Chapter 2 - A Fallen Woman Expecting True Love

My mother-in-law and Hao Wu seemed to be arguing as well, so the talking was the more louder and I could hear it clearly.

“You clearly know the kid is the son of other men, but you still raise the child for many years. You dumpy. ” The mother-in-law said sardonically, “now, the kid got a strange disease.He needs a large sum of medical expenses, Kiki Yao, that bitch, should she want to sell the house for raising money to cure the child, I'll see what you will do.”

These words, “son of other men” stabbed me into the heart like a sharp knife. How could my child, Lucas, not be Hao Wu 's son?

“Shut up, I won't raise other people's child in vain, sooner or later, I will get what I want!" Hao Wu exclaimed.

Hearing this, I couldn't help but rush in, '' Hao Wu, what did you just say? What does it mean to raise other's child ?"

My mother-in-law and Wu Hao didn't expect me to appear suddenly, and the two looked at each other, then fell to a moment of silence.

Hao Wu’s eyes flickered.. "I didn't say anything. Don't bother me. I have invited my friend to play mahjong. I have to go.”

He tried to squeeze past me.

I must figure it out, tugging at his shirt, "Tell me the truth, what did you mean other men's child? Why is Lucas someone else's child ?"

Hao Wu had become more impatient, "Fuck. let me go, you hear me!"

"If you can't explain it clearly, you're not going anywhere! Who is Lucas' father? What are you going to get back? What are you hiding?"

I kept asking, and Hao Wu couldn't get away again, and he was getting more and more anxious. Suddenly he grabbed my neck, "Kiki Yao, are you done? Get your hands off me, you hear me?"

I struggled desperately to just barely get my breath back. But I still pulled at him, I had to work it out.

“Just tell her Lucas is the Fourth Brother 's son. Let them get out of the house. So annoyed to raise a bastard at home ! ", Seeing me tangling with Hao Wu , my Mother-in-law interjected.

Hao Wu glared at his mother angrily, as if he was blaming her for revealing something he didn't want to say. It made me feel even more suspicious.

"Who is Fourth Brother ? Why do you say the child is Fourth Brother 's?" I kept asking.

Hao Wu pushed me hard with his hand and made me slam into the stove , "Get out of the way, I don't know who the fuck Fourth Brother is!"

But I was not standing steadily. I rushed to the gas stove and overturned the boiling soup on it. The hot soup splashed on the back of my hand and made me cry out of pain.

Hao didn't care whether I was alive or not, rushed out of the kitchen and fell away.

The back of my hand hurts like a fire burning it, so I had to turn on the tap to rinse it off. At that time,my mother-in-law reached out and pushed me, "You've pissed Hao Wu off, and you're still staying here? You get the hell out of here!"

I was so frustrated that I no longer had the strength to argue with the wicked mother-in-law. I packed a simple luggage and left the home where I once had so many wonderful wishes.

By this time it was dark and the city was lit by all kinds of lights. I walked out of the housing estate alone with my luggage, looked back at the familiar window on the fifth floor, and couldn't hold back my tears.

I got on the bus, and I still feel bad about it. I couldn’t help think how desperate I was to give so much to this family and end up with such an ending.

Back the hospital, the baby fell asleep. I found a chair and leaned on the child's bed for the rest of the night. I got up early the next morning to take a bus, almost missing the station where I got off.

When I arrived at the mall, I felt that all my colleagues were very nervous as if they were going to greet important guests, even the usual arrogant manager was very busy and nervous. Colleagues told me that the mall was notified that the boss was coming to the mall to inspect the work.

I had just changed into my work clothes when I saw the manager running toward the mall door while putting on his tie.

Soon, the mall executives surrounded a young man who walked into the mall, the man had a slender figure, fair skin, a high nose, and under his brows was a pair of charming eyes, very good looking.

He walked while listening to the reports of the executives. But he kept showing no expression, even nodding his head.

I had some doubts in my mind, why does this man look so familiar? I thought I've seen it somewhere.

Then it suddenly occurred to me that he seemed to be the same man from the hotel! The same sculpted five features, the same indifferent expression. But at the hotel the lights were dim and I was too nervous to be sure it was him.

At this point, he suddenly changed his direction and walked straight towards me!

My heart raced, wondering if he recognized me, too. I bowed my head nervously, afraid to look at him. But he paused at my side for a moment, did not speak, and went away. Then he pointed to the counter next to me and said to the manager, "This should be the place that sell high end phones, this counter seems too low, replace it."

It wasn't until he took the escalator up to the second floor that my heart slowly calmed down.

I thought too much, first of all it probably wasn't him, and even if it had been him, he wouldn't have remembered me anymore. In his eyes, I was just a woman who had sex with man in exchange for money whom was not worth remembering.

At this point, the colleagues around him were already very excited, "Wow, this boss is also so young and handsome, right? Is this the boss who is domineering but charming like a mystery?"

"He just looked at me, he really looked at me yeah!" Another colleague held his face in his hands, a look of obsessive happiness.

"Forget about it, you are nobody, why will he look at you? I've heard that Mr. Hua's girlfriend is the mayor's daughter, and they will get married in a couple of days." Another colleague said.

I listened to their compliment about the person’s good looks, and the pictures of having sex in the hotel turned out to be in my mind. I forced myself to stop thinking about it before I got into work.

It was almost noon when the manager asked me to come to his office.I was nervous and worried that something had gone wrong at work again. But the manager told me it was Mr. Hua who wanted to see me.

My heart was racing again, he wanted to see me? Why did he want to see me?