in her stomach. She gave Xavier a horrified look. What the hell had he just said?

“I will mark my Luna,” Xavier declared.