Chapter 1 - A Fallen Woman Expecting True Love

I'm Kiki Yao, an ordinary housewife. I've been married to Hao Wu for three years and have a two-year- old son. We are not rich, so my family struggles to make ends meet.

Last month, however,I didn't expect that my son would suddenly faint, and that gave my poor family a terrible blow.

My son, who just turned two years old, was diagnosed with nephrotic syndrome and the doctor told me it would cost a million dollars to treat him.

Faced with the huge cost of treatment, I collapsed on the spot, not knowing what to do.But when I think of the child lying in the hospital bed, I will give him treatment at any cost, even if I will spend all my money.

So after coming out of the hospital, I ran to the place where Hao Wu worked to discuss the cost of the treatment with him.

What I didn't expect was Hao Wu 's indifferent attitude, saying that he had no money and couldn't borrow it. He asked me to figure it out by myself.

I was so angry that I slapped him on the spot. I didn't have time to feel sad and I looked around for ways to borrow money. But I was only a mall saleswoman and there was very little money I could borrow. I cried all those days.

When I was cornered, a young woman who worked with me came up with a solution. To save my child's life, I gave up my dignity and had to accept her advice.

Now I was lying on a hotel bed, for my body felt like water and my head light, with bruises on her body

that seemed to mock the intense sex I had just had.

Yes, I treated myself as an object in an erotic deal with a strange man for the cost of my child's surgery.

The bathroom door was pulled open and the man was walking in his shorts towards the other room. At that time I picked up my clothes and put them on.

The man soon returned. He slouched on the couch next to me and handed me his check, a playful voice ringing out, "Nice service today. Here's your reward."

His words made me ashamed, but let me breathe a sigh with relief.

I hurriedly stretched out my hand to take the check. Looking at it ,then I was stunned, only two hundred thousand dollars. But a young woman I knew told me there was a million for a deal.

I thought of the child waiting to save his life and I was a little anxious, "Sir, aren't you mistaken, wasn't it the money that was promised?"

The man looked at me in amazement and stood up straightly, reaching up his hands and cupping my chin.

His tall figure was so oppressive. I was a little scared, trying to struggle. And his mocking voice rang in my ears, "A million? Oh, you're the kind of woman I've seen a lot, and don't you look at yourself, just a prostitute, take the money and get out of here.”

His words made my heart twist a little, but I also knew that angering him would not get me a penny. So

after he let go of me, I didn't dare to dwell too much. Immediately, I took the check and rolled out of the room.

After cashing the check, I took a taxi to the hospital. Then I handed over all $200,000 to the toll booth. The doctor didn't start giving my child an infusion until after making sure I paid my bill.

I sat on the edge of the bed, watching the child's pale face, dazed.

Three years ago my current husband, Hao Wu, started wooing me crazily. His thoughtfulness and care made me fall in love quickly.

I thought the life after marriage would be very happy, but after having the child, Hao's attitude toward me and the child became colder and colder, scolding me and the child whenever he wanted. But in order to give my child a complete home, I have to swallow my pride and compromise.

But this time, I really couldn't hold back any longer, Hao Wu 's actions made me angry and sad, and also filled with disappointment about this marriage, feeling like I was blind.

“Mom, mom,” the child's voice pulled my thoughts back, and I sidled up and wiped my eyes with my hand, smiling at the child reluctantly. “Honey, mommy's here."

"Mom, where's Dad? Why isn't Dad coming to see me?" asked the child weakly.

I winced in my heart, held back my emotions, and told my son that his dad had to go to work and would come and see him later.

After settling the baby down, I asked the nurse to take care of him, and I went home to get some


I went upstairs and opened the door to my room, and while changing my shoes at the entrance, I heard Hao Wu and my mother-in-law talking in the kitchen, and they didn't notice my return.

Because I heard their mention of my name and the child, I then stopped to hear what they were saying.

The words of my mother-in-law and husband shocked me and plunged me into an abyss of darkness.